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  1. TLDR: Can we have "UNLIMITED POWAAAH!"? I agree with you. It doesn't need to be an augment,though. Just holding the ability key/button is enough.
  2. I think that Sevagoth parts should be more spread through the proximas. Sevagoth and his weapon have 3 parts each and we have 6 proximas now. I suggest putting one part on each proxima, therefore increasing the overall drop chance of other items, because right know it is too easy to get duplicates and not much reason to farm his parts on harder proximas when I get the same chance for less effort on lower proximas. Currently you have 10% chance to get 1 of 3 parts on each proxima, which means 30% chance of getting a duplicate once you're done farming him. If you put only 1 part per proxima
  3. According to someone on the wiki you hold the reload button to do it. So you press to leave the seat or hold to reload
  4. I have been using Aero Vantage with Patagium to essentialy mimic this change, so I guess 2 free mod slots for me. I will probably use Streamline to keep it for a long time and some maybe more range. Also, the mod Zazvat-Kar for the Akstiletto Prime will probably be great with it.
  5. You can cast her 3 to protect yourself while hovering. It doesn't protect against everything (AoE, melee attacks and flamethrowers) but combined with her 1 you should be safe from almost anything.
  6. Actually, I will need only one more Umbral forma. I actually put my first one on her, and I don't regret it. I don't even need to change the aura.
  7. I will have to test it, to see if I'm not burst into Oblivion before I can recover enough energy. Because if I change the mods as you said my energy drain will be higher, and with my original setup with arcane Energize my energy is at that sweet spot where I recover just enough with the arcane to keep it stable. Also, even if you wield your primary/secondary while in Hysteria, you will still lose energy because you actually didn't deactivate it. So the recovered energy might be burned just as quickly.
  8. Hunter adrenaline requires loss of HP to trigger, and Hysteria makes you invulnerable. You would only proc it outside of it, and you don't really need much energy for the rest of her abilities. Also, high DR reduces the efficiency of Hunter Adrenaline, because you lose HP more slowly, and therefore less energy is generated. I will try to test it later, though. One case where it is useful is for AzothChalice's build, where they go full Enrage for a few seconds to kill whatever is in the way, and need to recast it.
  9. I do play other more squishy warframes like Mag and even Banshee from time to time. I just like the berserker theme too.
  10. I'm aware of this, and I know a Warcry build is very efficient (I have it on my Valkyr with Roar). I just find it...boring. Melee is already kinda boring for me, and pressing only 1 skill only once throughout the whole missions makes it even more boring for me. Besides, I like building underpowered weapons and warframes, at least it keeps things fresh for a while. I also tested Zenistar for like 2 hours until I finally made it through Earth steel path.
  11. If you like your own build, who am I to judge? Each player has their favourite play style and build. What's the full build anyway? I'm curious.
  12. I'm aware Valkyr/Prime is not played much due to her limited ability set and the fact that one of her most used abilities can be infused with Helminth, but I still wanted to make a decent build for the Berserker warframe. It may look a little odd at first, but I tested on Earth Steel Path, and I'm fairly sure it can do Sedna too. Focus: Hysteria+ Warcry Valkyr Build: http://warframe-builder.com/s/20858b7aa83951cb subsumed ability: Empower replaces Ripline. Arcanes: Energize and Guardian. Explanation: The loop is Empower ->Warcry ->Empower ->Hysteria. Empower w
  13. Recently I have been testing a build for the Zenistar in the Simulacrum and was confused by the disparity between tests. Sometimes the disk would deal 15% damage and others it would kill lvl100 bombards. After some testing I discovered that everytime you spawn an enemy the mods are not taken into account. To fix this you can either change your melee weapon or remove and put back any mod back to the weapon.
  14. I think there's enough consensus in the community that damage-wise melee weapons perform a lot better than guns, be it primary or secondary. After all, melee weapons have access to powerful mods like condtion overload, blood rush and weeping wounds, and the mechanics of the combo counter only boost them further. Therefore, it raises the questions: 1: Are guns too weak or are melee weapons too powerful? For normal content in the star chart both are good options, but it is in Steel path or long endurance runs that the difference becomes evident. Enemies soak up entire magazines until
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