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  1. Made some changes for possible ability tweaks. Let me know how these changes look.
  2. Thanks for the feedback I'll try to come up with new ideas for a third and fourth ability that are defensive in nature and have possibly synergy with Petrify, since his offensive power is already there with Landslide.
  3. After playing a decent amount of Atlas, I can say that I love how his one and three work together, but I'm not too big of a fan of his two and four, given that they're not really all that useful in most of the situations of the game. Because of that, and because of his upcoming deluxe skin, I'd like to talk about possible changes that could be made to his kit to make it more cohesive overall. Passive - Make the drain a bit slower, and make enemies drop more rubble when killed under the effect of Petrify. Lower his shields to 75 base Increase his health to 150 base Landslide - Make the dash range scale off of range. Other than that, it's perfect. Tectonics - Get rid of it, it's not necessary. Move Petrify over to his two and make the width of the cone scale off of power strength. Replace his three with: Landlock - Atlas creates a four-sided box around himself that has no cap. The health of the walls scale with his current armor, and can be healed by casting Petrify on it. Both allies and enemies cannot pass through Landlock. The width and length of the box does not scale with range, but the height does. Replace his four with: Mantle - Atlas melts and hardens the rubble he has collected for a duration, increasing his armor(1.5x base, scaling with power strength), and increasing the damage multiplier of his Landslide(1.5x base, scaling with power strength). While under the effect of Mantle, Atlas's rubble will not decay under the effect of Mantle, but he cannot gain more armor. Picking up rubble will still heal Atlas. Any further tweaks I'll make will be noted with edits. Please leave feedback as to how this might make Atlas feel, and how cohesive it would make his kit. EDIT ONE: Removed: Lower his energy pool to 100 base (Currently Unnamed) - Atlas shoots out a percentage of his stored armor from his passive, dealing damage based off of his melee weapon, as a shotgun-like blast. The percentage used is based off of power strength, and the percentage of his stored armor used determines the percentage of damage scaling. Earth Shatter - Atlas plants himself where here's standing and charges an earth-shattering punch. The longer the channel, the more of his stored armor is used. After the channel is over, he punches the ground, dealing damage to all enemies within a radius, with the damage scaling off of his melee weapon mods, and the range scaling off of the percentage of armor used, with 1% of his armor equaling a 1% range increase.
  4. A friend of mine who just got back into the game(SpitefulFox) tried to do their mastery rank four test, but the test didn't load and they were stuck on the loading screen, which meant they had to force quit the game. This apparently counted as their attempt for the day.
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