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  1. Am I the only one who thinks this is the most ugly prime accessories pack ever?

    One prime suggatra (Already looking boring, extremely simple looking).

    One ugly helmet for Operators (seriously, it's a mess, what is even supposed to be??? Not even a full suit for Operators ).

    One alternative helmet for Mesa Prime... When we have way better Tennogen Helmets, we also have Mesa Deluxe helmet.


    What about the rest of our warframes fashion??? This is why I love prime armors / sigils, cause I can use them on every single one of my frames.

    I don't like the idea of prime accessories only usable on a single thing (we can excuse operator suits for obvious reasons), hope this is nothing more than a quick experiment and not something we will see more in the future.


    And here I believed Limbo Prime accessories where bad (Still can't forgive that prime cape that got smaller after taking it out of the washing machine), but this takes the cake.

    Seriously DE, you guys need to find someone else to give you ideas for prime accessories.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Ivar.C.Yormungand said:

    Also, to all of those whining about the nerfs, have you even checked your actual stats? Even on the harshest changes, the differencies are still minor. Why are you all acting like crybabies over it? Claiming you will uninstall the game or that you wasted thousands of plats. I thought this community was more mature than the League Of Legends one, and even they don't cry as much after a patch...

    To be honest, if they really wanted to make a shift in the way people use and price rivens, nerfs and buffs had to be even harsher. As it is, I don't think it's gonna change a yota.

    Most of my rivens are average, so YEAH, this nerf was harsh.

    No, I refuse to play slot machine (Screw Riven Roll) just to get a good riven, I rather go to Las Vegas and actually get something there.

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  3. 1 minute ago, (PS4)Insomniacmob said:

    Look, I can’t speak for anyone but myself and my clique when I say as a Genuine Riven Collector I am highkey disappointed in this update. With regard to the riven disposition changes, what is the point in dropping for example a sicarus riven with 430% damage and 208% multi shot to anything below what it should be? And I’m not even going to mention the other 17 rivens that got nerfed just to make balance an acceptable achievement for all players. 

    A lot of us put sweat, blood, and plat into this cancerous trade chat that we call “balanced” where half of us genuinely don’t mind spending 1000-3000p for a GOD ROLL MOD. 

    But not for this. For this update I expect a change becvause I want my old riven(s) back. Or I expect 21,555 plat to be refunded to me because my whole riven inventory is more crooked than my cousins hairline at the moment. 


    I know the feel man, with the difference that I only bought unrolled rivens.

    Still, going to the grind and trying to get lucky only for your riven collection go to hell is not fun at all...

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  4. 1 minute ago, Shockwave- said:

    This is why Rivens are cancer. I don't do rivens much at all because they are such a bad element in the game and they never should have been added in the first place. But here we are, I finally broke down and rolled up a few Rivens for weapons I use. Supra has become my main weapon. It's not OP compared to a number of weapons in the game, but now the riven I rolled up isn't as good (while say Tiberon is still a 5 disp?).

    This just feels bad. Constant rebalancing of mods you had to grind Kuva to roll, get insanely lucky to roll anything good, and then boom, those rolls are gone. It's not about power, or being OP or any of that, it's about time investment and how it feels. The entire system is basically set up so that you will always feel bad. You will feel bad when you don't get the Rivens for the weapon you want (in a game with this many weapons). You will feel bad when you don't get the stats you want or even stats that are remotely good. (with what it is 35,000 combinations of stats). Then if you DO get lucky and roll a great riven for your favorite weapon. The disposition hammer comes down and you feel bad that you no longer have that roll.


    All this so that people will use "other weapons" than the ones they have fun using. It now seems like the goal of DE is not that players have fun, but that players use the game items they spent time creating. If players don't want to use those items DE is going to make you use them. Dispositions needed to be changed on some weapons but they need to be locked. Freefloating changes to disposition just makes the entire system into a "why bother - it will all change next update anyway" kind of feeling. I can't imagine primed mods changing their stats every update (this month Primed continuity does less, next month it might be more... ).

    THANK YOU, my feels exactly.

