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  1. E isso porque convertendo esses 3K ducats em platinum ainda dá um valor alto. Se considerar 5 plat por uma peça comum (15 ducats), voce tem um mod que equivale a 1000 platinas, ou seja, R$100, não é o absurdo que esses gananciosos pediam (50K-100K) e ainda sim acho caro.
  2. Wow, this reminds me of the Tulip Mania period, when people bought a regular purple tulip for increasingly absurd prices and then suddenly the bubble bursted and prices fell down. Of course, DE stated again and again that Primed Chamber would come back, year after year, but these collectors never bothered to think for a minute. This is not even a share from a company, which is already risky, this was for a long time a rare item which is only really good on 2 weapons, and there are even alternatives for it. Guys, stop being a total Corpus and learn to fold your cards. You have to learn when to stop, walk away and spend that money (plat) on something useful in your life, having money(plat) for the sake of having it is dumb.
  3. They mentioned it before. All Kuva variants (and now variants like Prime and syndicate) have their own dispositions. Since Kuva variants are new they started at default 3. As for displayed stats I agree it needs to show you the stats for each version.
  4. You mean like how they just reworked Liches to reduce the grind by a large amount?
  5. Wow, how many months have gone by? 6? 7?8? A year? No. Happy hunting.
  6. This may cause a lot of trouble if your lich is lvl5. Enemies would be lvl110 and might disrupt too much some farming spots. Imagine getting lvl110 enemies on Hydron. Not a fun experience.
  7. So if I understood this right it goes like this: Example 1: You sacrifice the smaller one to give a 10% boost to the better version. The 10% increase is based upon the current number. In this case 10% of 40 is 4, therefore the end result is 40+4 = 44% Example 2: The higher number becomes the reference and gets a 10% boost. Therefore 40+4 = 44%. Which means that in example 1 it would take 5 lesser duplicates to reach 60%, it will take fewer if you suddenly get a 54% on the second try, in which case it would require only 3 duplicates. If you get a 25% on the first try it would take at most 9 lesser duplicates to reach 60%. But because you got the worst roll there's a good chance you will suddenly get a much higher number later (if the chances are equal for each percentage)
  8. ANNDDD then we got Devstream 136 a day later. https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-136-overview Kuva Lich Iteration As you can see in the graphs above, Kuva Liches could use iterating to help this system be more enjoyable for the playerbase, and we are looking at feedback to help improve your Lich experience. Here are some of the changes we are planning: Removing forced failures system. Being forced to die to learn how to progress is a pain point in the community, and we are looking at other options to approach this mechanic. Softening the blow of the RNG hunt. Both in allowing you to Banish a Lich, but also using an undesired Kuva Weapon to receive a “bait” that will guarantee you a specific Weapon. Thrall farming needs a little bit extra goodness.
  9. What if instead of increasing the limit they make it like the Samurai Warrior series? After every mission is completed you're presented with a screen of the rewards, and you choose what to scrap or keep. Of course, there would be a time limit to choose before it is sent to your inventory. Players that want the best stats already know the static values, and only need to look at the bonuses which are the extra effects or increased stats. Newer player willl probably get everything and sort out later, but they will probably need to return anyway to upgrade their ships or fill their payload. What do you think?
  10. So you get 10+ wreckage per mission?
  11. Players: Please increase the wreckage limit, 30 is not enough. Me: There are 3 components in the Railjack and 3 weapons, but the side guns and main guns can equip the same weapon type and ordnance is not RNG drop nor in the droptable. So 5 parts total, this means that you can have 6 wreckage for each RNG part, HOW is that not enough? The 3 components have extra stats in their MK3 which means that Shield array has 7 possible effects and engines and reactors have 6 each. Weapons, on the other hand, will always have a specific bonus depending on the house (Vidar Cryo MK3 will always have +damage, never fire rate). So there are 5 weapons with 3 houses each for a total of 15 for weapons. HOWEVER, you will mostly likely keep only 2 (one for fire rate and another for damage or to use on the sides and front), which would be 10 weapons. This means that a collector may have 19 components( 7 shield, 6 engine and 6 reactors) and 11 weapons (2 for each type+1 for whatever reason). This assuming that you WANT to collect everything. Yes, I know you can't have all of the possible equipment (excluding RNG differences in stats) but there's also the issue of these being like rivens and therefore unique stances on DE's servers. But what about a normal player? They will mostly likely have 3 shield array, 3 engine and 3 reactors. As for weapons they will most likely have 2 for 3 types (let's be honest, who actively use all the weapon types?) , using 15 wreckage space in total. There's still plently of space left.
  12. Yep, Scott said on Twitter that they are considering increasing the drop rate of wreckage and therefore reactors, and also considering reducing repair cost. No words on avionics as far as I'm aware, though.
