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  1. I just got some major AC Black Flag vibes from the teaser today! Would be cool to see some of that, but for Railjack!
  2. "Depending on Chroma's elemental alignment, an offensive area-of-effect is created. Chroma and his nearby allies are imbued with defensive energy." Aside from the long-standing complaints of his 2 not being recastable, I think the defensive aspect of Chroma's 2 has been skimped on a bit. After all, it is called a "ward" so why doesn't it do just that? I propose that depending on Chroma's current elemental alignment, casting his 2 will additionally provide complete immunity to that damage type/proc. I don't think it'd be too overpowered considering it would only be one element at a
  3. Hmmm, hopefully a hint at Octavia prime? Excited for Friday's devstream.
  4. Just lost all my progress in an OV endurance run after getting kicked out from the hotfix.
  5. So it's strongly implied that Father was once a Railjack gunner from some of his idle dialogue. Does this hint at Necramechs being implemented in Railjack in the future?
  6. First off, I just wanted to say I'm not sure if this is the place for this as it's my first time reporting a weapons bug on the forum and I didn't see a weapons section. Hope this is the right place! Okay, so when Sepulcrum's alt fire is charged with 5 kills and you enable lock-on mode, using Mach Rush afterwards with Gauss (while lock-on mode is still active, doesn't matter if it acquired targets or not, as long as it hasn't been fired yet) seems to reset the charge back to 0. It doesn't seem to be a visual bug as well, as I cannot activate lock-on mode and must charge up another
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