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  1. I agree. If the system is there to stay, which I can only assume it is considering they actively decided to make the system that way, then there definitely need to be better indicators of which thing is what and whether or not you can currently afford it.
  2. The thing that immediately irked me the most is that bounties take even longer due to rng drops for mission objective progress stuff, that you need 2 excavators instead of 1 solo and that a lot of enemies spawn ridiculously far away yet still matter for the mission, but look very similar to the landscape or are tiny and are flying in the air, yet there are almost never any markers whatsoever during missions to assist you. I already hate the duration of open world bounties as it is, because they're absolutely not balanced with the rest of the game (neither are the old endless mission types with
  3. First off - they're awesome. I don't know if they'll be useful at all, but the fact that they sound, feel and look (at least in a niche way) awesome is super big. I would definitely jump into one once in a while just to experience it again, unlike K-Drives. It really FEELS like I am operating an actual mech I know from other sci-fi works. It operates and moves exactly like I would've wished. It's clunky, yet mobile. It feels powerful. I do have some gripes, concerns and suggestions however. 1. Vacuum should be a thing, everything else has it. 2. The UI is yellow, even though I am usi
  4. It was probably a mistake to put all kinds of non combat activity resources as requirements for ranking up the syndicate(s), even if on the previous ones we had the same thing. Probably a lot of people are about to complain. I'm not going to bother with it for today and I will explain why, but if you don't want to hear the actual reasoning for why a player does not want to do partake in that activity just skip to the bold text. Granted, I'd like if you did read the rest. The feedback here (bolding this so it catches your attention), is the following: I would love to see an
  5. I...didn't even criticize you, in fact I encouraged you and everyone else to have an opinion, regardless of how much the outraged mob will want to put your head on pike after. I said what I said because I clearly don't care about it myself. I suppose I could have tried to wedge in a few more emotes to make it seem less serious, but...ah well, don't care. I don't care about either side of this argument anymore. Just seeing that thread having over 200 pages with the same constantly recurring rhetorics and outrage gives me hives. I just liked hearing about the opinion of someone who didn't mind t
  6. Someone who likes the system including its new nerfs. I never wanted this system -- post- or pre-nerf -- because I already hate how much powercreep we have. But here's someone who likes it. We disagree, so I should get out my torches and pitchforks and murder you and DE now, right? Right? No, you go have fun and enjoy that system. I don't care. There's a chance it won't change the nature of the game and there's a chance the nerfs are barely even significant, only preventing the real frames from being outshone. We don't even know. I wonder how much fo a neverending stream of dislikes this post
  7. This is exacly how I feel about it and think it's a decent enough decision to make, despite how enraged everyone is. I just think the bad abilties need to be touched up on the original frames, then subsequently slightly nerfed for this system as well, to fully make sense. It'd be really great because a lot of these abilities have seen little use even on their respective frames to begin with and if they were made more desirable in general gameplay (not just through helminth) but a bit weaker than the original, I think it would not be such a bad step to take.
  8. Yes, if we're going to stick with this thing, I'd love to have my warframe get equal attention compared to the rest. As for poses, you could save a victory pose in a warframe's customization. Custom victory poses for plat could be a thing, as well as the ability to freeze any of your current emotes in a certain time, for example freeze a wolf howl at 1.37s after the animation starts playing and use that as a pose. Re-use old assets shamelessly for the benefit of everyone. ..and please, let us choose to add some level of transparency to the end of mission UI once in the orbiter, bec
  9. I only calmly commented out my thoughts and you're going full ape on personal attacks. K. I guess since I had my heart attack(ed), I'll go collect what's left of whatever metaphorical bubble I had before it was popped by a prick. I mean the stabbing kind. It could be that this system will not do much. I'm open to being proven wrong once it hits and the new meta has settled. That remains to be seen. Until then, my opinion remains unchanged.
  10. I mean: no take-backs possible anymore now. You've gone and announced and showed it off. This will destroy any semblance of balance the game might still have had forever though. Disappointed, even though Deimos in itself already looked great enough as an announcement on its own. This wasn't really needed.
  11. Yep, I agree. Well, the space thing doesn't really bother me, but I can imagine it hurts on bigger screens. What I would want from a new UI is not just for it to look fancy, but for me to be able to choose where what goes. Perhaps choose from multiple layouts. The end screen should also not skip the orbiter scene, it should appear after you have already entered your orbiter like it did before. For example, when I played solo just now a few times, I couldn't display player stats and mods at the same time. I don't care about my weapon experience at all, yet that was the t
  12. If more people like me exist, which they probably do, then it would definitely affect the market. The sole reason I don't sell anything on the market unless I know I am going to make a killing is because I don't want to wait for hours or use a third party website that I don't trust to handle my credentials (even if it is a new set of credentials as always) as well as an actual game studio or company. I am sitting on a lot of items, old and new, that the community might even be looking for, but I will not go out of my way to register on some site, wait for hours on end on a game where I only lo
  13. What gunner seats? I don't get it. I thought there's only a pilot seat. /sarcasm Basically, you need to either make it so the pilot has a seperate set of guns to use or none at all, maybe add a slingshot functionality to each gunner turret at mk3+. The playerbase has basically universally agreed that RJ missions take too long and that everyone just wants the full solo experience, so why're we here still arguing about this? I want old RJ back too, yes, where enemies were tough enough for gunners to matter. It will not happen though. We literally just went away from that. The ne
  14. Reason why I absolutely despise ambulas assassination sorties, to the point where I'm very tempted to break my daily habit and just skip the sortie altogether. This should not be a thing, definitely want us to be able to influence the timers and spawn numbers, but this is already a re-worked fight in comparison to the regular old moa that could kick that it used to be. Doubt it'd happen.
  15. Yeah, I really hated that about fortuna conservation...because I swear each conversation target purposely has one spawn point for a dropship nearby and almost always one cluster of enemy patrols.
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