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  1. I can already hear the keyboard sounds of dozens of tennogen artists rushing to make a clothless helm. Boy, it is going to be fun.
  2. It has been months since the last Prime Trailer and I completely understand why they decided to focus on other projects like Fortuna and the Gas City, but I really do miss the lore that each trailer brought. We learned how some prime warframes were made for a particular reason or how Ballas changed their design because of something. These short animations really added depth to the lore and made the warframes look and feel more unique than they already are. However, I´m aware that these trailers require a lot of manpower, time and money, so I´m not asking to bring them back, I still prefer new content than 2min video. I do, however, suggest a middle ground that would satisfy both sides. In the past all we got were codex descriptions for the primes, Mag and Rhino being "prime" examples. DE could do the same for the remaining primes, all it would take is for [DE]Steve to write the lore and then someone add it into the codex. For those that still wish for a "trailer", they can try to do their own, I´m sure there are very talented people in the community that can use Captura to do a worthy video.
  3. Hm, could make it ramp up each second and is affected by power strenght. How about ramping up to 1200 heat damage after half of the duration and remaining like that for the rest of the duration? Remembering that enemies can be affected by accelerant, therefore a 5.0x accelerant would make that 6000 every 2 seconds. Your passive idea sounds good,it could be like a "heat syphon" and it does make sense. But I think the energy aspect would have to be cancelled during WoF Hey, I have never thought about picking fire blast's ring before. It would make the small radius not that bad and Ember would get that bonus heat damage and some protection against melee/infested. Huh. Yeah, I know, fire procs are horrible because they don´t stack, I suggested this in a previous post and forgot to mention here again. I agree it should work like toxin procs. It wouldn´t be too OP because Saryn is a running toxin/corrosive/viral machine, but a 2 seconds cooldown on the stun effect might be enough. Or they could make it fire 3 fireballs just like Zephyr's air blast if you hold it for 2 seconds, I think it would be worth it.
  4. Hm... Then, if the problem of old WoF was that it was an AFK ability, then what about doing it like Equinox's third ability, with three circles of damage? At 0% the skill does full damage on all 3 rings, but as it gets closer to 100% only the inner ring does 100% damage, the middle one does 75% and the farthest 50%?
  5. With [DE]Steve saying that it is very likely that Ember will get a rework this year, I can´t help but think about some ideas that can ignite new life to Ember. Passive: Fire procs caused by Ember's abilities melt enemy armor, reducing current armor by 15% for each proc. Rrefreshing the proc will activate the effect again. Reason: Her current passive is very situational, so much that it is very likely that players will almost never benefit from it. Few are the grineer enemies that can cause heat procs, and these are usually very deadly units. Fire patches are also mostly restricted to sabotage and invasion missions, so you can´t use them most of the time. I think we can all agree that Ember's main enemy is grineer armor, and this new passive should help her dealing with it. The armor reduction is smaller than a corrosive proc because I´m sure that players can stack them pretty quickly with Ember's abilities. Fireball: Explosion radius is affected by ability range. Charge time reduced to 2.0 seconds. Reason: WHY is the explosion radius not affected by range? Overextended reduces damage, so it wouldn´t be a room clearer. Besides, it is currently more energy efficient to just cast WoF and then deactivate it. Accelerant: No change. Fire Blast: The explosion wave is increased to 20 meters and the ring itself increased to 6m. The wave is not affected by range mods but the ring itself is. The center of the ring is highlighted and deals 100 heat damage every 2 seconds. Reason: I´m starting to think that DE made this skill don´t scale with range out of fear of room clearing, and considering Accelerant's buff I am inclined to agree with them. Sure, 40% strenght builds wouldn´t do much, but a 130% strenght and 145% range build would be able to do 650 damage in a 21m range, and that would be worse than old WoF on lower levels. However, the fire ring should scale with it, because it only deals damage on the borders, and a bigger ring means it would be able to affect more enemies from a much safer distance, besides creating a bigger area for Ember to shoot through. We all know how squishy the frame is, and standing still/behind a 4m radius ring isn´t safe. I also added the damage on the inner area, because why not? As it stands you need an augment to make it proc, so it is likely that enemies will be hit only 1-3 times by the ring itself. World on Fire: Oh boy, here comes the thing we all are waiting for, the ability that was pretty much Ember's signature ability for years. We all know why it was so overused. It deals damage on a large area, no big effort and the augment gives good CC that helps a frail warframe on higher levels. So how can we make it better without creating another AFK ability? It is simple, and I only realized this today. Just one word: Overheat. This old version of Accelerant used to give Ember a small fire aura, but also a 40% damage reduction that scaled from strenght mods. Of course, that was scrapped for being too overpowered, but I think we can bring it back in another way. The current problem with WoF is that when it reaches 100% the range is cut down by 50%, making Ember more vulnerable against Corpus and Grineer. I suggest adding a "flame aura" that increases in strenght the longer WoF stays on and tied to the meter. At 0% there's 10% damage reduction, incresing by 1% for every 2% of the meter. This won´t be affected by power strenght, for obvious reasons. So at 100% you would still have 50% range, but also 50% damage reduction, not 50% extra armor, 50% damage reduction, which is better. It would also compensate the increased energy drain, and give players a better benefit for keeping it on.
