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  1. HolySeraphin

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    It is usually 1 hour long.
  2. HolySeraphin

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Could you make the "nightmare missions" available for all missions at all the time? I mean, it would give a better challenge for veteran players.
  3. HolySeraphin

    Titania rework: From butterfly to wasp

    Lifesteal for Titania herself isn´t great, because you either lose little health or you are dead before you can do anything, it could be useful for her allies, but I think it would be too OP to have a lifesteal for your weapon without energy cost (Chroma would be pretty much invincible with this buff). DE wouldn´t give energy steal for Titania, they disabled most energy gains in chanelled abilities to avoid permanent usage and AFK players. An option would be that enemies in a 20m radius around Titania suffer from the thorns' poison, which increases the size of their heads by 100%. similarly to the Peculiar Growth mod. This would make headshots MUCH easier to do and help the entire team. About entangle, what about 35% movement reduction with a 15m range? With the stretch and intensify it would be 21m range and 45% movement reduction.
  4. HolySeraphin

    Titania rework: From butterfly to wasp

    In one of the most recent hotifixes it was stated by [DE]Megan that they are still looking into Titania, especifically her Tribute skill, but I believe Titania needs a few more changes to be a good warframe. One of Titania's main problems is her casting speed, all her abilities except razorwing takes too long to cast, and Natural talent is pretty much mandatory to make it feel smooth. I suggest increasing the casting speed of these skills by at least 30%. Spellbind: Players have little reason to use it, why? While the effect itself is nice the side effects are terrible. I know the warframe is inspired by fairies, but making the enemy float away with every hit/shot makes it harder to kill. Why not make it stay in one place like Trinity's well of life? Tribute: The buffs need to scale with power strenght with some max limits to avoid being overpowered. Dust: You can reach up to 75% reduced accuracy. Titania is one of the most vulnerable warframes with very poor armor. Not getting hit is her only way of avoiding damage. Lantern may provide a distraction and Razorwing more reduced accuracy to enemies, but even a single bullet may be a lethal shot. Thorns: Because Titania is a squish warframe, having a "reflect damage" ability makes little to no sense. You don´t want to get hit at any cost, otherwise you will die. You can´t stand still like Mesa and reflect any significant damage back to the enemy, because unlike Mesa, our fairy doesn´t has a damage reduction ability. With 740 health (using max Vitality) you will reflect 740 damage and then die, that is very underwhelming. I suggest changing it to knock down enemies at regular intervals, similarly to Ember's world on fire augment but no damage done and at a sligh slower pace, maybe 50% of WoF rate and that is affected by Power Strenght and reduce range to 15m (affected by range mods). This would be a great buff to Titania and her allies without disrupting the gameplay. Entangle: I like this one, but make the 25% debuff affected by power strenght, up to 75% movement reduction. Full Moon: Affected by power strenght with no max limit. Lantern: It suffers from the same problem as spellbind, the enemy floats away with the shots. Even if they do come back to their original spot, the fact that they move is a nuisance, because you will be more likely to be targeted. But you may say: "But I can steer it towards a place I want". Yeah, buy you could have casted it on an enemy that is in the doorway and keep it there. The problem is that you are also shooting at the enemies around the lantern, so a missed shot way ruin your day by sending the lantern away. So make the lantern stay in the same place. Also, why not make it deal slash damage based on the affected enemy's max health? 3-5% of their maximum health and shields per second sounds reasonable to me (I looked at Oberon's smite and Hydroid's undertow to get a notion of the numbers). To balance this change, reduce the flat damage to 75/100/125/150 slash damage per second. Razorwing: The razorfly drones are very helpful allies, but they will mostly likely die in a short time. Being a queen of fairies, why not make Titania respawn/ressurect lost drones at regular intervals? I think that ressurecting a lost drone after 10 seconds (until reaching the max limit) is fair enough and will help players that use this ability for long periods of time. That´s it, I think these changes would be enough to make titania a more enjoyable warframe. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment
  5. HolySeraphin

