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  1. Means they, as the developers have the right to get payment or digital purchase from every player, on time, twice a month
  2. No one forced you to use it, right? DPS is not the most important thing for all weapons and it's stated it's for utility mods such as recoil if you haven't watched the devstream
  3. Either that hammer jump, or use the armor to augment the jump Maybe an additional attack (again) with basic lech kril hammer slam, except it has secondary follow-up attack if you're too close
  4. Not enough apparently. My previous encounter with him was using equinox with no health/shield mod so I parkoured like mad, he wasn't able to close distance because I jumped to higher floor when he's on the ground and go back on the ground when he reached the higher floor. (it was grineer asteroid tileset with an elevated walkway to the next room) He needs a vertical move for that
  5. Ok, no surprise attacks then but should have this guy at least able to sprint for a short duration and/or at least has something to close distance. At least give this guy a jump-slam attack like we have, that armor looks strong enough to augment it
  6. Sort of late but I found out we don't have operator in look link so can someone explain why outside of spoiler? People in my region chat like to show and rate fashion (Asia) and this irks me that I can't see operator fashion in one click
  7. Perhaps we should have the wolf upgraded? Doesn't make sense that lump of walking armor doesn't do anything to make himself faster or at least has some surprise attacks
  8. Update 24.4 Reduced the number of enemies that can trigger knockback to players during the Orb Heist Profit Taker fight They reduced the number of enemies that can knock you down. Maybe try moving a bit more than before? Or you just can't play if enemies can put some threat?
  9. Don't make me check your profile on how you reach that MR because MR is irrelevant and DE already removed the knockdown fiesta on Profit-Taker so as a very well geared/maxed MR 27 player, shouldn't be a problem to you, right? Or perhaps it's just some empty brags?
  10. It's said they can take away your loot until you find the lich and reclaim most of it so either content with losing some of your loot from the lootcave or risk your rear kicked and get them back Popcorn is ready for that
  11. Try defining "regular, consistent, sustainable content" when you refuse to play existing content and say the game is boring. Perhaps you've gotten your fun after 808 hours and lost the drive to keep playing
  12. Would love hitscan weapons where the projectile speed is infinite for infinite multiplier
  13. Looks like we get Tekken in warframe soon, bois
  14. Suuurree..... although must admit I stick penta grenades on newbies and tell them to run to enemies when teaching them
  15. This is what you get when people keep asking for "balance" and "melee rework" Be careful what you wish for (I'm not regretting wishing the third orb to have sharkwing, railjack and squad link)
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