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  1. Rip all those 50 page milestones lel
  2. Thx bunny ^~^
  3. Fefe pls
  4. What. The. Hell. Was. That. Edit: Ok when enlarging the pic it kinda looks like a sentient but its to pixelly to be sure and the colors aren't really good
  5. Why.........
  6. Dude. Get an Ack n Brunt and put body count , blood rush , w elementals , p. Pressure point and berzerker and you a got a blender so fast enemies won't have time to react, my ack n brunt melts lvl 100s+, same goes for Silva and Aegis
  7. Gotta love RNG amirite. I got Oberon and Sybaris sets easily but im struggling getting uncommon parts for silva and aegis (I got a gaurd in a random neo fissure lel). It's just RNG
  8. Thats a lot of conclave there