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  1. Atsia

    Improvements to gameplay

    Eh, as Gears said, it's just extension of the grind, just like how Nitian works. It's not like it's even hard to get sombre crystals when you need them, and the most any one thing need is like 4. And I personally kind of like it for the flavor. And they can't really take out the only reason to go into the void at any kind of regular interval.
  2. Atsia

    Built in weapons

    Gurpgork is right, adding it to any existing frame really won't be worth the effort. Maybe more will come, but I personally doubt it'll any time some, of at all.
  3. Atsia

    Improvements to gameplay

    Their entire point is that they can't be stockpiled. DE isn't gonna let you get around that. Trade-offs and whatnot are intended points. They're not gonna let you freely level in every syndicate. While the system definitely needs fleeting out, the balance of "ranking with this one syndicate stops you from ranking with this other one" is a crux. And what blueprints are there that the other side of syndicates don't have besides the specters? They've confirmed that this'll happen from the get-go.
  4. Atsia

    The Solution to Diffculty and Scaling

    I mean, they got rid of the old Conclave score for a reason, and I doubt they'd want to go back to a similar system.
  5. Atsia

    Ability variations

    Yeah no, let's not prolong Warframe development any longer and making balance damn near impossible. 4 abilities are more than enough.
  6. God, can you please not? Again, use some #*!%ing formatting. PvP can stay right where it's at and we don't need automatic bots in most of the game. A giant HELL NO to your entire second part.
  7. You kinda should, just to know if you're beating a dead horse or not, like with your Auction House suggestion. DE had said on just about every occasion it's brought up that it's not gonna happen (at least for passive trading). Requested, but denied on every ask.
  8. Atsia

    can you get "married" in-game?

    I mean,,,,,,that has already happened too, the first Nuptia had sudden connection issues that were blamed on "Tyl Regor or something"
  9. Atsia

    Railjack tied to clan thoughts

    How is it not solo friendly? There's no part of it that requires more than 1 person?
  10. Atsia

    Let's talk about HUD

    It's a matter of usability, not variety. Everything you've said about how the body HUD would work is objectively worse than what we have, or is unnecessary work for a minor change. Again, from your own statements on how it would work, how is reducing the size of the HUD, attaching it to our hyper-mobile characters, saying it'll disappear when we're moving, which is worse than it getting lost in a crowd of enemies, and losing the ability to accurately keep track of our allies and our own stats an improvement? I'm down to make the HUD better, but unless it comes with the option to use the current HUD instead, which is what I'm guessing most players would go with given the current responses in the thread, your idea is will likely only result in a waste of dev-time and resources.
  11. Atsia

    Most Likely Theory About The Sacrfice Debacle

    What even? Frames themselves have no innate connection to the void, that's the operator. Just being made to help contain/direct void energy =/= having enough of a connection to it to contact a random person through something you don't even know exists. Hell, they weren't even made with void energy in mind, they were only discovered to be a good conduit for Tenno to channel void energy through later.
  12. Atsia

    Most Likely Theory About The Sacrfice Debacle

    Every action Umbra takes after we rebuild him suggests otherwise. If he really contacted us for our help (how would he even know who we are in the first place given he's been locked up for XX years) why would he attack us straight out the gate, then leave, then attack us 2 more times and reject all of our attempts to connect with him? How would he have known to try and contact someone through the Helmet? How would have have connected to it in the first place? Your only given explanation is he's "in-tune" with the void. How? There nothing to suggest he connected to the void in any capacity.
  13. Atsia

    Most Likely Theory About The Sacrfice Debacle

    No I didn't. I've stated that it's highly unlikely that Lotus would leave and betray us of her own volition, given that her every action before Apostasy was to do best by the Tenno, even for one she never met or knew existed. Even more so given that it's very obvious Ballas did something with his little hand wave thing since it immediately caused to do a 180 in personality. There's nothing that 100% shows she betrayed us that isn't questionable by previous actions or surrounding events. But on topic, there no significant evidence to Umbra being to one to contact us in the Sacrifice over it being Natah herself.
  14. Atsia

    Most Likely Theory About The Sacrfice Debacle

    Well to clarify, against us of her own volition. There the very scene from the Apostasy prologue where Ballas' hand wave does something iffy, considering how Lotus goes from confused to willing to go with him in an instant, and the static feedback we get when he does it. Plus year while entire history of her where she does her absolute best to keep is safe and alive, even if she acts like a complete overprotective mother. From betraying her own kind to keep is alive, to feeling horrified when she learned her model figure Margulis was no better than the rest of the Orokin when we found out about Rell and wanting to save him, to showing up in person to help us in the Second Dream. She's consistently shown that she would just about do whatever for us, so I heavily doubt she would willing leave and betray us just like that.
  15. Atsia

    Most Likely Theory About The Sacrfice Debacle

    Your first sentence kinda contradicts your theory. Given the fact that he immediately attacked us, then ran away, then attacked us 2-3 more times while rejecting all our attempts to connect with him, and considering how would he even be able to mimic the Lotus' voice considering he never met her until she blasted him to bits, it's far more likely that it was Natah who sent the message, it was HER helmet. How would Umbra even have connected with the helmet anyways? And why are you assuming Umbra has any kind of extra connection to the void in the first place given that's there nothing to really suggest so? There more plausible evidence that it was her than Umbra of all things. He was never told to by Natah in the first place. And there a bunch of evidence to support that she's not against us too. EDIT: And don't double post.