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  1. Banned because I have no choice but thank you anyway
  2. Banned because I require Wensleydale cheese with cranberry
  3. Banned because my feelings are incredibly hurt and I require cheese
  4. Banned because you’re a big meanie! You meanie!
  5. Banned because I don’t know what it is but kinda want to know
  6. Banned because I’m worried to know what the solution is
  7. Why would a landlord be bothered about someone squatting? Its good for your legs to do squats
  8. What’s wrong with squatting? I thought it was good exercise
  9. Banned for not being quick with a way to resolve my feelings being hurt
  10. I aim to please. Also the British economy is collapsing and house prices are increasing at an all time high. As a British citizen how can I not die?
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