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  1. Counterpoint, squishies like Banshee can knock enemies off their feet, with temporary armor removal with augment, boosting damage via marked spots, stunning and deafening enemies and keep them stumbling while Nyx can push enemy aggression to an enemy, armor/shield strip, mass confusion to make enemies fight each other when coupled with stripped defenses can be effective and potential nuke by absorbing damage Unfair? Maybe but squishies have their own play as caster/support instead of taking hits to face
  2. I can't say but I have a hunch seeing threads from those speed junkies complaining their teammates are slowpokes and they should have instant individual extraction even on non endless mission because they can't wait for a second if DE remove the door
  3. First thing first, you want to define what are things that build that challenge and difficulty. Is it walls of health? Is it aggressive earth shaker with heavy damage? Or what? Define good gameplay loop
  4. Maybe that's one of the reason, and considering affinity range, I would like it if my teammates can stay within 50 meters but if not, I'll just keep up with their speed until they hit the door. The discrepancy wasn't that severe though, where you can simply jump high and fly over obstacles today, you can find volt hitting the walls because they didn't turn fast enough when running
  5. Accessible, yes, but considering possibility of new players not knowing about it on low level mission or players that can't keep up, it feels like people on the other side also complain for people not being as fast as they are People with fragile ego? If they can't accept suggestions to improve, I'll leave them be and let them see by themselves I think people those who complained also need to understand that not everyone is like them and friendship doors are from the time where bullet jump didn't exist My mistake if I sound condescending, but the doors are from an era where bullet jump didn't exist and you have to bear with it until DE rework the place. Unnecessary, maybe but that's what we get to slow down rampaging maniacs. I don't think the complaint would end just there, it may extend to people being too slow and they have to wait at extraction because people can't keep up with them, so they're slowpokes Like people said, if you want to do missions quickly, either use recruiting chat or solo. In public you can't expect people to be as fast as you are on reaching the doors
  6. Has this ever crossed your mind, that warframe is a co-op ninja gameplay where you play together regardless of experience? Or you may make me think bullet jump is a mistake and should be slowed down/changed/removed
  7. Kuva Lich and Railjack are released and DE already said in the devstream that it will be in phases. People complain that railjack was very buggy on release so I think it's better to release them piece by piece and stabilise them first than releasing all in one go and brick the game completely with untold amount of bugs or do you prefer that way?
  8. You call that challenging? Over the gameplay from start to the point where the game just closed in front of me out of nowhere I keep asking can't this go any faster? And I can't even lunge on the first sword hit for some reason and feels really clunky to me so no, and with those 0 - 5 stars gears, that's basically the tier gear in railjack and we already have people saying it's not worth grinding other than MK 3 so no, I'm not playing it anymore Also, there's hardly any bullet sponges if you know how to combine weapons and abilities. I'm wiping level 5 lich missions with tenora just fine
  9. I prefer the auto aim feature I saw long time ago somewhere where ordis aims and fires the turrets automatically than command intrinsic
  10. small groups are challenging and defeating them satisfying? I don't see it that way, the gameplay itself is very sluggish to me and I don't see anything that powers you up like warframe. I prefer warframe model where you defeat the horde with your guns and abilities (try fighting level 40 enemies without one shot weapons, nuke warframes or ignis wraith, I dare you)
  11. What I always see from this criteria is always gear drops with random stat or perk rolls, perhaps you can show me one example of what you're saying
  12. Funny they say that though, I would like to keep up with this and see how long they can play the same strikes over and over again for mediocre/crap drop One thing though, most of the drop is crap and you will dismantle them so in the end it's materials like warframe but with extra step. Easier? Not at all, your power gets toned down to make sure you're not any stronger than the enemies. My sidearm damage goes down from 1k to less than 100 from visiting early level zone New resources were meant to prevent long time players with millions of resources clearing up everything or we would see 1m+ alloy plates or whatever resources to make it not too easy to finish
  13. I got a spare for free if you can arrange the time OP, but for mods, they're often missed because people tend to rush. I took my sweet time solo to make sure I don't miss a single mod on archwing mission
  14. Not a waste of time since I just wipe him on the floor when I feel it and I don't have much platinum since I don't trade a lot and don't have much trade worthy
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