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  1. They should have something actually happening on the stolen item so it's not your personal storage unit
  2. Sorry, but that's the nature of the alert, you can't play because whatever reason? You miss it and no excuse in the world can be used to extend it (And people still say alert is better than nightwave)
  3. Did you miss me, ya wanker? HAHAHAHA
  4. And with our power, spelling death to every single enemy in 50 meters radius, how do you make it challenging? My best effort is this
  5. Now, what is the reason behind this, especially when ESO gives radiant relics? And possibly making it a place where people who are not ready flock the place and being a burden for the team? We have arbitration for that Are you sure this won't cause any outrage or platinum economy problem? This is possible to implement Look at endo problem Barely any reason given other than being another farming place that will be abused by leechers so no, thank you
  6. Sure, no loot boxes then, mission with token gained based on your performance, up to certain amount As far as I played, easy mission nets up to 24 crowns, normal missions nets up to 56 crowns and based on your performance. How do they evaluate your performance? By scoring system where normal kill gives normal score and higher score from doing kills from headshot, sliding, jumping or killing many enemies in a short time so it's not just press 4 to wipe because that doesn't translate to gaining more crown. Each day, the mission will rotate so you can go as much as you want, but you can
  7. Which region and server though? My experience in Europe Singapore server is lots of competent teammates
  8. How about this instead
  9. I don't think that's really needed when cell array is littered in saturn
  10. If you want to start on eidolon hunts, best finishing the story all the way to The War Within first, then you can start trying on the Eidolon Otherwise, finish all story mission
  11. honestly, not really, for every warframe stats now you have choices between playing it safe, going less for extra bonus or sacrifice a part for higher gain in another part
  12. And the question is, how high is the level to use the ridiculous builds in when the power scales between 300% vex armor chroma to loki/limbo?
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