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  1. oh LMAO didnt realize who i was replying to sry lol
  2. Because that's what the design council voted for , not DE , there were other good stuff but IMO it was the most cool one.
  3. YUS. Thanks Drew~ ^-^
  4. It's not a glyph. DE staff and community moderators can set their forums avatars to whatever they choose. And that's an Option only to them. DE Danielle here got his fan art of her and set it as here pic.
  5. B-but what about space races ?
  6. I think u mixed Arbiters with The Orbiter and the Orbiter with the landing craft. Three different things
  7. Are you for realz?
  8. MORE DELUXE SKINS PLS. Seriously tho , excited for the devstream and will definitely watch.
  9. YES! I've been waitin for the update and im so hyped :D
  10. UMMMMM On the Hype site , Octavia's first ability has a picture of a ball like thingy , but in the game it has metoronome's ability picture. and metronome got the first abiliy's pic , if that made any sense ( can't really take pic since console but is a thing i noticed)
  11. a scan cant really check for bugs and be sure everything is working how its supposed to work if it doesnt know how it supposed to work in the first place
  12. Basically this ^
  13. I mean it's still in cert but ... k (and tenno in its self is a plural word so tenno not tennos )