  6. I suggest increasing Wolf's spawn chance by 0.5% for every 3 fugitives you kill, resetting to 6% if you kill the Wolf. This would make killing the fugitives worthwile and it would mimic Juggernaut's behaviour of spawning if you kill too many infested.
  7. These guys calling "nerfs" here and there. Do you even understand how disposition works? Disposition is based on usage, if the weapon is already great like Akjagara Prime and therefore used by a lot of the community of course the riven will eventually get a low disposition like the Tigris. Yes, there are underused weapons with great stats and yes there are underused trash weapons with high disposition that received a good prime like Tiberon, but they will also get their rivens nerfed, that's how it works. More importantly, you should be aware of these changes when buying a riven. Also, why people even BOTHER to buy disp 1 rivens like Arca Plasmor? They are most likely to receive a nerf to the point of being really hard to get a good riven.
  8. I understand these changes, but they still hurt. Especially because I transmutted my marelok and Hikou rivens, damn it. I suffered from the Corinth, Tiberon, Ignis,Akjagara and Tombfinger nerfs but I understand them. They are really good weapons. On the other hand, my Cernos, Daikyu, Scourge,Sybaris, Torid, Twin Rogga and Zakti rivens got a nice buff.
  9. Could you make the "nightmare missions" available for all missions at all the time? I mean, it would give a better challenge for veteran players.
  10. That´s not a bad idea. They colud either add the story/narrated comic like Ordis fragments OR they could add one for each warframe part. Fpr example, you build the systems and you get a part, and so on. In fact, they did a very simple version of this with Limbo. Of course, newer frames would have the comic attached to the lore fragments.
  11. I think that the mind-controlled target should also get a higher priority, because in the devstream the enemies were still shooting at Nyx even though the minion was by their side.
  12. Actually, if the accuracy debuff for Nyx is 50% or more it is worth more than 1500 armor in high levels, because with Chaos it is already unlikely that you will get hit if you play smart and don´t go melee, and with the passive even if they shoot at you they will have a good chance to miss, especially if you keep bullet jumping around.
  13. I will suggest some changes: Buff the Pacifying bolts augment for Nyx. They currently stun enemies, but if they receive another proc like blast, the effect of the augment will be lost. This means that if I have 200% duration, which would give me 20 seconds of stun, if the enemy receives a blast proc, he will fall down and start shooting at me after 3 seconds. Make it so that they return to their stunned state after standing up. As for Absorb. Because the damage of Nyx's Absorb is supposed to be a psionic attack, instead of making it use the damage type that it received the most, why not make it so that it ignores damage resistance or that it deals true damage? After all, armor and shield means nothing against a psionic attack.
  14. I think Nyx's absorb needs a little more to be effective. I suggest adding a multiplier to the Absorb's damage. 1x as base. 200% power strenght gives a 2x multiplier and so on. A chance to proc the status effect of the damage type would be really nice too, and it would go well with power strenght. A 20% chance would be okay. So if Nyx absorbs mostly slash damage, she has 20% chance to cause slash procs on every enemy hit by the explosion. It would make it more unique and useful. This is an ultimate ability, after all.
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