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  1. DEXcalibur | Warframe Anniversary

    I mean, we could just get a dexcalibur skin, not and entire warframe.
  2. Thanks DE for the rain!

    Do syandanas flap around? Important questions here.
  3. Mirage Prime Access Begins December 12!

    This is LIT!!!
  4. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Don't. Jinx. Us.
  5. I was watching my son play on PS4 the other day...

    Those alerts were a part of Warframe's 4 year anniversary on playstation so there were a couple of alerts for obsidian excalibur noggle and azura obsidian excalibur noggle. There were also a sigil and a ps4 themed color palette.
  6. PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update 22.3.5 (LIVE!)

    That was really fast, Can't wait for for rewards on each level of the bounty and dem fixes!
  7. Who is your favorite faction?

    The hope of getting a Wraith version i not dead though. HAIL THE ACK AND BRUNT Back to topic, I find the Sentients to be the most under-developed faction wtih a lot of ideas to explore.{THEY'RE JUST SO COOL].
  8. TUSK HOORDE (technically a bug)

    Would be cool if this is an actual thing on the far edges(?) of the plains since thats where the "hard" is supposed to be.
  9. Just found this thing while going fishing

    They UI pop-up should be different-Cetus themed, not just old Cephalon fragments look.
  10. Promo Codes

    Really cool Glyphs tho..
  11. What the Eidolon Shards are for?

    Someone needs to try this. For the sake of knowledge!
  12. From what I understand about what happened with that Quest for players like you, I believe you had a choice to do it or not (not sure i'm just a PS4 pleb) it was just a tutorial quest so you could just skip it. It doesn't affect you in anyway and you don't have to worry about it other than just for the sake of completion(which is probably your case right now) DE stated that'd they'd make it available somehow for you guys but no option has been added yet.