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  1. Clan name: Lock n Load Clan tier: Moon clan Clan platform: Xbox one role: council (architect permissions) featured image: http://imgur.com/a/HhjhljW additional images: http://imgur.com/a/HX9oMj6 Hi Everyone were lock n load and we've been the #1 moon clan on Xbox one in leaderboard archived events and have most good trophies of DIVERSITY OF DIFFERENT EVENTS for 4 n half years now and we thought we would show everyone our dojo too for this contest! Not all the rooms are on there that you would normally see in the other submissions some rooms are just too tough to build in the ways we want too and mostly our dojo is setup to help members to find all the research labs quickly with access and most of our dojo is still built for the solar rail days lol as you can see by one of the pictures there's uhh a bit of cobwebs in it since it hasn't been used in awhile 😉 but go ahead and check out the images and I think it's better just to let you guys guess and imagine what all of the stuff is in our rooms in our dojo! but I'll give you guys a couple of hints (it's a trash compacter in the corpus lab) (and yes that is a hobo bed in the solar lab)
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