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  1. IIRC, they don't count as to stop some form of exploit, but I don't fully remember. @Birdframe_Prime would know better than me.
  2. At best, it would be the fashion you had at the time of making the specters
  3. Atsia

    Ash Revisit 2.0

    I mean, maybe, but considering it's supposed to be a passive, something usually restively minor in comparison to the kit, it wouldn't be justified in having a full augment for it. That's mostly because they don't affect one of your active abilities. And to ease a bit slot space considering I also added a set bonus for Augments which requires at minimum 3 augmen That would maybe be ok, but there's no way DE is make augments work the same as set mods.
  4. People HATE THIS on Chroma, why would DE subject every frame to this idiocy? And this would be going against the explicit themes of a frame? Volt for example is supposed to be the electric frame, it would make no sense for him to suddenly be using Toxin, or Gas.
  5. Atsia

    Ash Revisit 2.0

    Soo.......why are you giving a passive an augment? And why are they going in the exilus slot when they have nothing to do with movement, the usual requirement for an augment to go into exilus.
  6. Man, you are several years late. We've already made our complaints and raised hell about Tonkor. DE knows it all. They didn't care. Hell I can't even remember what the exact changes were 😂
  7. The Orokin were also in a position where is the Tenno were their literal last hope, so I can imagine some aquiessences being made to accommodate us, and they don't even then had some measure of control over us. And how would Nidus being made of infestation break lore, ALL frames are made from infestation. And I'm pretty sure the Harrow Tell had was stolen by the Red Veil, since there's no way they would've had access to a Helmith to get the infestation for it
  8. Aside from them wanting to keep everything in house, I don't know if they'll want to deal with the negotiations with having to keep creative control if they work with someone bigger than them ( except for maybe the Path if Exile guys, they seemed pretty cool with them). And my guess in plat sales are just an assumption based on the fact that Riven are the most expensive going item in our market. But otherwise I would put money on their biggest source of cash being Prime Access.
  9. How so? The only time a "Tenno High Council" could've existed is during the time of the empire, as we couldn't have made her after since we were out to sleep by the Lotus. Plus, as someone else said, we have the 5 Tenno schools of thought, so it was likely that us Tenno had enough autonomy to have a minute functioning society within the Orokin. The only one of your suggestions at the end that could break lore is Revenant, literally all the other one can just be degradation of time and this we can't pull the exact Prime blueprint from them.
  10. I know why people think she breaks lore, but there's a difference between being designed by Tenno, and bring made by the Tenno. How would we have made any frame ourselves, we didn't have that info until recently.
  11. Her Deluxe skin (which usually aren't in any way actually canon) said that Gersemi is the original appearance of Valkyr, so a lot of people have run that to mean that she shouldn't have a Prime, even though DE had said every frame will get a Prime. Also, Her Hysteriav ability is implied to be something caused by her torture at the hand of Alad V, so many people thought she should have a different 4.
  12. I get the continuing Valkyr argument, but Nova does nothing to break lore.
  13. It's probably the same deal as with The Ashuron helmet and won't be properly farmable until NW season 2 starts.
  14. I don't emails are coming out, as some people in the a Tenno Council discord have gotten their statutes, but not their Vitruvian shirts.
  15. I mean, she does have a decent passive, she just can't take advantage of it without a gimped weapon.
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