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  1. I think increasing his Icy Armor (from Icy Avalanche) by simply recasting his 4 would be a bit OP, but a way to make it active (more active than spamming 4) would be to make enemies killed while frozen increase the Icy Armor value in a small radius (2m ?) It's not exactly like Atlas' passive (the Rubble part) cause : - it would benefit allies (if they're in the radius) - you don't get an "ice cube" drop from the enemy, you get ice from shattered enemies (which explains why you have to be in close quarter) so you can't kill from afar and they collect
  2. I congratulate your feedback, but after more than 3 months, I sadly don't have hope anymore for anything more than the armor buff suggested by Scott. But I'm not even hopeful about the value of this buff...
  3. I'm sorry but I play Warframe for the parkour and the abilities, otherwise I could play any other shooter. Quick Thinking is good only if you don't spam abilities, and also like to be staggered (which most players don't). And finally you keep blaming shields for being bypassed by poison, so what about magnetic ? What will Quick Thinking do when your whole energy pool can disappear instantly ?
  4. Just a precision, her 4 is limited bu HER line of sight, not YOUR field of view. Being a TPS, the "camera" allow the player to see enemies while the character can't, cause he's behind cover or around the corner. Maybe that's why you think it doesn't work properly, but it works as intended (and not the "work as intended" kind from Anthem or Fallout76). But overall, if I'm not fond of her rework either, at least her DR buff and damage buff is combined in a single ability and easier to maintain than the ones Vauban got (mediocre and impractical damage buff on his 2, slowly growing armor buff on his 3).
  5. They could ner... "fix" it by disabling Arcane Aegis during invulnerability period. You still get the invulnerability but need to get your ass out of danger to replenish your shields (which is quick on her with a simple cast of her 2)
  6. I'm also disappointed that Brief Respite doesn't work like the Augur set. I barely use secondaries but often bring one with Augur Pact for the set bonus, and also often use an Augur mod on the frame (Reach or Message). Brief Respite being an aura, it would benefit the whole team, so heavy casters could enjoy some overshield even without spec'ing for it.
  7. Concerning the reflection, enemies do basically no damage to themselves, so damage reflection is useless in this game. But if the reflected bullet could proc cold, then you at least have CC, and both melee enemies entering the globe and ranged enemies shooting from outside the globe would be slowed down (resulting in the globe taking less damage since cold proc affect firerate)
  8. Please use Loki's 4 on MOAs, you'll be surprised ;-) Don't underestimate the weirdness of Warframe
  9. Which is what exalted weapons are good for, cause they can be modded
  10. Yes, it is what Ash has been for a longer period than his current state, so one could say that it's his true form. Problem is, like current Saryn, it was too strong. But removing his one ability to quickly deal with a group of enemies wasn't the right move. It needed to be adjusted, not removed.
  11. They could fix that by having the mind controlled enemy equip an exalted weapon, that you could mod obviously. In addition to the increased damage, it would be nice to have a "companion" that deals Viral, Gas or Radiation while you bring your usual Corrosive weapon (although Corrosive on Nyx can be redundant).
  12. Favorite doesn't mean most played. My favorite frame has always been Volt, but my most played (or only played) frame is Vauban since his rework a few months ago. If I had to make a top 5, Ash would probably be in it even though I barely use him out of Sortie Spy missions, he's even displayed in my "lounge". People love him cause he's THE space ninja, but people (me included) like to have DR/Iron Skin, buffs, and a nuke ability for when we're too lazy to aim. Ash has decent survivability for a "stealth" frame (invisibility + high health/shield), debuff through augment, great passive, so the only missing thing is the nuke ability (and he's used to have the most powerful one via old BS). I think he's still in a good place in terms of stats / passive / first 3 abilities, he just need something to deal with groups of enemies without rolling back to the old OP Bladestorm.
  13. People didn't think combining 4 abilities into 1 would be possible, DE did it, and then did the same with Wisp, Khora, Ivara (not 4 but 3, but still) Vauban's rework really needs a little more, and a lot of suggestions from the feedback thread went to the new engineer frame (which will bring more money to DE, I get that), so if they don't want to change his abilities, the missing augment for his 2 is the most logical route to give him so survivability
  14. So the Equinox augment should be the Highlander of augments ? ^^
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