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  1. Oh please, the game was designed for PC, PC version is made then ported to console, Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo then have to certify it. Those 3 are the reason it takes so long. And besides, PC deals with all the bugs before you even know about them.
  2. Nah, only 2 good stats isn't worth 500p
  3. Converted liches can only be traded once. If you convert it, you won't be able to trade it
  4. Play public matches until you can solo/get crewmates? To get all 3 slots isnt even 40 intrinsics, a mission or two and you'll have them
  5. You only get the ephemera when you kill or convert your lich successfully. Never heard of getting the ephemera without doing either.
  6. Tack on nyx and Valkyr, as they are permanently in railjack now
  7. The only thing you would have to watch out for are the parts that would require you to use your frame (defense, exterminate and volatile modes etc) the enemies there can range from about level 40 to sortie 2 difficulty depending on the place you go to. I'd say if you can do sorties 2 & 3 without using all your revives you could handle even the highest level railjack mission. Also build Amesha, easy immortality, every other archwing is useless in railjack. You can hop on someone else's railjack and do side objectives (the white waypoint marker) or level gunnery first and man
  8. One per customer(quest completion). You'll have to farm the BP from Shadow stalker and the parts from sentients.
  9. The status changes didn't weaken it, and it's still in the top 5 secondaries. The only secondary that's for sure stronger is the Kuva nukor.
  10. What items? With credits? Plat? Syndicate standing? Prime Vault? Prime access?
  11. 10 traces per key, open a bunch of relics, craft a few of each key so you always have one And the aimglide challenge is pretty simple, low level mission, khora (or a frame with her ability subsumed), and a rapid fire gun like the baza. Chain them and spray
  12. Pyrana Prime, .6 dispo, not popular?
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