    Sharpened claws: A Valkyr Rework

    Yes, I know. Valkyr isn´t in dire need of a rework, but this doesn´t mean that her current set of skills is in a good state. I just want to suggest changes to make some of her skills, specifically Rip line and Paralysis, more viable and fun to use. I know that DE said that they will only create new skills if it is extremely necessary, and I´m aware that they want to keep the theme of the warframe. So without any more delay, here are my suggestions: Rip line: The movement aspect is good in my opinion, even with low range, because it helps to close in the gap between you and the enemies. However, there´s a small delay before the pull and it takes a while to reach the location, which hurts the ability. Suggestion: Increase the pull speed and the travelling speed of the rope. Make it only slight slower than Garuda's Dread Mirror. Regarding the "get over here" part, I think it is too weak. It takes too long to pull, the damage is fairly weak, you only damage one target and the enemy is sent flying away if they are far enough. The main problem is that rarely you will be able to pull the enemy to your feet if they are from a fair distance, so you cannot slash them to pieces in most cases. Suggestion: Make it exactly like Scorpion's "Get over here". Pull the target directly towards you until they are right in front of you, leaving them stunned and open to finishers. This will give players a reason to target heavy units, because they will be able to deal heavy damage with their weapons after using the skill. If needed, add a punch through to the rip line at lvl 2 and 3. At lvl 2 you can pull up to 2 targets, and at lvl 3 you can get 3 targets. Paralysis: Why is this ability even based on her shields on the first place? She has one of the lowest shields in the game and due to her nature you will mostly likely be with little to no shields by the time you enter cast range (10m). The damage multiplier isn´t high enough to deal any substantial damage and the only worthy part of the skill is that it leaves enemies open to finishers. But the problem is that you can only kill 1 or 2 enemies with finishers before they recover from the stun. Suggestion: Make the base damage 300 and make it affected by Valkyr's remaining health, similarly to Garuda's passive. Paralysis gets 100% extra range and damage when at 50% health and 200% when at 1-2% health (not affected by power strenght). This will work like a panic button when you are about to die. This will give you time to enter Hysteria and recover the lost health with safety. It will also benefit from War Cry's buff, because you won´t need to worry about getting demolished by enemies before you can cast the skill at its full potential (unless you are facing very high level enemies).
  6. HolySeraphin


    That´s not a bad idea. They colud either add the story/narrated comic like Ordis fragments OR they could add one for each warframe part. Fpr example, you build the systems and you get a part, and so on. In fact, they did a very simple version of this with Limbo. Of course, newer frames would have the comic attached to the lore fragments.
  7. HolySeraphin

    Nyx's rework was very underwelming.

    I think that Mind Freak isn´t working as it should. I tested it and didn´t notice any substantial increase in a lvl30 enemy. Also, Nyx should be able to spam her Bolts or at least cast again to refresh. As D20 said, it is too cumbersome to hold 2 for two seconds and then cast again. Ash with his augmented shurikens can spam as he pleases to remove armor, why can´t Nyx do the same? By the way, it seems that enemies affected by Psychic bolts have a green outline,but the problem is that it isn´t affected by energy color and the outline is too thin to notice during a fight. I suggest making an aura like a disruptor ancient to make the enemy stand out.
  8. HolySeraphin

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    Because we want Nyx to be STRONG
  9. HolySeraphin

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    That´s why I use weapons that can quickly kill them before they get too close. I use Chaos to cause general distraction (and reduce the drain of my Assimilate, because fewer enemies are focusing on me) and this distracts the nullifiers for some precious seconds
  10. HolySeraphin

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    Oh, I rely on Assimilate for health, so no Vitality for me. Each with their build, I guess.
  11. HolySeraphin

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    With some other mods I still have around 100% duration and my Chaos/Mind Control had 36 seconds, plenty of time in my opinion
  12. HolySeraphin

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    Hey, what about the ability to slowly float while using regular Absorb? No weapon or skill allowed but it could give the much needed chance/time to be targeted by enemies, even if your team clear some enemies. You keep the accumulated damage without exploding. And then add a pull effect on Assimilate, after all, the explosion is smaller and the name is "assimilate"
  13. HolySeraphin

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    Actually I was using the augment and still had over half of my energy pool (using primed flow and fleeting expertise). Besides, I always cast Chaos before detonating Assimilate, to give a small stun before going out of the bubble
  14. HolySeraphin

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    A lvl 100 bombard has just 40K cloned flesh health and it is actually quite easy to reach 40K damage if you are being targeted by lvl60 enemies, I know it is true, I tested in a sortie and reached 40K in a reasonable ammount of time
  15. HolySeraphin

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    Since it is a psychic attack, instead of doing an specific damage type, why don´t make the explosion ignore shields and armor to deal true damage or at least deal 75% bonus damage? After all, the attack should affect just the mind of the target, and no physical barrier should be able to mitigate it. 40 000 can´t even kill a lvl50 bombard, who has 90K effective health due to armor