  13. Wow I can kill SO MUCH FASTER with that cool syandanna and tennogen skin, do you guys even understand the concept of pay to win? This is pathetic. A free player can get the same primes (except Excal Prime, but that's why they made Umbra) , same prime weapons and same mods which the guy who paid over U$300 has. It is just a matter of time, that's why it is called "Pay to skip". If Primes were exclusive to prime access then it would be pay to win, but they're not, and anyone can farm them, and any mission and content is available to everyone
  14. I think some of the angry players are acting like so because one or more reasons, but some of them are not exactly DE's fault, which they often assume. I believe the main reasons are: Warframe is a weird game, the gameplay is vastly different when compared to its competitors, but it also has elements of more regular games, mainly grind and time-gating. It can mislead some people that are expecting something and get another. A Metal Gear Rising player may love the melee combat, but will probably hate the grind, while MMO players won't mind the grind as much, but might have a hard time with combat. Another thing that players often forget, and it is usually brought up by many, is that Warframe is not the only game in the market, which means that Warframe shouldn't be the only thing you're playing, even DE is kinda okay if you go play other games, as long as you come back for the updates. Veterans with over 2K-4K hours in their belt have experienced pretty much everything in the game, and grinded everything. Then a new update comes out and they play ONLY that update, which has average grind for its genre (People complain about Railjack RNG stats while in Borderlands it is a chance to get a weapon and this weapon has random stats). But overal Warframe still has many activities and mission types. I still have to farm Ivara Prime, so I'm playing Railjack and then farming the primes, sometimes doing Nightwave to get Kuva and Orokin Catalysts, but these veterans are playing ONLY Railjack, and like anything in this world doing something for over 50 hours or 30 times will make it boring, which leads to frustration. Some players also speculate that a part of the angry players are simply weary of the game, and I think it is true. You will often see comments like "I have over 2,000/4,000 hours and I loved the game two years ago, but now I hate it because...". See that? 2K hours. This is not even an MMO, and you spent 2K+ hours in it? Also, people sometimes say that they miss the Void key system, but that is dumb, because it was way grindier than the current relic system. There's certainly emotion involved here, and you have to wonder how much it affects their opinion. And this makes me wonder, they say that DE overhypes their release updates, which they do (like every company), but then you have to wonder if the players themselves don't overhype it either. It is clear that the Kuva Lich system is vastly different from its original design, and even Steve states it would originally takes weeks to defeat a single lich, but they changed it. Could it be better? Sure, but I think that [DE]Steve also lost hype when he realized that it wouldn't be as fun as he thought. It also doesn't help that a Nemesis will end up like General Grievous, either being too OP like in the 2003 Clone Wars series, or easilly beaten by players like in the Revenge of the Sith, there's no middle ground here.People can be very avid dreamers when they see potential, and it can be no different from greedy stockholders. This leads to the next problem: suggestions. It is true that the community provide feedback, and many of these suggestions are possible and good for the game, but filtering 200 pages of feedback into main ideas, and THEN discuss these while still development the game is not as easy as some people think. I took part in some brainstorm reunions in my life, and the varied points of view often lead to long discussions, and usually it takes a lot of effort to reach a final decision. Imagine having over 10 different player opinions and then having to decide if they're possible, enjoyable and if they don't conflict with your intentions. Some players want Warframe to be "MY Warframe, MY game" and this may conflict with [DE] Steve vision, which is the case of the Kuva liches. We know that his vision is not complete because liches were supposed to be part of Railjack, and while it can be argued that Steve's vision is not the ideal one, players will either need to accept it or Steve will have to change his mind, which is a struggle in the development. People are also obsessed with min-max. They will grind the same mission for a relic, even though there were other mission types that have similar chance-time ratio. They're willing to sacrifice fun for efficiency, always bringing the looter frames and doing the most efficient mission, which leads to frustration. DE can't get rid of the farming skills either, as we saw with the whole loot frames fiasco that coincided with the mod booster. People will also exploit glitches and bugs to their highest potential, even if they don't need all these resources at the moment (like how a guy farmed 200 orokin cells in 30 minutes using the Razorback exploit). They also get angry when said exploit is fixed, even though it was clearly not meant to be that way (over 10x more efficient is not normal), often saying "It is the only way to surpass the grind" or something like it. Speaking of grind, apparently DE planned Veil Proxima to be reached only after weeks of playtime, but people got there in 2-3 days. Of course, when you play so much each day it is easy to reach the end. But playing 3-8+ hours a day is not normal, and should never be used as base when creating content OR making arguments that it is easy/quick. I finished all the nodes in Earth Proxima in 5 days, playing around 3-6 hours a day because I was in vacation and using resource booster(started last week), but it is clear that it would take about 2 weeks for an average person to complete Earth proxima.
  15. They could expand the ability menu to include the tatical command and other command options. For example, I binded UP to open the ability menu, and use X, Square, Triangle and O for the 4 warframe abilities. I wish I could bind R1 or so to open the Tatical menu.
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