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  1. Primes barely have any big advantage other than big energy refill from void death orbs and some extra polarity from the start. You can keep moving towards arbitration/steel path without them. The only thing you lose from not using primes? You have no bling and that's a big loss on your side
  2. Congratulations Feels good to finally killing him, doesn't it?
  3. I believe we had a hard time once finding a material like mutagen (I'm sure some of you being mad about Hema) so there's one thing to tweak on crates and lockers. Make them have 100% drop chance on research resource like mutagen. You need mutagen? Open those crates and lockers. Can't slow down and open? It's on you, they're already in front of your eyes, just waiting you to open and get them. Too high? Feel free to lower it
  4. And? I find it very hilarious and stupid that this community complain if things are isolated and start throwing the word "content island" but once something is made to be important to do? Another complain about being "forced" to do things they don't like. Right now people say railjack is bad because it's a content island, but I'm sure when DE made everything connected through railjack and it's important to have a railjack, boy oh boy, the complaints over railjack being mandatory and they're forced to actually play it will be so many and I don't mind spending a day using their words against them if they ever said something.
  5. 1. Get Synthesis scanner + Sol Battery Widget 2. Do stealth scan 3. ??? 4. Grofit
  6. I don't remember seeing one like that so dafuq were you playing to have that kind of development?
  7. Funny people keep saying "balance" but complain if something doesn't drop in one hit, able to slap a bit harder or having some kind of restriction when balance is technically a restriction of how strong you can be against certain enemies and vice versa so f*ck balance
  8. Honestly, what is "endgame" actually? Most of the time it's just moving the goalpost on every new content addition on other games
  9. Wait for it, Tenno. It may take some time to deliver it to your inbox so be patient. The world is not ending on the next hour so take it slow.
  10. quite sure there's Oceania server that is neighboring Asia server. Change your server setting in options and you can play with fellow Australians
  11. And with this kind of crap people still want raids (trial) to be back in Warframe? I'm going to smirk from this
  12. Now, you barely give anything "flagship", you only say higher starting level with reward worth the time and such which doesn't explain what kind of "flagship" it is. First, higher level doesn't make things suddenly flesh out gears and mechanics or can you explain how? Second, higher level doesn't promote your claim of "play however you want", it makes strict gear requirement that goes fully opposite of your word about "play however you want" where people will shift to meta instead of playing their way Third, what kind of reward? This is not your kind of game where you chase "5 star legendary with top stat rolls" that drops from RNG as reward that worth the time when you spend 99% of your time getting garbage until you get the one that "worth your time" So really, there's nothing of what you said shows any kind of "flagship content"
  13. Just one question from me and I'm sure they'll become toxic, and it's just a simple sentence "Define "sustainable content" and explain how do you make it" No one has ever given me an answer until now that I'm starting to think they have no idea on what they want or what they're talking about
  14. From what I see in this forum, many can't handle their own lich yet and complain so that might be the reason. You want integration? I have some example But I'm sure this will cause crying and salt if it gets implemented
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