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  1. I was running Hydron to level Paracesis and during the Wave 5 reward I was met with the curious "Not Eligible due to Inactivity" information, I didn't catch it during Wave 5 but here's a screenshot of it at Wave 10, where something apparently changed and I was no longer flagged as inactive. So you see Wave 5 I was supposedly inactive while I got the rewards for Wave 10. And here's an additional screenshot from right after Wave 5, (That's me, IGN LapuLapo wondering aloud to the squad why that happened) Clearly I was getting kills and participating, one person in the squad suggested it may have been due to using Melee and never shooting? But I continued doing that through Wave 10 and got that reward. But as you can see from stats, I was getting plenty of melee kills while I tried to get xp for Paracesis, but nonetheless was tagged as inactive. I was basically just mashing E and parkouring around. Maybe an automated system thought I was using attack macros or something? Hopefully this is useful. I'm not ultimately bothered that I lost one of many Hydron reward rotations, but I am a little bothered by the false positive on the inactivity. So hopefully this post helps tracking down a potential cause of that. For reference, this occured basically right before the hotfix that happened today (25.3.2) I left the mission and saw redtext, basically right away.
  2. I thought this was intentional. You've hacked in to turn off the alarms (which caused a lockdown) Do you think you should have to sit there and hack it twice in a row, once for doors and once for alarms?
  3. Is it your intention to always have a nightwave up? (i.e. When Wolf of Saturn Six ends, there'll be a new one) Or should we expect a gap where we wont be able to get nitain/ other cred offerings? Would you consider alternative or otherwise more consistent means of obtaining creds for Nightwaves? I feel like many players don't appreciate having to grind through multiple cosmetic tiers just to finally hit that big Cred packet and then get to buy up to 15 nitain with their creds (Forced to grind too much for too-large rewards, I've talked to several who wish it was more granular on the creds side)
  4. I really feel that the credits expiration for the series is still a little harsh on players who might basically lose out because they're not 100% clear on the start and end of the event or generally play the game more sporadically. I can understand limiting any special/exclusive event offerings, but I feel like players should at least be able to spend whatever they've accumulated on the "evergreen" rewards that are available, regardless of whether they logged in to spend creds before the event ended. I'm kind of assuming a healthy gap between Nightwave events, (but maybe DE will surprise us). But my worry is with players who might be hopping on one or two weekends a month, participating hard in these alert events, then ending up with wasted creds because they happened to log back in just after the first event wrapped up, and no way to earn more Nightwave related credits or rewards until the next Nightwave.
  5. Personally I think they could make it one degree more flexible. Like let's say at 50 you can grab Zenistar freely (as an example), but that precludes you from grabbing another weapon for 200 days. So by elimination you'll have to grab the other milestone rewards at some point in the cycle. So the intent would be the same outcome over a long stretch of time, but allows people to backload or frontload their acquisitions as they want. Maybe you choose to get new weapons ASAP every 200 days, Maybe you try to stack the big rewards to be close to each other with one at the end of a cycle and the other at the start of the next cycle. So it would be: every 200 day interval you have to pick two resource/sigil packs, one weapon, and one mod, at some point in the milestones in that timeframe. If you pick a weapon and a mod in your first 100 days, you're going to be waiting 150 days before you get a milestone that isn't a sigil pack. So it's more freedom, but still essentially constrained by the same limits without privileging 100-days over 150-days. Just a little bit more control. (If no-trading remains the rule then the possible worry of creating 50-day Zenistar farm mules is a non-issue also)
  6. I don't see what's strange about MR25's who have truly never gotten the primes of those frames and haven't taken it on themselves to buy their vaulted parts with plat. Just because they're MR25 doesn't mean they've been present since day one.
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