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  1. Yeah, the S#&$ewave challenge resets at 99 enemies.
  2. I don't like or play PvP, but I would not want to take away to ability from anybody to play it. Should an in-game reward you can get in PvE mode give you some kind of, any kind of advantage in PvP mode? People are really want this to happen? It feels like this is against the whole concept of PvP. I love that it gives you Ostron Standing, Eidolon Hunt is #*!%ing S#&$, nobody sohuld be forced to do it without a proper amp, or at all, I would take it out of the game completely if it were up to me.
  3. WTF is up with these dogS#&$ Nightwave missions and its rewards? And the only loot is some S#&$ sigil? Which invasion are you more willing to do, the one that gives you a forma BP, or the one that gives you a mutagen mass? Just ast "they are only cosmetics", and "nobody is forcing us to pay for lootboxes", nobody is forcing us to do the infestation invasion mission either, that's not the point. The poin is that in order to advance the Nightwave garbage, wich is already an annoying waste of time compared to the old alert system in itself anyway, we have to do the most boring invasion missions with no meaningful, in fact the most worthless rewards whatsoever. You only need one sigil only once, and 1500 standing is virtually nothing.
  4. No, the problem is the extra #*!%ing bullS#&$ the WF login page tries to run whenever I log in. I don't have any problems with captcha on any other site.
  5. WTF are these S#&$e rewards? Why don't you give a S#&$ about old players who are through the grind and already got all the worthless garbage? Oh right, because old players don't spend money to skip the grind! Great job, the game gets worse with every update...
  6. WTF is up with this captcha bullS#&$? I can't even see the captcha when I try to sign in, I had to use this unsafe dogS#&$ Edge! Now even the forums turn into a bug-infested pile of S#&$e, great job DE!
  7. Nah, that's too much content guys, we can't handle that! 😄 By the way which Friday is Nightwave Intermissions coming? Good Friday 2020?
  8. Finally I can buy more potatoes though, that's great!
  9. Nah mate, such are the usual alert-rewards in Warframe! Cruel jokes. LUL
  10. What if I don't complete a "missed act" because I don't want to? Now I have to look at it on the list for another week?
  11. Thank you guys, and thank you to DE as well, the scaling bug was squashed the next day!
  12. Can't see the bottom of the screen, can't login into the game, great job!
  13. Can't wait until I won't see that festering pile of two-week-old rotting corps known as the wolf any more! BTW how come I have seen that S#&$e more often in the last week than in the whole season before? Its fine if you make enemies like them, and high-MR players can hunt them, but why the #*!%ing hell are you making them appear random? Its enough for high-MR players to deal with them, what could new players do with it? Die four times and abort? I honestly don't understand what the person who thought this was a good idea thought is going to happen. Are you actually want to scare off new players? At least limit the spawning of that S#&$ to specific parameters, like the Stalker! Don't make it spawn when there are low level players present, how do you think MR-07 players will feel when they are grinding merrily, than suddenly some enemy appears that can't even be damaged by them? The level of stupidity with which the Wolf is seemingly handled boggles my mind!
  14. Yeah great, until now I only had garbage frame-rate and stuttering on Fart-tuna, now my frame-rate is halved on the Plains as well, great job! The bullS#&$ flying around like a dumbass since you introduced the melee changes is still there of course. Those new enemies are really fun to fight against though.
  15. I love this game like no other ever, but why do I have to find out things every time through googling? Every time there is a new mechanic in the game, I have to read random webpages before I can actually do it! That's so annoying!
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