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  1. 2nd build for sure, sac steel is really only good for stat sticks and heavy attack builds
  2. Relic missions that you can Map wipe or just blast through (capture, exterminate), either by using a map wipe frame like Volt, Mirage clones with an ignis. It's efficient if you can get through in under 2 minutes, run it solo, so you don't have to wait for anyone.
  3. No matter what order it will have the same result, the highest % will be the base, the element will be of the one infused
  4. Viral dies nothing to Deimos enemies, use corrosive/heat
  5. It applies as an extra toxin mod at the end of a setup, either combining with viral/corrosive/gas or combining with a solo element.
  6. You might have been seeing the Nezha Prime accessory ephemera
  7. You load into any stream and it runs an ad, it's called a preload ad and practically every channel has it. DE doesn't have to but hopefully for people who need the part, they'll add it into one of the other streams this week.
  8. Did you pay for it? No. It's free. And twitch are the ones that didn't deliver. What revenue? They don't run ads during it. DE set it up, they did everything they were supposed to do, twitch had a hiccup site wide. Is DE now supposed to shame them, maybe sue them (would you like that?) since some salty people are upset about it? DE doesn't have to do a free stream drop 4, sometimes 5, times a week every week. In conclusion, stay salty.
  9. First of all, stop being salty about not getting something free. Second its been said before, but i'll say it again, its twitch that has the problem when drops dont drop, not DE.
  10. Go to the infested survival Zabala on Eris (I think it's Eris) it's the easiest to complete it on
  11. Not every weapon shows up in the list if you don't have it, intrinsic mastery as well
  12. Like 5 plat if you are lucky, Buzlok isn't really a good weapon and those stat rolls also suck
  13. It's not hard to land headshots with the secondary fire, and even if it was you can use the primary fire to get the buff before using the secondary.
  14. You mean a founder of a clan, the Warlord. Not the founder status that people payed for in early warframe days.
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