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  1. Carriers only perk is the ammo mutation, if you use vigilante supplies carrier is useless. So using Djinn who can't die forever is just an upgrade
  2. Dump all your focus into the zenurik energizing dash and whatever the node that gives some energy Regen after picking up an orb
  3. It's something specific to simulacrum, it puts bullets into stasis as well
  4. Take the time between plaguestars, and apply it to the current calendar, and there's your estimate
  5. No they aren't No it isn't, more or less 20% drop chance for all the bonds A lot of people don't realize that this is dumb
  6. No, both are real, the riven shows the stats for the original weapon it was made for, in this case the secondary kitgun, but in his arsenal it's for the primary kitgun who's disposition is at the lowest possible
  7. You can just hover the animation set, previewing it, on any frame
  8. kitguns need to be gilded before they will give their mastery. you need just 1 level in anything to level up that mastery though.
  9. The only time you wouldn't gain lich anger is if someone else in your squad chooses a mission on a planet that your lich isn't on. Who's thralls they are do not matter towards murmur
  10. They're a dime a dozen, no one would even bother to sell them if you could.
  11. Farming with Strangledome build, big damage with whipclaw build, with any strength she can heal effectively too Pilfering strangledome, range and duration, strength if you are using whipclaw in the same build Whipclaw build is all range, efficiency and strength with the Whipclaw augment. Then a melee stat stick with Bloodrush and all the pure damage you can put on it with a combo mod to keep the bloodrush combo up
  12. The explosion from concentrated arrow is silent so you can maintain stealth bonus if it kills everything it hits in one hit
  13. Worthless, nothing can make stug good
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