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  1. Just putting this up again since no fix has been applied in the last four months to the Flox syandana. In-fact it doesn't even open at all when your on your orbiter and relay stations now which really sucks more then ever. 😞 I would like to add a sugestion to allow us to actually see the beauty of this syandana more often. Why not just have an accumulative damage modifier to it where once your warframe takes a set amount of damage even shield damage it opens up and stays open for the entire duration of your game mission. I really love the way this syandana looks open more so than a small box on my back so please [DE] could you take some time to fix the Flox opening mechanic. Thanks 🙂
  2. Could you guys please look into fixing the flox syandana in the next patch. It is still broken and will not open at all during missions. here is the link to the topic on this bug.
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