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  1. afaik hydroid prime from tennocon comes with its own slot,
  2. allow me to choose starting levels 100 - 10k, rewards meh i dont care
  3. just use ash to cheese them works on all the specters [media] [/media]
  4. ash fatal teleport + hammer u can one shot them. i used a kuva shildeg for steelpath ones
  5. did u try the options one, esc key, then gameplay, then "Allow invites from" then u can select on of the following, [All, Nobody, Friends]
  6. fosfor rahd or fosfor blau helps in arhciwng missions. u buy the bp from nakak in cetus
  7. same, i thought it was my keyboard faulty..nope mostly getting this in railjack
  8. Drekar Buthcer 0.02% Kuva Bombard 0.01% Leaping Trasher 0.03% if u cant or wont farm it, farm the plat, like 20-30p and buy form other players
  9. fo3nixz


    or jsut use the tycho seeker mk3 to one shot them off
  10. if this was the case, they would have mentioned it, since its a damm pretty big requirement. and which means if u cured your og frame, u will have to make a new one, so i HIGHLY DOUBT NOPE
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