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  1. I think there's enough consensus in the community that damage-wise melee weapons perform a lot better than guns, be it primary or secondary. After all, melee weapons have access to powerful mods like condtion overload, blood rush and weeping wounds, and the mechanics of the combo counter only boost them further. Therefore, it raises the questions: 1: Are guns too weak or are melee weapons too powerful? For normal content in the star chart both are good options, but it is in Steel path or long endurance runs that the difference becomes evident. Enemies soak up entire magazines until
  2. It would be very useful to have a warframe model next to the cosmetics while previewing them before purchase. Some items are larger than one would expect and others are quite small. It doesn't help that some items like the tenno kindred rug have bad angles in the preview.
  3. And that's why I didn't spend my cells buying Lavos, because I knew that I would get him as drops and because DE would certainly put him into another mode or syndicate. I knew he dropped as rotation reward, and that arcanes were a better deal in the store, so I ended up only farming arcanes. In the end I got enough parts for 5 Lavos by the end of the event and all the arcanes I really wanted. Just remember: Work smarter, not harder.
  4. There's a lot of beam weapons, but projectile ones that have the text saying it uses magnetic force is rare.
  5. -I found the event to be very stable. I only got three "can't use abilities" bugs since release (that I no longer suffer) and I played for over 15 hours. -DE went on vacation at the end of the year, that's why they were not solved until this month. -The event itself is a test for necramechs in normal missions. This is why there was no test cluster, we are testing them right now and are even being rewarded for doing so in a way that is way more effective than farming eidolons for arcanes if you want a specific one. -If the necramechs were optional no one was going to use them, a
  6. The event is a test ground for necramechs in normal missions. If their usage were only optional no one was going to use them and their eventual release would be a disaster, and people would complain as usual. As for different mission types even if there were 3 types you would still feel tired after a while, not to mention it would likely have more bugs due to less time spent testing them. Dev resources and time are not infinite.
  7. They could make " for the keybind since it is close to the 1-4 buttons. It doersn't need to be held for a second, just the act of holding " and then you press the ability button to cast it. It would be similar to the ability menu, which is a feature I use with a ps4 controller. This method is still possible for console players, which can use one of the d-pads to open the ability menu for the tap version and another d-pad arrow for the hold version. For example, I currently use the up D-pad to open the ability menu and then Square, Circle, Triangle and X to cast ability and the down D-pad
  8. DE already increased syndicate reputation cap for lower MRs, so increasing void trace limits don't seem to be impossible. I don't think they will remove the limit, though. Yeah, farming relics is fast now. Every relic type can be reliably farmed every 5-6 min with high drop chance (11-14%) with defense and disruption. I'm still grateful that Lua disruption allows us to farm axi relics every rotation. I'm MR26 and play about 1-2 hours a day. I have plenty of relics but lack void traces because I'm farming rare parts. However, I rotate between farming common parts and rare parts. I gat
  9. Can you please put these links on a more visible page? I don't see any other post or site where you can easily find the data. If a new player comes in they won't find this list because you only posted it here.
  10. Fun fact: It was under Leyou (a chinese company) that DE removed mod packs, increased the minimum rewards of missions by removing the lesser ones (if a mission had a 50 credit and 2000 credit reward they removed the 50 one) and also allowed us to easily farm axi relics from Lua disruption, reducing farm from 15-20 min to ~6 minutes per attempt and also allowing you to get axi on every rotation while the old one was B-C on most cases. They also crashed Primed Chamber's market by giving it to Baro. Price went down from 200K-900K pl to 500. They also kinda screwed the new weapon riven market
  11. For those judging DE for the acquisition remember that DE can't do anything legal about it and we can only do what we think it is the best by playing, not paying or just leaving. The choice is yours, but don't scream at them for something they can't control.
  12. They gave new solstice skins after the community donated enough for charity. We got Skiajati, Acceltra, Kuva Solstice cloak and Frostfall ephemera.
  13. I'm sure they are using the event to test things out, they did this in the past with the Disruption Game mode. It is honestly clever: they offer rewards for constant play, which keeps player count high, and at the same time it works as a very good stress test in a controlled scenario. Literally thousands of people are testing the necramech in missions, and if something very bad happens, it shouldn't affect normal nodes and those who are not interested on it.
  14. I don't think this is how it works. The very post says that now there are 3 droptables that shift from time to time, and work like bounties from other open worlds. For example, at 10:00 AM you have Tier 1 rotation A for 3 hours straight. This means that no matter how many times you do the bounty, you will always get rotation A rewards. At 01:00 PM (3 hours later) it will shift to another rotation, and you will only get rewards from that rotation.
  15. If I'm not mistaken each tennogen item is a unique deal with the creator. DE would need the approval of each and every tennogen creator to port them to other platforms like Epic Store. It is one of the reasons why console players need to wait a bit more for tennogen items. It isn't impossible, but requires negotiation.
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