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  1. yup , unless they introduce new mods that act like bloodrush/condition overload & weeping wounds but for guns
  2. tbh if melee tweaks or nerfs are bad, and they didnt touch finishers, ill go back to my older loadout for finishers only as a solo player
  3. did u claim it , in your twitch inventory
  4. yeah , ik. but hey wf at explaining things. ouchie
  5. fwiw khora drops in SO and NOT ESO SO = Sanctuary Onslaught (normal) ESO = Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (Elite) had a few people in ESO complaining that she dont drop in this mode, it wont, u playing the wrong one https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sanctuary_Onslaught
  6. ouch , i feel u with khora, but 2 sets for me was ok ish.. but 2 Equinox... nah..ill take khora grind any day
  7. ps: to be able to specify the map placement would be nice QoL also
  8. maybe the mods recognize them as the vanilla variants of the zakti and brakk
  9. glaive , who said glaive? and who mods elements on a melee in sp if u go long hours ..
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