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  1. Mostly soloing level 5 liches with ivara. But if your gear ain't right. It's gonna be hell.
  2. Don't be careless with it or trying to use as a shotgun. Even if cautious shot could work on it, the 1% damage will still kill most frames
  3. i love the game, but not INSANE to do it all over again
  4. ah so our newest warframe shares the same name as an south african flower
  5. csgo flashback nightmares intensifies.. nope.. SOLO for me
  6. thanks so i wasted my time for the ephemera
  7. guess ill go back to normal ivara , the prowl effetc on ivara prime looks worse now 😐 just change ivara p so whe can use normal ivara prowl effect on her.. then all happy..
  8. @[DE]Megan so the winged avionics is save to use? like winged steel to increase armor of the railjack?
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