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  1. I agree with you, although I cast her 1 only once per mission thanks to her 4's augment keeping it always "full" But if you use the augment for her 1, I can see how it's a annoying nerf
  2. Any confirmed release date on Vauban's rework ?
  3. Like I said, and like you said, it's good to have more than one playstyle. His stats allow you but doesn't force you to invest in tanking. You can build for a bit of duration (200%) and slap Vitality or Primed Vigor (or 2 Umbra mods) and you get enough survivability of just one mod slot, leaving room for augments. You'll be able to take a few shots before you use his 2. Or you can go full tank and only use his 2 in rare occasions. I know Ash is a great assassin, but to me, he definitely looks like the Predator (let's imagine his 4 allows you to mark targets with a red triangle), and you know what, the Predator is kinda tough for a stealth character ;-)
  4. I play for pleasure, I don't enjoy failure, therefore I don't play to fail. I'll leave games like Darksouls to people who like to die and retry (sorry, I mean "challenge")
  5. Ash's invisibility is a panic button, and since his rework, a way to reduce the cost of his 4. But otherwise you can play him as a space ninja, so full "in your face" melee, especially with the combo Nikana / Daiku (amalgam mod for life steal) So it's a good thing you can (but don't have to) build him for decent EHP. My most used config usually is Primed Vigor only (to be able to put 3 augments and have some fun), but I also have an Umbra build with Adaptation and Primed Vigor (I get about 1900 HP, 700 shield and 420 armor IIRC) for my melee build What annoys me the most is indeed the health and energy pool of Frost Prime, he only has double the armor of Ash and the same amount of ExcalUmbra while being slow. He should get at least 350-400 armor and 125 base health (375 at rank 30)
  6. A simple idea to make his 4 "great" : every enemy hit by his golems (melee or thrown rock) are petrified There you go : - more CC - free rubble
  7. Thanks for the clarification, I'll still try his 2 in Disruption with the augment though, see if it works on Demolishers I know Nova's 4 works but it slows down the general pace of the mission too much Also, like you said, since the slow effect comes from the cold proc, it could work even when the enemy has the "ability resistance" buff
  8. The advantage of Icy Avalanche, besides the flat bonus HP, is it acts like Iron Skin : it prevents status (slash, toxic, ...) and knockdowns At first I was trying to get as much HP as possible (so range and strength), then I realised what mattered the most was the status/knockdown protection and I regularly cast his 4 just to get a few hundreds points of "icy armor" Also I like your idea of passive aura, but I think it should be a flat armor boost (e.g. +200 armor) instead of a percentage. A percentage is better on tanks (but they're already tanky and can benefit from Adaptation) but a flat bonus is better on squishies (like Oberon's bonus armor) and IMHO Frost is like a big brother, protecting the squishies (and objectives) with a barrier (snowglobe) or CC (avalanche, ice wave, freeze). Icy Avalanche is another example of this role of protector.
  9. I'm interested, what do you mean by Disruptors ? Demolishers ? Do you mean his 2 can slow them down ? I've been looking for means to block/slow down, and the wiki is sometimes wrong or "not up-to-date" Frost's snowglobe is a bad idea in Disruption (you can't shoot from the outside) but if his 2 is good, I'll try him
  10. They definitely need to get rid of the horizontal bounce, trolls will abuse it like the tonkor in the old days And they should replace it by any survivability skill possible (shield boost, healing, DR) or utility skill (energy/ammo restore)
  11. You're thinking about damage, but what about utility mods ? Some crazy players like me put Life Strike or Healing Return on Excal's Exalted Blade. I get enough damage out of 7 mod slots, I can sacrifice 1 mod slot for survivability
  12. Exalted weapons are abilities : - they don't use ammo, they use energy. It's a lot easier to run out of energy than ammo (mag proc, energy leech, ...) - you can't use exalted weapons in a Nullifier bubble (or next to these annoying Corpus rollerskaters) It's already quite restrictive enough to rely only on abilities, so it's fair Why complain about someone bringing Mesa/Excal cause they use their abilities when another player can bring Saryn/Equinox/Ash/Volt/Nidus/... and nuke the place without ever touching his sniper rifle ?
  13. Heal and armor buff coming just from his 1 is a bit to much IMHO, or it should be lower values (10 instead of 50) Concerning his 3, I too think the cost should be lowered to 50, or the angle should scale with range As for his 4, they should remove the timer. It's a cheap fix while they can work on something better. If Wukong can get a powerful clone for 25 energy for an unlimited duration, why can't Atlas get 2 mediocre rock buddies for 100 energy for an unlimited duration too ?
  14. The point of Warframes is to use the right tool for the mission. If a sniper rifle isn't the right tool in someone's hands, then he should find another tool : abilities (and exalted weapons are abilities)
  15. It's your opinion... Other people prefer Atlas look. And he can also trivialize a lot of content, without being a pain in the ass to other players
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