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  1. I did an exterminate mission 2 days ago and the first acolyte spawned at 3min30s and the second 5min30 later. I think that maybe every X enemies killed the timer is reduced by Y seconds.
  2. I don't know if anyone already noticed, but putting the mods in Arbitrations solves the endo cost problem. Because you get a lot of endo and ayatan statues as rotation rewards.
  3. All DE need to do is make the arcanes give mod capacity or convert it to weapon aura mods.
  4. The primary and shotgun multishot mods have 15 cost. If you put them on a polarity slot they are reduce to 8 due to rounding. The galvanize mod being 16 won't make a difference because it will also be reduced to 8. The other galvanize mods will be reduced to 6 once put on a polarized slot. I tested "extreme" builds on Primary, Shotgun and Secondary and they all fit even while using riven, Primed mods AND Exilus. It will require forma on everything, but if you don't have a riven and forget the exilus then it requires less. Primary example with costs once you put forma. Galvanized Scope (6) Galvanized Aptitude (6) Serration (7) Galvanized Chamber (8) Primed Cryo Rounds (8) Point Strike (5) Vital Sense (5) Riven (9) Stabilizer (5) Total mod cost: 59 using 9 forma And this is going all out, if you don't have a riven or forget the exilus it is less forma. Shotgun example: Primed Point Blank (7) Primed Ravage (7) Blunderbluss (5) Galvanized Savvy (6) Galvanized Hell (8) Primed Chilling Grasp (8) Toxic barrage (4) Riven (9) Galvanized Acceleration (6) total mod cost: 60 Secondary example Hornet Strike (7) Primed Pistol Gambit (6) Primed Target Cracker (7) Galvanized Shot (6) Galvanized Crosshair (6) Galvanized Diffusion (7) Primed Heated Charge (8) Riven (9) ammo mutation (4) (Note: The only compromise here is if you want a 9 cost mod like Steady hands, which would cost 5 once polarized. In this case change Primed Heated Charge for the normal version or use a rank 8 Primed Heated Charge) total cost: 60 (And this is using exilus, 3 galvanized mods, 3 primed mods and riven)
  5. One of the guns's disadvantages is the lack of an aura/stance slot. Melee stance mods provide 10 mod capacity, which translates to around 2-3 formas depending on the mod. Guns, however, don't have a similar slot, so they end up costing more forma, and some builds are really tight due to Riven and Primed Mods. Also, for some reason Split Chamber and Hell's Chamber cost 15 while Barrel Diffusion is 11 despite being a weaker/equivalent mod. I think there needs to be either an aura slot or a cost reduction for some mods. Maybe the primary and secondary arcanes could provide extra mod capacity. Not every weapon needs it to fit a full build, but I have some builds with literally 8 formas and a compromise (using a lesser mod)
  6. Sometimes there are occasions where a player goes into a mission without their melee weapon, be it because of a sortie restriction like "Secondary only" or because they want to level up a weapon more quickly. The problem is that in those cases the player is forced to shoot at containers to open them, which wastes ammo, and may be less efficient if they are using a slow fire rate weapon or single target ones. In some cases they may even need to equip a silent exilus mod to avoid making noise in a spy mission. Suggestion: allow players to use a basic combo of punch->punch -> forward kick with 1 impact damage for each attack just so we can break containers more easily.
  7. Please add the tech units, they are the Heavy Gunner equivalent of the Corpus and one of the deadliest.
  8. Considering the susceptible enemies are some of the tankies in their faction, I think it is good, way better than the last version. Impact Shotguns may shine really well in this regard. It may actually not be as strong as slash, but damn it has potential.
  9. Preparing my popcorn for the Umbral Primed, Wraith, Vandal, Prisma, Dex,Kuva Lethal torrent of comments:
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