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  1. Thank you Danielle! These changes are very appreciated. Thank you for your hard work.
  2. Have you thought that maybe just maybe they decided to release particles first so they look god in the quest? And that maybe they want the best quality for the quest? Getting a buggy quest with stuff not working isn't fun. Release will have bugs, sure but it'll be much better than if they release it quickly.
  3. Will we ever see the prime trailer in the game codex? I think it would be a nice addition from a lore perspective.
  4. But if we look at the older primes, they're just their normal counterparts with some gold stuck onto them without any other changes/adornments.Examples are frost and mag (and maybe ember but she looks fine). So it'd make sense to refresh the older ones.
  5. Are we even sure they'll release other umbra frames? I mean yes, Steve said that. But that was like more than a year ago. Umbra and the quest probably had a ton of revisions since then and there's a chance that part may have changed (I personally would like more, but I'm just pointing this out) If from the quest it turns out that (maybe) Ballas is the one who makes Umbra, then how will he keep making them lore-wise? (Also Nova Umbra FTW)
  6. Might wanna edit that a little cuz spoilers. >.> Social media is currently filled with spoiler so try to watch the movie as soon as possible. For me its funny cuz a friend spoiled it to me (wasnt that major but still). Anyway on topic of the .... topic, I really hope that the quest brings some more new music similar to other quests, i feel like the game needs something new.
  7. I personally would prefer to experience it myself (IW is a new avengers movie, still salty i got spoiled lol)
  8. More like people will be trying to avoid spoilers left and right. It'll be Infinity War all over again
  9. Let's be realistic guys. They were still working on mo-cap and the voice lines like a week ago and we don't even know if they have finished with them. After that there's putting that in the game (which honestly shouldn't take much) and putting it in the tilesets (which shouldn't take much also) and then there's a whole lot of coding making and putting everything together. Oh and obviously the testing which should at least two weeks. So people saying they want it in a month, As much as i want it now.. No.
  10. Umbra question thats not really about Umbra. Will The Sacrifice quest have new music to go with it???
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