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  1. Hi Momaw, I built the Sepulcrum weapon parts, I claimed all of the weapon parts these in the Warframe app when they were done and started the build for the Sepulcrum itself, I even used all 20 Grandmother tokens to buy 1 Seriglass Shard which was gone after this. You can probably atleast see that the Sepulcrum parts were built, cause they were claimed in the App but can't even see them in my inventory either. PS: Was I too sleepy, that I didn't build the weapon and confused with the Trumna parts? Anyways gonna make sure I build it this time around and give my brain a rest.
  2. Fix the sepulcrum missing from the Foundry after beginning its build from the Warframe App or whatever bug is going on... I've sent a ticket about this issue
  3. There's no mention in the patch notes so I guess the problem where Sepulcrum is missing from the Foundry after being built with all the parts via Warframe App still isn't fixed. Will have to check after work. Also have a ticket created for that which have been over 2 weeks with no reply (understandable). EDIT: Yeah, it's still not fixed, Sepulcrum nowhere to be found in my Foundry or Inventory...
  4. This is just my opinion but I think having the choice of which tier of vault you want to run would help out a lot, might make everything too trivial but knowing the drop rates, I don't really know. Currently if you only are missing like one rare mod in tier 3 you got to go through all the others first :|
  5. I feel discouraged to run them tbh and I do like the vaults itself, but it takes too much time to get to where you want to be which is the fun part where you actually fight the mechs.
  6. Still no fix for Sepulcrum missing from the Foundry on building from the Warframe app or whatever bug is going on.
  7. Fix the Sepulcrum missing from the Foundry please. I got the weapon parts built then in the Warframe App started the build for the weapon and suddenly it's gone from the Foundry and can't find it anywhere, already wrote a ticket about it... This kind of issue also makes me not want to use the app for Foundry claims/start builds ever again...
  8. Same thing here although I'm on PC, my gun also disappeared, in my case I started the build from the Warframe app, everything is missing... The parts and also the shard that we need to buy for the 20 grandmother tokens. I sent a ticket when it happened. Gotta wait until for a reply or until a hotfix drops to solve this issue.
  9. But my weapon is still nowhere to be found. So maybe it's because I started the build from the Warframe app, still need to wait for support to reply to m.
  10. I guess this is related to my issue and I'm on PC, although I already had used the weapon previously to rank up. Used the warframe app to start building the weapon and it disappeared from my Foundry, you should submit a ticket, the more people the better so it's solved asap.
  11. You can literally pick up broken necramechs from the ground and use them. Want one gotta work for it bud.
  12. Bl4zko


    My Sepulcrum is also missing. I claimed the weapon parts on the Warframe Android App and started the build for the weapon. Later went online on PC, can't find the weapon build anywhere, its been 24h still nothing. I sent a ticket today to see if they give it back, this is the kind of thing that'll prevent me from using the foundry in the app from now on...
  13. Please take a look at the builds started from the Warframe app, started the Sepulcrum weapon and now I can't find it anywhere when I logged in on PC. Already sent in a ticket and this kinda puts me off of ever using the app again for foundry usage.
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