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  1. I totally agree with this, makes everything easier to understand.
  2. Just wanted to say that this puts a smile on my face. It's players like you and others that still bring hope to this community. Thank you Tenno.
  3. Excited for the Corpus madams, I hope that for Corpus the system works atleast a bit differently and is better than it currently is for the Grineer, a bit more fun to repeat and less tedious.
  4. Yeah I agree with you, maybe with the engine changes they actually look into into those issues aswell. There are lots of skins that look god awful on frames specially the older frames. They look made out of rubber, even some skins and attachments...
  5. The Prestige rank limit should be removed, not talking for myself since I haven't done much past rank 30 but there are lots of players that need the rewards and without credits they aren't gonna get them. Statistically I don't know how many people have actually reached the max, but knowing how long the last Nightwaves been up for, maybe remove that limit and avoid blocking player progression.
  6. Just my opinion but I do think the Ash on the right looks better than the one on the left, because the helmet doesn't even fit with the colors of the armor.
  7. New changes to the engine are good and hopefully there'll be some improvements to brightness/lighting to objects that ingame appear way brighter than necessary or too "glowy".
  8. Hi Momaw, I built the Sepulcrum weapon parts, I claimed all of the weapon parts these in the Warframe app when they were done and started the build for the Sepulcrum itself, I even used all 20 Grandmother tokens to buy 1 Seriglass Shard which was gone after this. You can probably atleast see that the Sepulcrum parts were built, cause they were claimed in the App but can't even see them in my inventory either. PS: Was I too sleepy, that I didn't build the weapon and confused with the Trumna parts? Anyways gonna make sure I build it this time around and give my brain a rest.
  9. Fix the sepulcrum missing from the Foundry after beginning its build from the Warframe App or whatever bug is going on... I've sent a ticket about this issue
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