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  1. I mean being able to interrupt his weird dash and instantly start doing melee attacks, rather than having to wait for the dash to be over.
  2. If Limbo could cancel his "roll" with melee attacks, it would dramatically improve his ability to go in and out of the void while killing enemies. It would also be very fun to do.
  3. I feel quite similarly about fissure missions, I do the same thing where unless I'm really trying to get something, then I'll only bother with capture or exterminate. Any other mission type really makes me feel like I'm painfully counting down a clock rather than playing a mission. I do however understand why the current system is the way it is. The previous key system meant that players were grinding the same mission over and over, DE invented our current system because they wanted to try and add mission type diversity for players. I really feel like it hasn't worked out as they intended. It works I guess, but all it's done for me is make me only play when a mission without a timer is up. While I would like all the mission types to be up, I feel like it's an opportunity to make a new one instead. That guy saying people will just play the fastest mission is mostly right, but it doesn't matter, people will always play their favorites. One change I'd like to see is the removal of the corrupting storm, and just have like half all the enemies already be corrupted. I think waiting for the storm is just annoying albeit thematic. I'd also like to see void traces be dropped by lockers, they are criminally underutilized.
  4. This is understandable, however let's examine it. Nidus is capped at 100 stacks, and he starts with 0. Building stacks is not something that is achieved in the first 10 minutes of the mission let alone a mission you are trying to do quickly. Nidus isn't going to roll up to an eidolon with 100 stacks, not even close. I would go as far as to say that the only situation where nidus is going to build a large amount of stacks is inside of endless missions with the intention of going for long periods of time. Inside other missions he is going to maybe get ~35 if they are really trying to build stacks. My point is that it is easy to think, "oh just get 100 stacks and you're op" but 100 stacks isn't free in any sense whatsoever.
  5. In it's current state, this mod is not great because the requirements for the buff are somewhat strict, and nidus would really love to just build more mutation stacks rather than change to using his primary weapon in a situation where he'd want to spam his 1 more. Change the mod to, "Nidus' primary weapon gains +1% base critical chance for each stack of mutation." This new version of the mod while being very strong, would be an incredible addition to Nidus because it will give him access to greater damage through critical hits, as well as allowing him to obtain critical hit builds for weapons that would otherwise be impossible.
  6. No of course not, it would always be neat if we got some kind of heads up, but they are not obligated to do anything. However I'm absolutely telling you oh well too bad.
  7. This change is ultimately a good thing, while it does cheapen your farming accomplishment it doesn't matter. Things shouldn't be forced to stay in a bad state because the people who suffered though it might feel cheated, let the game get better. *cough cough hema cough cough*
  8. I never thought I'd see the day. Cool!
  9. Hildryn is allowed to benefit from Aviator during flight, Titania is not. WHY... To put it more seriously, It was a conscious decision to make titania's flight unable to benefit from Aviator. Yet now, much later, Hildryn comes along with a flight ability and that's ok. So here I am to ask what's up with the inconsistency? Is it because titania's is basically archwing? Is it really that big of a deal?
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