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  1. (comenting about the Corpus) Analyzing Corpus's latest cargo report. They are filled with unusual amounts of - useless trash - salvage.
  2. Can you reduce the deadzone for "look" analog inputs too for controllers (I use on pc for personal reason)? Currently if I move just a tiny bit of the right joystick it doesn't register, if I barely pass the deadzone it is 1/10, but then it suddenly goes to 7/10 and then to 10/10 even before reaching the very edge. It makes quite hard to point at enemies even at low sensitivity settings.
  3. So the changes are: 1: 1/3 ammo reserves (ammo mutation should still make it viable) 2: -58% cluster bombs 3: +29% cluster bomb explosion range PER bomb, increasing the total radius by +87% 4: Wait, so they had the potential of doing NO damage at the edges, but now the minimum is 50%? Wow, nice. As other tenno said, the main part of the damage comes from the main explosion, and the rest is more of bonus. The actual total damage of the cluster bombs may be smaller at direct impact, but have the potential of doing more damage if it only grazes the mobs. Hm...
  4. A) There is clear footage with audio. A good police officer would NEVER do that to either an innocent, suspect or guilty, even if they were a terrorist. "Get in the car, while I keep my knee in your throat!". "Oh, he's out! Better keep my knee for 5 more minutes for GOOD MEASURE!" B) People seem to NOT read the entire post, which states that DE wanted to give a reason as for why the livestreams are cancelled, and the reason is because the staff decided to take their time to better address forums issues like toxicity, racism and other things.
  5. People: I don't want social discussions like racism on "my" game. (which isn't theirs, but Digital Extremes's) Also people: Why DE is only talking about this now? They have double standards. They should give attention to every race and group whenever and whatever happens to them. So they need to cover the chinese, the white people being killed, etc, etc. Talk about double standards (facepalms)
  6. Saryn's revealing spores is currently capped at 45m, which is barely more than the base value (40m), even though the ability screen states otherwise. I strongly believe it is a bug, and hope it gets fixed/changed soon.
  7. Hydroid with 40% power strenght and over 200% power range: Sea of CC Zephyr with aero vantage and other aim glide mods: Penguin no more.
  8. 1: It IS an exilus mod. 2: Yes, we have damage numbers, but no reference to distance, you also have to turn the camera to have full grasp of where they are. With the augment you just glance at the map for 0.5s instead of losing 2.0s, (and the latter option CAN lead to your death in ESO). The augment also highlights them as green instead of red. 3: Because it is an exilus and additional support, there's no reason to not use animal instinct or the aura mod for close range combat. In fact they work well together because you know the best enemies to pop. You see a single green dot on the map amidst a lot of red, then you go there and kill them instead of either killing a bunch of enemies that won't spread or losing that 20% damage of the spores by casting again. Did you even test the mod or just looked at the description? No, I guess you barely looked at the image, because you thought it wasn't an exilus, and even suggested making it an exilus.
  9. Aaand this is no longer true for a regular buid (the simulacrum is bugged, scales normally in a normal mission). 145% power range gives the augment 58m range, 175% is 70m. So in this case it is better than a Primed Mod+ rare mod while also freeing a slot for your companion With just stretch it is almost 2x stronger than Enemy Radar, therefore the title of the post is misleading. GONNA report it (Just kidding) Note: I know you're sacrificing venom dose.
  10. Did you test it ingame? Because the stat screen shows that it could go for over 100m but ingame it was capped at 45m for some reason (If yes, then maybe it was fixed in the last hotfix)
  11. Oh no, I have 3 less meters of enemy detection, the horror!
  12. Animal Instinct is 18m enemy radar, which isn't a lot, and as DeeDeetheSpy said, you can track which ones are actually infected, because they are highlighted as green arrows instead of regular red. You can argue that you can see the damage numbers, if you want to actually pay attention to numbers popping on your screen and look around instead of glancing at the minimap for a split second.
  13. And not everyone has Primed Animal Instinct fully maxed out, because Primed warframe mods (like primed Flow) and weapon mods (like Primed Pressure Point) are priority for many people. The the augment is much less expensive endo-wise (~900 endo vs 44K).
  14. Enemy sense gives +30m and Primed Animal Instinct is 33m enemy radar (The +55m is LOOT radar). The base animal instinct only gives +18m enemy radar.
  15. I JUST realized one of the perks of DE adding unpopular activities to Nightwave. By doing so they have more people playing activities like fishing, mining and K-drive races, and therefore more bug reports are created. This means they can find and fix bugs of old content while focusing in developing and fixing current ones like Railjack. This also helps keeping the old content mostly bug-free (since some bugs might appear with each update) and will give everyone less of a headache if it is later expanded or implemented with other modes.
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