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  1. Don't know how to tell you this, but hammershot won't make steel path easy
  2. Heavy attacks with forced slash procs make quick work of them (scythes, nikanas, glaives)
  3. Eidolons always spawn from large bodies of water with a beam of light showing where they are, when you first enter the plains fly up and look around for a beam of light. Then either waypoint where the light is or fly over and tag the Terry with waypoint, then go grab your lures.
  4. You may have bullet jumped on a rare crate without noticing
  5. Radiation proc and the objective died
  6. 1: whip to heal, hold for toxin 2: Dash around dropping bombs, hold for cold 3: cast to convert ammo and energy/health orbs to universal and reduce cooldowns for each enemy hit, hold for electric 4: AoE elemental killing ability that has condition overload built in, hold for heat Hold an ability to infuse that element into your next cast (hold 2 of them to combine the elements)
  7. Galvanized savvy seems like it would be good, but remember the damage it gives is counted as a normal damage mod, you'd get more out of using a faction mod. Then there's also you only having cold on the gun... not exactly a good single element. https://overframe.gg/build/204337/cedo/cedo-build/ Simply swap your riven in for shotgun spaz in this build
  8. It's connected you your in-game profile, to make it update, log out and log into the forums
  9. Well pretty much every weapon will always use at least 2 polarities.
  10. Because no one plays conclave, Warframe never been a PvP game. And the people who do play conclave kinda have a bad reputation ever since they cried when the rare universal medallions were usable to gain conclave standing, then they got that removed by crying to DE.
  11. How dare DE run a free, time limited promotion, that they said was a a time limited promotion. How dare DE be a company that needs to sell things to make money.
  12. That's from other users, given when they trade with you. Basically an upvote.
  13. It's the forward guard combo. (With the stance at least) W + RMB + melee
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