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  1. And even if we want to say challenge, let's put yourself in enemy's shoes. How can you engage your enemies when you're - Cut down to pieces out of nowhere and no enemies in sight - Helplessly hanging on a spear impaling you through your spine - Frozen solid - Coated with molten glass and turned into a glass statue - Constantly burned - Blown up with explosive detonating from the other side of the wall - Burned from 50 meters away - Contaminated with miasma out of nowhere - Forcefully put to sleep - Having infectious spores sticking to you and d
  2. Let's pretend the cosmetics in those shops don't exist so you can say no unique rewards And look what kind of mechanics that can fit into warframe pace. I'm sure no one wants to walk bringing a power cell like in LoR because you will drop it if you jump or explodes when you run too much while holding it nowadays or that friendship door with standing panel just to enter. And don't forget we have the so called lone wolves that complain if there's something that isn't solo friendly Also, don't act like endgame isn't grind for loot since you will do endgame for endgame loot, so you can d
  3. Funny how some of them have most of requirement you listed and you dismissed them as not endgame - Arbitration Not available in early or mid-game, you need to clear the whole star chart Have gear check where you need to have gears to hold yourself against level 60+ at minimum Have unique never before seen or available rewards by arbitration honor - Steel Path Not available in early or mid game, requiring you to clear the whole star chart Have hear check against doubled stat enemies Have double stat Requires more than just point and shoot Have u
  4. So you're killing Veil Corpus with toxin in one hit from normal assault rifle with no boost whatsoever? And that's why I said we're nerfing the armor scaling along with slash. Maybe cool your head first because you've repeated that disrespancy multiple times IF the scaling being high enough to make a large divide on all levels of play. Make them linear instead of curving and you will have smaller divide that makes armored enemies tougher than non-armored enemies but not by a large divide like what we have currently
  5. Such as? I don't think I've seen this one, and isn't speedrun not an endgame by players in this forum?
  6. Eh, have you heard about prestige/reset system in other games where your level resets with a bonus? Forma is pretty similar to that
  7. *sharpen nerf hammer with malicious intent Time to nerf the AoE and chaining effect
  8. Depends on what you see as diversity, toxin alone is pretty low in number and you will need several hits to take down one corpus unit and it's not shoe-horning since other elements still able to take down the shield. I'd say having a little niche for that is alright and usually other games have different loadout/element to deal more damage Slash in the other hand, no I'd say we reduce the scaling to be linear, not removing them entirely so higher level enemies will be tougher with stronger armor but not being overkill Slash itself doesn't bypass armor, the bleed effect does a
  9. Isn't raid or anything endgame require a team though? If it's possible solo, that means it's not an endgame, is it?
  10. You still have trinity and energy restore to bring so trinity becomes a good partner for team or energy restore for solo
  11. And why is it unhealthy? Toxin bypassing shield is an uniqueness for corpus so there's a niche load out for them but slash? Pairing it with viral makes grineer taking a massive amount of true damage makes everything obsolete Sure, we can change slash proc to deal slash damage instead, making them deal far decreased damage to armored enemies then we can talk about reducing armor scaling
  12. And I don't think DE can make a group exclusive activity without complaint considering we have one Tenno saying the third orb should be solo friendly. Man I wish I remember the name of that Tenno
  13. And let's look why you haven't unlocked half of everything available. Is it because the vehicle unlock price very high compared to how much you gain? Or is it because of another reason? If long-term means a long grind, DE can make more "hema research" that requires you millions of credits and resources to unlock one item and there you go, long-term content
  14. And other games don't have their endgame content redundant in just a matter of weeks? And what are the "ultimate hardships" consist of, if not things that make people in warframe community complain? Like that one youtuber that complain Vay Hek in steel path being too tanky and we have Tenno in this forums wrecking the boss easily? As far as I see, the so called endgame with "ultimate hardships" always consist with these things - Bullet sponge - Invincibiity phase - Simon says phase or team wipe - Bring this from here to there - Death timer - One hit KO
  15. So, with balancing (nerf) threads on players side being put, let's put a bit of balance (nerf) to make the experience more or less new based on a Tenno reply to me Let's start 1. Enemy armor Seeing how enemy armor increase pretty steep on level 100+, I've been thinking that maybe we can make the scaling more linear and flat instead of currently shown in wiki calculator Elite Lancer Level 15 : 150 health, 200 armor, 250 EHP Level 175 : 20,514 health, 3,798 armor, 280,299 EHP Well, seeing how EHP of one unit being 14x of its health, no wonder viral + slash beco
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