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  1. If DE made it not negligible and mandatory, I doubt you won't complain since it's not a negligible to do list
  2. since it's negligible for you, you can choose not to do it, even notice it so why complain?
  3. There's a saying, "Age is just a number, jail is just a room"
  4. Do you have any idea how to make it difficult without resorting to bullet sponge or annoying systems? Because I can only think this far Also, do you play simply only for the loot and not the gameplay? Because you look like one Maybe you can take a break for a while
  5. conclave balancing since primes tend to have higher damage than normal ones, and the damage distribution so you may want to look at the data on wiki
  6. With a super simple, nearly brainless calculation from the price of platinum where $5 is 75 platinum (correct me if I'm wrong), that's 15 platinum per dollar and if the cosmetics cost $5 each, it would be 75 platinum, 105 for $7 so 110-120 platinum would mean something Unless I'm missing a lot here
  7. Let's make the environmental control shall we?
  8. not for warframe at least, if you ever seen trinity tank or nezha
  9. As far as I know, the escalator is always made in pairs so if you're on the top, you can always go down and meet people below and go up together if you want
  10. Endgame for one, we can consider ourselves stronger than thanos and guardians are pale in comparison unless you can show the world a guardian that able to deal 182 million damage in one shot so tell me, how raids can fix this? And we have this news about bungie nerfing things because they're too OP to keep the raids challenging so would you accept having your gears that able to kill everything below level 80 in a single shot nerfed to make it in line with other gears that can't to balance it? I would argue about destiny have more content and story when all activities that you do is shooting enemies in the face all the time, not to mention doing the same thing over and over until you get that one weapon with god roll (basically a weapon with innate riven in it) with things to do being not different. Also, the expansions are not free unless you're okay with warframe having railjack, the new war and upcoming content cost money, DE would be able to give more quest and cinematic quest at faster pace (of course they also cost money) Puzzle oriented? We have exploiter orb for that Destiny 2 went free before and we didn't see any effect on warframe, I doubt this would be different
  11. this "no endgame" because you're stronger than thanos when compared to guardians and we have this news about bungie nerfing good exotics to keep the endgame engaging so do you like your mesa, saryn, chroma and all nuke frames nerfed to ground as the act of balancing for endgame? Also, that's the only thing that you will do, either do the raid, pvp or whatever grinding activity every time, hardly anything else than that, that's the only thing you will do until you get that god roll weapon
  12. Need this first before bringing him lunch
  13. the location decides the tier, besides isn't that what the community want? A mission that starts at higher level? Perhaps we'll see level 100 enemies on sedna soon
  14. nah, nezha warding halo and adaptation. Tank and healing in one package
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