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  1. Slaps self in the face for buying it.
  2. Yo Warframe so ugly, everytime it goes in public sessions it causes host migrations.
  3. I dislike how you can revive people now, this was supposed to be a type of missions where players would have to work on ways not to die in the first place. This also doesn't fix host migrations, isn't it just going around the actual problem? Dying is not fun, but everything easy isn't fun either in my opinion. 😕
  4. Bring back Misery please ❤️
  5. Keep up the good work, we can wait 😛 Interesting symbols you got there.
  6. This has been frustrating me a lot, let us disable this for the love of god. I got to a point I thought my mouse was broken or something. If I'm not using a controller why the heck would I press W and have my cursor snap to some UI element. Sorry for the rant but this makes me angry at the current controls.. I aknowledge there needs to be controller support for players that like playing with controllers, but that doesn't mean keyboard users must get hit in the face with it.
  7. Please add more hierarchies to clans or make us be able to create a maximum amount of new hierarchies for example 10. Would be nice a nice addition.
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