    Screw the Riven Roll System.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Kheprii said:

    Most of these changes are eminently sensible, but the Vasto nerf really confuses me. I've made that gun a project gun just to try and see if I can finally get it to be not-terrible, and the answer even before this nerf is still only 'maybe, a little bit, sorta.' 

    Nerfs to various meta workhorses like the Tiberon, which has been my darling gun for a very long time, are absolutely fair. But guns like the Vasto which are almost completely unused and discarded in this day and age just strike me as a bit weird. 

    Agreed, I also love my Vasto and the riven hardly helped, if anything it needs a buff.

  6. Why you do this?... Now I am mad.

    Most of my favorite weapons, nerfed, for real DE, WHAT THE HELL MAN?



    Also Nerf on the Vasto? WHY? if anything it needs a bloody buff.

    I might be one of the few that still likes to use Vasto Prime even if people crap on it.

    The riven hardly even help it at all.


    [ For the people that don't know, I refuse to roll over a gazillion times just to get a GOD riven, most of my Rivens are average with maybe a good one or two. Any tiny change will ruin the builds. DE, NO ONE likes farming your KUVA and NO ONE likes ROLLING Rivens. How about fix the CRAP Riven Roll System first then we talk about Riven Nerfs. ]


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  7. I do want the auction house. But for now the best replacement it's https://warframe.market/

    Believe it or not you can quickly sell things on the market than wait for trade chat to answer your call.

    Not to mention the new filtration system makes it even harder to sell things on the market since people will most likely be looking for only ONE thing and will not care what other items you are selling.  So, yeah, I do want the auction house.

  8. 13 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

    Right-click also switches over to Emotes.


    13 hours ago, Drasiel said:

    You can swap to emote wheel by right clicking with your mouse. It's not shown which is a travesty but it works. 


    5 hours ago, Ryuurik said:

    So at least for me Tab/Right  click is the best solution.

    I wish I knew about this sooner, thanks for the info of the right click. Still I wish we could have the option to have the old one back for those that want it.

    I do use dance emotes in middle of battles to taunt enemies with my Limbo outside of the rift for laughs. Any way, thanks guys.

  9. The ONLY problem I have with this update it's only the Gear Spiral.

    I want the old Gear Wheel back, was simple, quick, easy to use and I could access everything in a single screen.

    The new Gear Spiral drops the fps hard when I try to use something / select something on the screen.

    At the moment I have to rely on shortcuts just to use consumables if I want to avoid the lag.

  10. Ok, lets get this out of the way. I am already missing the old gear wheel.

    Why? Cause the old one doesn't take the entire screen just to find the item you need and I also have quick access to emotes.


    Not to mention the new gear spiral is game breaking for me since I can't hit the button [ Tab ] or can't change it on the keybindings, in other words I can't access my warframe dance emotes.

    I always get rid of the tab button in any game I play if there is the option to change this key, cause most of the times leads to problems on my computer (when I click it, it gets me out of the game at random). No, I refuse to hit the button tab or find a solution on my end. The old gear wheel was fine, YES I understand this change was made for console players in mind and I am happy for them.

    But us Pc Players don't need it (unless you play with a controller). I hope there is the slightest change to be added an option in the future to change to the old gear wheel. It was much simple and quick to use.

    I also have to mention the new gear spiral it's really laggy / fps drops badly when scrolling on each consumable or use item you have added to it. At the moment I have to rely on hotkeys just to use items if I want to AVOID the LAG.


    Please lets us get back the old Gear Wheel... It was simple, easy to use, quick shortcuts, fast and clean.

  11. I rather be the trinity taking care of all the lures than allow my dumb teammates to keep the lures away from me.

    It's your own fault if you can't handle the task for not having the arcwing required.


    Trinity players are the mvp of tridolon hunts and yeah they need to CARRY the team and do almost anything. BTW just cause I can use other warframes, I will always take trinity for tridolon hunting, cause if one of my team mates rage quit in middle of a hunt (Chroma, Volt or even Harrow), I can keep the team alive, still deal damage to at least finish what I started and I can't risk losing a trinity.


