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  1. I think Loki needs the most after Ember and Vauban. His 1 doesn't scale and his 3 has no real use in combat. For his decoy I would make it scale like Saryn's Molt, which means he absorbs damage for 3 seconds and transforms it into health. For his teleport I suggest that he places an hologram on the enemy after switching places, forcing enemies to shoot at the target, maybe leaving a bomb with him that explodes after a few seconds. This would make it far more different than Ash's teleport, while still staying true to his roots as trickster. Besides Loki I think Valkyr needs one too, especially her 1 and 3. Her 1 suffered with parkour and her 3 only allows her to use a finisher on 1 enemy or 2, but nobody uses it.
  2. But speaking of elements, for the love of God give elemental frames some resistance to their elements, like Frost having 25% resistance to cold, Ember 25% to heat and so on. It even became a MEME through the years.
  3. Okay, now that the discussion shifted to heat procs I guess I should give my opinion. Heat will probably not melt armor on impact, that would make it a corrosive+damage proc, even if it was a lower percentage like 15%. I also believe it won't become a "armor viral" proc, even gas procs are somewhat different than toxin. If I were to guess what DE is going to do I assume that it is a percentage, like 7,5%, for each tick. That could work, as it wouldn't make it better than corrosive for weak targets but for harder enemies and weapons with lower status chance this could work better. Example: 1 corrosive proc = 25% armor strip of current armor. 1 heat proc = 45% armor strip through the course of 6 seconds. (the percentage of each tick is based on the armor during the first tick, so there is no diminishing returns). So for weapons with low status chance (10-12%) or low fire rate (Grinlok) if you land just one heat proc it will be better than 1 corrosive proc on the long run, considering that it will be unlikely to proc sufficent corrosive procs to strip all armor. This would make heat an alternative for weapons with low status chance, and make them better against more tanky enemies. It would also keep corrosive relevant, as high status weapons like Supra (30% base) would proc more often, giving more armor strip at a much quicker rate. To counter the reduction in armor you could make it so that the damage dealt with each tick gets reduced by a percentage, 16.6% (so it gets reduced to 0 at the end), to emulate the fact that the flame is fading (maybe Ember being the only exception).
  4. And an exalted weapon with 4 fire modes is not great either, Tiberon Prime is already kinda of a mess with 3 modes. (still good rifle). But what if you could fire different grenades depending if you use the secondary fire button and zoom? Something like this: type 1: Fire from the hip with primary fire type 2: Fire from the hip with secondary type 3: Fire while zoomed with primary type 4: fire while zoomed with secondary.
  5. So mini radial blind and Counter pulse? That actually sounds cool. I mean, we have grenade launchers but not just...WAAAAIIT A SECOND. I know that many may not like exalted weapons, but instead of throwing the grenades couldn't he shoot them from a grenade launcher? Not an exalted weapon, I'm thinking something similar to Ivara's Quiver, where you summom an energy grenade launcher just to fire the grenade. You get more range and it isn't just another exalted weapon, which may be boring and clunky since it would need to deal damage by itself.
  6. I agree. What we can have is warframes that are very easy to understand and that are more likely to be used by newcomers during early planets. Excalibur and Rhino are pretty easy to understand for new players, unlike others like Saryn or Nidus (their wikia pages are essays by themselves😂).
  7. Wait, what? Vauban's Orbital Strike only deals damage in a single area, while Inferno (Ember's new fourth ability) is line of sight, which means that EVERYONE on the screen gets to experience the dinosaur's demise. And on top of that they get a fire aura that not only has high damage potential (2K damage PER tick) but can also spread with touch, and those enemies that receive the fire will also get 2K damage per tick, so bye bye trash mobs and the duration is refreshed for them. Accelerant only existed because Ember can't deal with armor scalling, and it is still bad because you are forced to use a weapon with heat, because it won't make too much difference for skills. Now that heat procs remove armor, ALL her abilities have better scalling, especially fireball and her new 4. And what's wrong with enemies that survived the explosion spreading the fire? This means CC god damn it, the thing that helps damage abilities remain relevant in higher levels. I don't think you have noticed, but the enemies were pretty much stunlocked to death. And the ultimate already deals heavy damage. So it is a nuke at most and CC machine at the worst. How is that a bad thing?! And as others have said, any warframe can be a low level mob killer. No warframe should have the title of "trash mob killer" as their only useful purpose. What else can Ember do right now? Buffer with her 1's augment? Fire damage is only useful against infested. Even Frost, who lost some space to Gara, is still quite relevant. He can defend objectives, strip armor, slow down enemies and freeze them for easy kills.
