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  1. The only way anyone is gonna notice any in-game polls is if DE forces you to the screen on login.
  2. So TL:DR, you just don't like that the UI has base 100% for the stat? I don't know why this is suddenly going into the value of the stat and energy economy.
  3. That's not a good thing either. That just turns the complaints to having to slog through PvP just to get "good" rewards, like what has happened for almost every PvP event DE has done.
  4. Note, you'll have to be happy invading the same people over and over since, by DE's own admission, anything resembling Stalker mode is gonna be dead on arrival unless it ships without an kind of opt-in.
  5. It could, but considering PvP wasn't something DE had planned on doing in the first place, and their last 2 or 3 attempts to get interest in it have flopped, it's very unlikely Conclave will be more than what it is. The only reason it's even still in the game is because of the little to no maintenance it currently requires.
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