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  1. Seeing how the sniper (in this case, we're focusing on ballista) has little threat, I've been thinking some ways to make them deadlier. First thing would be making them keeping distance as main priority, then one of these ways I've thought 1. Remove the laser and cue noise, making them harder to detect and find 2. Remove cue noise, laser is kept that way but they have 100% accuracy whenever they shoot at the target (they have those laser sight, what is the reason to miss now?) 3. Keep them as it is, but allow them to bypass shield gating, dealing 25% of excess damage Which one you prefer, Tenno? Or should we combine them? Or is there any better way to buff the unit?
  2. You have 3 choices : - Play Conclave - Buy from conclave players - Don't bother I've been thinking that Teshin's nikana should be conclave offering too, and this time for rank 5
  3. It can work, albeit harder Some can be actually good Some can be acceptable Some fashion can be questionable Or straight up abomination Not everyone can make a decent fashion just by slapping helmet, armor and syandanas
  4. Seeing how Teshin can do Valkyr's rip line when throwing Orvius, say no more, I need that as a feature I'd accept it as an augment for Orvius/thrown melee by holding E after throwing (or any way you see fit) Also make it come from conclave (the sweet fruit after braving the thorn), maybe at rank 4. Why? No real reason, maybe I just want to spite on those who say PvP is nonexistent
  5. Is there a lack of way to draw aggro away? Or we don't have enough creativity to do it? DE gave us Guardian Derision for those who want to be tanks, even a melee augment as support tank, absorbing damage taken by your allies
  6. Is it though? With shield gating, anything less durable than Excalibur Umbra still able to survive with few seconds of invincibility to retreat so it's not a nightmare and it's not like we don't have any abilities and mods to make it not a nightmare. And my friend @844448 finished his first sister solo with Nyx and I saw him getting electrocuted by hounds every time he meets one but still not dying and no arcanes either. Only mods, wits and fast hands Also, isn't that basically how things go? Enemies having broken damage to any players that aren't tank so you have roles. Tank taking the aggro and damage, DPS taking enemies down while they're distracted with tank, healer replenishing health/energy/mana and support easing the burden with CC and buff/debuff? Or that shouldn't happen in warframe? Universal counter is to never stop moving? Not really, we still have cover option where you shoot enemies behind something or has that been forgotten now?
  7. You only said success, not keeping up and there are ways to make even Hydroid and Harpak able to solo steel path - Hydroid * augments : corroding barrage to help stripping armor, tidal impunity to clear yourself from status effect and temporary status immunity * abilities : Tempest barrage for area lockdown with constant knockdown, tidal surge to push enemies away, undertow for lazy players, tentacle swarm for extra CC - Harpak : Exposing harpoon for increased critical chance (up to 110%) for 15 seconds after pulling an enemy with harpoon Can those two keep up with a player using a good frame or someone mashing E? Maybe no, or never will but you're only saying success, not keeping up and I don't think a support/CC able to match a DPS even on any games
  8. The AI can't do anything when we're blazing through maps like rockets and wipe everything in 50 meters around us though, so it makes sense
  9. We have great fashion with how many colors and skins available. The question is, do you still have what it takes to make it under very tight budget? Let's find out Rules : - No color changing, use only the base color of the skin. Slight hue/value change on accent is still allowed - No third-party skin, means no Tennogen (for steam) or any skins that comes from third party requiring real money Example Do you have what it takes to do it?
  10. And warframe doesn't really need cover when you can zip away to safety and have abilities to control the battlefield to your favor. Also, I find that one-shot in GM isn't really challenge. If I want challenge, I'll take PUBG or any PvP game where your awareness matters, not shoehorned to "proper build" and pretty sure the entirely new strategies isn't much different than "keeping distance and whittling down enemies from afar" Destiny system, which is not the system warframe has so what are you going to do? Scream at DE to change the system? Raids may be possible to apply with super tight execution window but I don't find bullet sponge with one shot as challenge. Don't know about you, maybe you'll find Zealoid Prelate Steel Path fun Warframe itself is a god-warrior able to stay alive solo so why must DE change that? Also, you may want to find challenge that isn't just one-shot fiesta as "challenge"
  11. I think there's your problem. Try heat progenitor warframes (Ember, Nezha, etc)
  12. If the "actually challenging content" is making you underleveled to the point of one shot fiesta like GM Nightfall, I rather take no challenge than that when it's already dismissed by the community as cheap and not an actual challenge
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