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  1. Any support frame that is not Limbo (if he's considered support), and a slow-va on defense missions Any support of energy/health/resources/crowd control is welcome (unless it's Limbo)
  2. Because build diversity ? Because some people don't know how to avoid damage ? Because it's funny to revive a fallen Rhino while face-tanking with a Nova ? Because people like different things ? Or because "why would anyone max efficiency when we have Zenurik/arcanes ? My way of thinking is the trve one" ?
  3. Coming from Mass Effect 3 MP, I used to dislike Warframe energy system, and prefered global cooldown, but what made me prefer Warframe now is the possibility to constantly spam powers (Zenurik, etc...). If Warframe becomes like The Division or Destiny where you have to wait 30 sec (or more than a minute) to use a power, I don't see the point. I play the game for the Warframe abilities (and also melee), not for the guns.
  4. From the wiki : Particle damage reduction can stack up to 90% and does not reduce damage to Nova's Shields. So no, it doesn't apply to shield, but it works with QT I build her with 850 HP (2 Umbra mods) and Adaptation, and 307% duration for 90% DR from her 1. I feel as tanky as Inaros or Chroma, but everyone in a 95m radius is 4 times slower and takes double damage
  5. I'm pretty sure Nova's DR from her 1 doesn't apply to shield, only to health. Primed Vigor would be a poor choice on her, you should max health and use a way to regen health (arcanes, Furis, melee, ...)
  6. Atlas is great too, he gets very high armor from Umbral Fiber (1250 I think), and 1070 HP. With 1500 additional armor from his rumbles, he can reach 90% DR With Adaptation on top of it he becomes very hard to kill
  7. Then all DE has to do is create a Mesa Specter with a turret skin, and make Vauban able to cast it for 50 energy 😇
  8. At least, looking at Excal Umbra, Volt and Mag, there's still hope for a nice rework 🙂 (Cause yes, Mag is great)
  9. The main issue with Vauban is that he is a "video game engineer" without a turret. Even in fantasy games like Torchlight, the engineer class has a turret (and a mobile one in that case) If we want a mobile turret, cause his other powers are stationary, but don't want a MOA turret with a stupid AI, then DE, please give a shoulder-mounted turret, like the one from Destroyer class in Mass Effect 3 MP, with switchable firing modes
  10. This would make it impossible to quickly recharge between channeling abilities. Unless they change it too, so we can regenerate while using channeling abilities, but I don't see DE doing that, they don't want high efficiency frames channeling without losing energy
  11. DE is indie, but they are far from small A small indie studio would be the size of DE's community management team
  12. I hope they intend to remove energy consumption then, or I'll never equip melee weapon
  13. Burston Prime, it's a beast with the syndicate mod
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