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  1. Hi, I'm having the same issue and cannot even access warframe.com either since yesterday night. I sometimes have this issue and I think it is somehow akamai related since when I can't access warframe.com and update the game I cannot access https://store.steampowered.com/ either, and this goes for only a few minutes, but this time it seems to be only a warframe issue and I havent been able to play for almost a day now.. My error is different though: Update failed!The content servers are temporarily unavailable.ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECTThe update will be restarted shortly... I managed to fix this by using google dns.. Hopefully this will not happen again.
  2. I thought the rewards were supposed to be something better, the arcanes are mostly not even that good, just turns out that you added more salt to the reward tables when you could've added them to the vendor to trade for vitus essences instead like many of the players asked for. But oh well, keep on making the mode better...
  3. Rewards bugged probably, there is no hidden requirement for the weapon. Did you get an host migration by chance? I remember host migrations could sometimes cause different rewards, but I don't know if that still happens or not.
  4. Hopefully you guys give Volt some love (fashion), a Deluxe skin would also be greatly appreciated (proto doesn't look too good), he's one of the starter frames and deserves it.
  5. This is why I don't bother using plat on rivens or farming kuva to get the super godlike riven. First time the dispositions were updated I stopped worrying about rivens, now I just unveil a few of them when I have nothing to do or reroll when I get kuva from nightwave... If you work to get something good for it to be eventually nerfed what's really the point? I understand meta weapon rivens need changes but I mean even some crappy weapons that are only good with rivens are getting slapped for trying to be useful.
  6. Slaps self in the face for buying it.
  7. I dislike how you can revive people now, this was supposed to be a type of missions where players would have to work on ways not to die in the first place. This also doesn't fix host migrations, isn't it just going around the actual problem? Dying is not fun, but everything easy isn't fun either in my opinion. 😕
  8. Bring back Misery please ❤️
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