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  1. If we get to kill Ballas?

    Yh, I thought this was obvious
  2. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    I don't think at that time they planned far ahead for umbra's possible quest.
  3. Tips on how to farm Notes for Personal Quarters?

    From what I understand, they're like cephalon fragments. They'll spawn randomly in missions. I guess the fastest way would be doing captures.and exterminates and look through the tilesets.
  4. Cetus Lunaro Stadium [Map +Spectres Minigame]

    Then where would the fun be? playing against AI who you know what they're gonna do is just cheesing the game and its without challenge. Lunaro any pvp gamemode is made for the challenge- to try to beat your opponent, not just a computer.
  5. Cetus Lunaro Stadium [Map +Spectres Minigame]

    If a player vs player game mode isn't doing that doesn't mean we should put pve and AI elements in it
  6. Cetus Lunaro Stadium [Map +Spectres Minigame]

    I don't think the specters thing could happen. Lunaro is part of conclave- PvP which doesn't include AI teammates. A lunaro Map for Cetus and the Ostrons could happen, I want it to happen since I REALLY love lunaro. But it seems that DE have stopped putting out lunaro maps since lunaro is kinda... ded right now.
  7. Quarters at Cetus

    Yes please. Would be a lot easier when u buy a new zaw part bp and wanna build it.
  8. PS4 performance?

    Performance on the PS4 is pretty good, it's just whether the host has good internet or not which might kill your game. I have to disagree. It might just be preference (I dislike keyboard cuz you literally use all keys). Using the dualshock is simple enough for parkour. There are different control schemes but they are similar enough. R3 to toggle sprint , R1 for sliding and crouching and X a jump, R1 and X is a bullet jump and there's that. You can definitely go as fast as you go on PC keyboard.
  9. In door number 3....

    If you look at the size of the liset tho it looks so small, and if we scale the other room to it ( i don't know word, help) those circles would be much much smaller. The Arsenal area is is kind of the same size of the liset (or a big bigger) so it definitely not the size of that circle. Also the transference room isn't THAT big. I think DE could Edit the Orbiter with more corridors like what they did with U18 (Second dream) update when they need to implement more stuff into the orbiter.
  10. Eidolon Festives

  11. DEXcalibur | Warframe Anniversary

    I mean, we could just get a dexcalibur skin, not and entire warframe.
  12. Thanks DE for the rain!

    Do syandanas flap around? Important questions here.