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  1. Revanant to me is a bit underwhelming: his abilities are a bit slow and his 1 isnt what I expected. when sheldon said (I think it was him) that 4 thralls max were what's being done for now, I honestly thought it was just during the testing phaze. a proper horde dosent consist of just four thralls tho, it's a large group of people.
  2. This is Larunda 1 btw, waiting for red text
  3. Ill be honest i was goin crazy too because of the wait a week ago going onto this week, but one must remeber how hard game development is. Especially deployment bugs, which will be non stop work for DE. Everyone needs some tea to help relax (not joking btw cuz of the tea set, i legit feel like people need some soothing whetever to lessen the bad hype)
  4. Whats that one calming tea that we could have with our tea sets while we wait? imma need it🤣 All jokes aside, as unbearable as the wait is, i do appreciate DE's dedication to get it done and i will continue to wait if need be 🙂 Cant hand everyone something broken right? Gotta be perfect.
  5. fairly easy and is mostly looks but here ya go
  6. based off of Orokin designs meaning that he is made the same way warframes are at base, and that he is as new as Gara and the rest realease wise, not lore wise. Lore wise (problably, not exact), he's relatively new unless he was a project that was in the dark for a while and everyone is just now knowing about it.
  7. non primes are present day iterations of the primes; non primes were used after the war when all the original primes were thought to be lost. The tenno try to recreate them and their power as best as they can. Vlad is a sentient hybrid, utilizing their tech and tenno tech based off Orokin designs for warframes and is with frames like Gara, titainia, harrow, etc on being new
  8. I said something like the last part here before in the thread, and that was the new frame was the turning point to the sentients problems with the void, and that this new frame would bypasses the weakness to the void would actually help the sentients "finish" the old war and destroy the tenno for go. if that's the case, i feel as if we're going to twart that from happening and make Vlad and all future copies unusable by the sentients, using THEIR new tech against them.
  9. The void is poison to the sentients, and Vlad might have been the antidote derived from a traitor tenno working with the sentients. They could have figured a way around void poisoning if it weren't for us tenno stealing him in the end and preventing his revolutionary designs from becoming the one thing that could make the sentient race unstoppable. at least, that's what I think
  10. Will giant robot dojos be the only thing showcased in the global dojo thing? or will the scenic room dojos be able to be in it too?
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