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  1. I agree with you but in my opinion their rear ends are already covered with the official M-rating the game has. And overrestricting expression like this will only lead to roblox-like "go commit not breathe" memes which will only make stuff more difficult. An unmoderated chat is only as bad as its community, and i think the wf community is one of the better ones. The "nezha is a trap" scandal that kinda started it all isnt even that bad, it's just a joke on the fact that we all kinda thought he was female at first
  2. To my defense, i haven't actually seen how much of a cliché meme post i made until the damage was done, as i don't roam around the forums at all. Being 1 hour in and looking around i have indeed seen that if people who say they gon leave affect anything, it would have affected something already, as it seems every veteran has to leave for one reason or the other. Indeed it seems i am late to the party, and my frustrations from being banned every week for some small mistake got to me. It is what it is but the update of chat moderation barely changed anything. Imma come back after my ban i guess lmao.
  3. I dont see why you tryna stir the pot. If you're aight with all these problems then getting into a fight with you would be just a bunch of "you freaking cornball you absolute poopy head " which sure enough you do you but us grown-ups wouldn't be offended if other squad members talked in chat as they do normally. "Haha im cool because i white knight for de 😎" Yea #*!% off mate will ya 😂
  4. Well this is just the "wheres my endgame" argument. Currently due to how the game is and how restrictive the meta is with "god" builds and rivens, it would be very hard to create an endgame based on skill and not on modding.
  5. I know it's a forum and not a direct email, but my hope is that maybe somehow this will get to DE one way or another. If a partner who was backed up by so many people got written off, maybe losing playerbase will ring a bell. Though the way the other veterans are leaving due to lack of endgame and raids, i guess it's hard to pinpoint the cause of the declining playerbase. In any case, it should be on the priority list, not due to its importance but due to how easy it is to fix, not completely, but enough to please the players at the moment. I have seen the other reply and even though the other fellow thinks its a "resolved issue" i cant help but disagree seeing how i just got banned for mistakingly using caps lock too much in squad chat.
  6. Your access to region chat has been restricted.
  7. Not to be too dramatic or anything but even though Warframe has been my favourite game for over 6 years now, i have decided to leave it completely UNTIL the chat moderation is fixed. Warframe is an M-RATED game. M for mature. We are now getting banned for saying any cuss words like it's roblox or club penguin. We have the word "badass" in the description of dethcube yet we get banned for saying "badass" in the chat. Disgusting. I've always been one of those players who stood up for DE in all controversies but this is just disgusting and in my opinion, game-breaking. All other veterans talk about is "where's muh endgame im leaving" but for me this was the breaking point, because it shows that something is clearly on the wrong path in the company. So many people complain, yet noone does anything, and that only means one thing: they don't care anymore. It hurts and saddens me but it's the truth. A fix as easy as making cuss words shown as "****" would have been a temporary saving grace, but no. Rahetalius, too, expertly made that video yet noone cared. They said he insulted Danielle and swept everything under the rug. I have been here since founder's packs were on sale, yet i admit i didn't buy one. I was 13 at the time. I'm in college now, and Warframe has been with me a long time. I speak from the heart. What kept me here so long weren't the updates but the vision of the devs, Steve's visison. His passion. Rebecca's passion. All of theirs. I know it's hard to be burdened with the failure of others, specially the main devs being fired at for the incompetence of whoever is currently chat mod, i know it's not their fault, but they need to step up. Every once in a while Warframe gets into one of those decisive crossroads, the kind where games die if not treated properly. This is one of them. Of course i wont die if im banned for a week for saying "great job man you were #*!%ing amazing", ill be just fine, the game will be just fine too, but it shows that something is wrong up there in the dev team, maybe a disassociation, maybe a rushed decision, maybe panic, but it turns the community against the devs, and the community is what keeps the game alive. The connection the community has with the devs. This personal connection gets demolished when such unanimous requests and cries get dismissed. I have watched Warframe from the inside pass every crossroad and get to the top. This time i will watch from the outside, but i hope the result is the same. Digital Extremes, you're never too big too fall. Please remember that and continue the dream. We rely on you as much as you rely on us. Thanks for reading all this, whoever you are. I don't expect to repair all damage with this post, but even if it helps the game a little, then im happy. If we keep on playing and bowing our heads it seems they will never acknowledge how big a problem is. As much as it saddens me to say this, goodbye. - Argatar
  8. Clan name: VikingNinjas Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord Clan website: https://stefanaandrei.wixsite.com/vikingninjas Featured Image: https://imgur.com/jOp0T4K Video: Everything here is done by me, Argatar, the founder of the clan, and my general, GlaringDragon. We designed and contributed almost everything ourselves. I tried to get as much of the clan in the 3 min time limit. For more pictures visit our website. Good luck to everyone else entered!
  9. 1.Could we get a rework of clan ranks? Just more ranks overall would be nice enough. 2. Can you please work on the PBR of many frames that were left forgotten and very shiny?
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