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  1. I wish to be buried in salvage decorations, or 1 forma if you feel like being nice haha
  2. Host migrations are still crashing clients, second time in a row I crash. At the end of a defense everybody decided to leave. I chose to keep going solo and my reward is getting my client crashed, no drops and tears down my face. 😥
  3. For some reason I keep getting blocked by Akamai for a certain duration of time while trying to access the game or warframe.com. Would love to know what the actual issue is because this is getting worse the more I play nowadays. It's not because of this update specifically, it can happen randomly at any time... Fun fact is that it sometimes happens with Warframe and steam at the same time sometimes, other times it's just Warframe only..
  4. Since we are gonna get armor we already have, will we be able to atleast sell them for credits? Kinda dislike having repeatable items sitting on my inventory that I can't get rid of... Also, all nice people who missed out on these cosmetics are able to get them now, but for people that already got most of the things sitting on this intermission, kinda lame we get the same stuff, atleast switch it for nightwave creds if we already own the cosmetics...
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