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  1. I wouldn't be so hasty, range mods changing to flat range means that all weapons will achieve that, "swing and hit them from over there" thing, and the augment building a ton of combo means that ash will be able to use heavy attacks way more than other frames. It might be super sick for him.
  2. how do you feel about the gap between power leveling and not? It's quite huge.
  3. If something needs leveling, a lot of the time it means going to a defense, survival, SO, or ESO. I want to examine the current state of leveling and see what people think about it. A weapon takes 450k affinity to max out, that is quite a lot. However we have a handful of methods to power through it quickly, sometimes maxing out a weapon in minutes. What is the leveling process like without using these methods though? Going through the starchart it is quite common for missions to only give a few thousand affinity to your loadout, making a lot of missions rather poor choices for ranking up weapons. The disparity between just going through the starchart versus running Hydron, Survival, or SO/ESO is colossal, this isn't something that is innately bad but it does seem like it's at odds with the MR system. MR is definitely a long term goal that takes a bit to get through, but the huge difference in leveling speed really seems to make it feel like you are either doing something, or leveling stuff, usually never both. This can lead to it feeling like there is this big wall of affinity grind that has to be done before you can move on. It's rather strange, ranking up weapons is either trivialized in a few minutes because of the current strategies, or it takes forever without them. What do you guys think of the harsh difference? Is it totally fine to have these few, "leveling" missions, and then everything else?
  4. When swapping between primary and secondary weapons the buff is applied as soon as the weapon is fireable, however when going from a melee attack to a weapon or vice versa, there is a mysterious delay of about a second or two before the buff activates. This means that it is possible to switch from melee attack to shooting, and be able to fire the weapon before the buff is actually active.
  5. I think that valkyr is a good choice. Rip line is really bad, warcry is alright because of the augment, paralysis' bizarre shield formula is just that, bizarre. Finally we have Hysteria, which has that coveted invincibility and healing, but it's like the most corrupt-a-wish thing ever because you are stuck with stubby range, a very limited move set, that built up damage field, and the sound filter.
  6. You see rework talk pop up when frames get changed for just about any reason you can think of. When someone gets changed, the perception is that suddenly this window for change is open so you gotta get your ideas out there. The posts range from, "buff my main they suck" all the way to well thought out feedback. I think most of it comes from people that don't know what their talking about and think they do, but it all comes from good intentions. I've already seen people claiming that gauss needs a rework and is useless.
  7. These coming changes are great and I am very excited, the buffs to fire procs are so welcome. I hope you guys are not swayed by some of the nonsense in here. I will happily trade accelerant for the new DR ability, it's infinitely better. The armor strip and cast speed buff to 3 is going to make fire blast so much more useable. Good stuff, can't wait to try it!
  8. Gotta mod in that 15 cost Metal Auger right?
  9. I'm more thinking about against enemy armor.
  10. It might end up not being amazing, but it's making think about what the element spread could want. It's weird because you would probably want mostly fire with some viral, but that's weird to build. Secondaries might have an easier time because of primed heated charge. I'm thinking that the ideal would be the viral 60/60's, then both the 90 and 60 heat damage mod?
  11. The cycron has guaranteed heat procs and is a beam weapon, with heat procs being able to stack as well as stripping armor could this mean that suddenly this weapon is way better?
  12. In the stream, rebecca says that the dr starts at 50% and scales up as the meter fills. Not that it scales up to 50%
  13. I think her issues are the clunkyness of 1, 2, and 3. The near uselessness of the tribute buffs, the target requirement of 3, and the 4 melee weapon. your suggestion for 1 would definitely be an improvement on the 1, but it would also make it very similar to her 3. The surface level comparison would be, "aoe knockdown vs aoe attract," there isnt much to compare about them beyond that except their duration, but my point is that because they would function so similarly, one would overshadow the other. If it was something like, she shoots a big wave of butterflies, that could be different enough to warrant its own uses. your suggestion for 2 is not bad, but I think it could be a little more fleshed out. Let's say for instance, we give her some kind of fae meter. As she kills enemies it could build up, and then like ivara/khora/vauban/wisp she can cycle through the buffs, and then spend her meter on them. Other than the original buffs being almost completely useless, the biggest thing that bothers me about original 2 is that getting the buff you want it really cumbersome, the enemy needs to be alive, and it needs to be a specific one, AND it has a cast time. I think a solution like this could make it way more enjoyable to use. your suggestion for 3 is totally fine, original 3's biggest issue is the lantern floating off into space even after they made it kind of gravitate back. Being able to place a stationary lantern solves basically all of my issues with it. The extra synergy buff you mention might not really be as helpful as it would appear, do they need to be in its area or do they just have to exist? Regardless, energy sustain can be problematic even without having to worry about keeping up a bunch of lanterns up. I think titania's 4 would be a lot better if its melee worked differently, archwing melee is really not great as you just kind of keep attacking and hope nothing obliterates you while you zip directly into danger. I think the melee weapon could be a lot better if rather than the traditional archwing melee, you did an M.Bison like Psycho Crusher attack, so that you drill through big groups of enemies.
  14. The bosses being the way they are is a result of player damage being insane, and on top of that, the spectrum of damage is also huge (what low damage is vs what high damage is). DE giving the bosses various forms of invincibility and gimmicks is a way they can try and compensate for it. I don't think it's a good solution by any means, but in their case the alternative is completely redesigning/rebalancing damage, which is a monumental task. If I remember correctly there was a dev stream where someone asked Scott how damage 3 was going, and he was like, "terrible" (more or less). The Rapololyst is the way it is because of this exact problem, I actually super dont enjoy that bossfight or exploiter orb for that matter. Until they decide to take on this massive task, you can expect every future boss fight to be rife with invincibility and gimmicks that make your weapons more or less not matter.
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