  8. They said line of sight, It could work like radial javelin, where it hits everything in a 360° angle as long as they're not behind a wall, except that this Inferno will actually kill high level enemies.
  9. Are you using a translator? Because this is nonsense.
  10. First: that grammar 😉 Second: Ember is female 🚶‍♀️ Third: Even if they shipped it as it is, she would stlill be in a better spot than she is now.
  11. Hm...what if do Immolation like this? Make it duration based with 25 seconds, affected by mods every enemy killed by heat in a 15m radius increase the timer by 2 seconds, kinda like Eternal Warcry? It would work like syphon, you're absorbing the heat from dead enemies to sustain your candle. (maybe for an augment?) casting abilities give an instant amount of heat, and then constant generation for a few second, maybe 3-5 seconds, not affected by mods. To counter this the meter goes down at a constant rate, and casting 3 (Fire Blast) reduces it by 25% Once it reaches 100% it stays on 100%, but you get an energy drain of 3 energy per second and lose 2 health per second that can ramp up to 6 energy and 4 health per second, not affected by efficiency mods. Maybe if you use her Inferno while at 100% you lose a portion of your health? 20%? Maybe not. Your get a screen effect to show you that you're at 100%. Maybe it gradualy gets orange/red with time or maybe the corners start to get a fire effect, similar to how we get the infested effect on Infested Salvage missions.
  12. Also, her 2 is very boring. I mean, it is a short stun with a buff, in a warframe that is designed to literally burn everything down in a glorious fashion, seems very underwhelming to me. And still was one of her most useful abilities, but just because of the stun (And I ran a 184% power strenght Ember with Ignis Wraith, mind you).
  13. World on Fire, even at its peak or lowest, was not a good ability for engaging gameplay. It is a toggle and forget ability, and although "efficient" at killing stuff at lower levels, it isn't fun AND the only reason you stay alive is because these enemies will barely scratch you, even if a heavy gunner shoots you for 3 seconds. And yes, EVERY frame should be able to at least survive at lvl 100, in the sense that you can at least contribute to the team's efficiency and/or lockdown enemies for an easy kill. Just because WoF is "unique" doesn't mean it should stay. Current Ember can't do this, her WoF usually get's reduced to 10-15m after 10 seconds, and enemies hit you from 20-30 meters away, making Ember rely on extreme parkour, spamming Accelerant or going into melee range. All of these options are either extremely risky or energy hungry and boring. You literally have to cast Accelerant every 3 seconds, that's not fun, at all. Sure, every frame has their niche, but low level missions should never be one of them. Ember is only ever used for these low levels missions because she doesn't run the risk of dying, and enemies have low armor/health so they die in the blink of an eye. But when you reach lvl 40 things start to get ugly, infested ugly. And while the starchart consists of mostly of low level missions, Ember can't compete in game modes like Elite Sanctuary, Eidolon hunts or Profit Taker without using every single damage reduction option in your arsenal, and you still need to play much better than that guy using Excalibur. Inferno, the new fourth ability, is said to work with line of sight. This could either mean everything on your screen, or the area around you, similar to Excalibur's Radial Javelin. If it is the later then it is extemely powerful, and the fire spread will ensure that all enemies that survived the initial blast will get damage over time, get stunned with their allies's aura or maybe their own auras, and even spread to other enemies. And the potential damage can still easily kill low level enemies, AND lvl200 butchers with ease. The fire ticks of a modded Ember were doing 2300 damage.
  14. I suggest making Ember's FireBlast knock down enemies instead of knocking them back and out of the range of her passive and rest of abilities. Or stun them so you can use her skills to finish them and take advantange of the armor removal.
  15. It would also be an excellent way to show the player that you have reached 100%.
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