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  1. Nothing is stopping Nidus from being Primed, he's no different from other frames. As for weapons, DE had already said non Tenno weapons are not available for Priming.
  2. As said before in the thread, It would also contradict the general timeline of things, given that the reason Ballas started his plan of betrayal was because of Margulis dying, which would've have to happen well after the War started and Warframes were for sure in production already. Except we don't know that. Nothing says there was only one Titania, and nothing establishes the one that saves her as the original, especially given that we know frames can be replicated.
  3. No? Even if it's Silvana telling the story, that does nothing to actually support that Titania being the first. It makes her a primary source, and that only. You do have a point in terms of The Sacrifice, if the surrounding facts and bits of dialogue didn't contradict.
  4. She really doesn't. All she says is "my creation", which could be at best an implication, but mostly says nothing.
  5. Except there's nothing to indicate that the Titania we found was the very first. Or that Ivara from Leverian was the very first either.
  6. Yes, though Emperor is also in the Targis Prime armor quote. But there's never been a correlation between the Seven and the Orokin Emperors, or a reference a such as gets as I seen. Not from Stalker at least. And you can't really use frames being destroyed for failure as evidence that Primes didn't come before when it makes no reference to primes (granted, no record from the Orokin Era does). It's conjecture at best.
  7. Well no, that was a council of Executors. Ballas has never been referred to as an Emporor, always an Executor. And continuing, all the Leverian says it's that Ivara will be remembered, that has nothing to do with being a Prime or not.
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