    BTW if you are a trinity player and you are not helping with dealing damage (yes, even if you have chroma or rhino on the team), you are doing your job wrong. Trinity is the multitask mvp player of tridolon hunts and I don't apreciate people talking bad about my trinity calling her a slave just cause they can't do their job on the hunt.

  12. 8 hours ago, PR0JAX said:

    Syndicate improvements with additional missions

    Speaking of syndicates, lets not forget the assassins (stalker, G3, Zanuka, etc). Right now they are all a laughing stock.

    After many updates and lots of power creep (not complaining), the assassins no longer makes us afraid of them, which is sad since they are meant to make us play safe and they die with just a single shot or two.


    Not to mention most syndicate assassins are unbalanced.

    Quick example: Steel Meridian assassin squad rollers... When was the last time some one almost piss their pants for knowing steel meridian is after them? no one.


    Suggestion for a fix.

    +Just buff the regular assassins by locking them on high Mastery Rank players of 17. Hard to kill and they pack a good punch.

    (While regular assassins remain the same for low level tenno)


    +As for the syndicates, they just need to change the squads [ Roller < Napalm or Gunner  Infested charger < Mutalist Osprey or Swarm-Mutalist Moa   etc ] or add brand new assassin squads to make each syndicate unique. Some one a very long time ago made art out of that very idea.


  13. I love most of your post, some the points DE already mention they are working on them (I am a bit tired, can't go over every tiny detail, pass midnight here).


    If I could add extra suggestions on how to make better the game:


    1) Universal Vacuum (the one we have is a joke and I refuse to acknowledge it as such). Why, cause I want to take my pets out, but I also want the loot.


    2) Fix Archwing (No, not the coming Railjack, that is a game mode entirely different). For many years regular archwing has been neglected and now DE is going to forget about it by focusing now on the new bigger Railjack ships. To this day, I still don't get how did DE never got to properly fix archwing and make it a very RELEVANT game mode.

    [ DE will most likely ignore regular Archwing and focus only on Railjack from now on. ]

    How to fix it...

    +The controls are still a mess, DE seriously needs to go out and play other Mech games that have more simple controls that are easier to use, slower pace and doesn't make people feel sick.

    One Quick example: Zone of the Enders


    +The tiny enemies, Archwing enemies most of the time are hard to spot and they look very tiny. They need to increase their size.


    +Enemy variety and how they look.

    Quick example: Most corpus enemies in archwing look more like place holders (those drones...).  Same goes for the archwing infested (Golem Raid, no longer exists).


    +Corpus Archwing missions, they are just bad, the tileset is boring and lets not talk about that race mission with the mines on very small corridors.

    Needs a full makeover with more open spaces.


    +Archwing bosses (Sure the new Railjack could be call bosses in a sense, but I wanted more enemies like regular Jordas: I like this boss).


    3) The return of Raids

    Now before people start throwing pies at me, hear me out first. I was not a person that cared about raids cause I found them boring and if a single member of the squad wanted to troll, it would ruin the run for sure forcing us to start all over again (I am looking at you Area 2 of VayHek raid). Not to mention the stand on plate simulator & the lack of proper tutorial make it hard for new players to join a raid since most experienced players only wanted "elite" players.


    The fix...

    It's as simple as it gets and without nerfing warframes & without slowing the game down with forceful plates / annoying puzzles.

    +Bullet sponges on some elite enemies (specially for Raids) and lots of cannon fodder.

    +Simple missions for each section of the raid (NO plates, NO buttons, NO protecting a tumor (Jordas Raid), NO dumb puzzles that will make most players quit & not care ).

    Quick examples: One area can be a defense mission with two consoles that must be defended at the same time to access the next area. Next area it's a survive mission for a couple of minutes of endless strong enemies that are fun to fight against (strong so that most nukers don't hog all the fun). Next area a escort mission like the old raid (but this time it has no plates and no locked doors, just follow the escort thing and protect it). last area the end boss.

    +Simple end bosses. Jordas is a good example of a TERRIBLE raid boss, after doing 6 raids I still didn't know how to make him vulnerable and people had to carry me. I don't care if people call me stupid or something. It was just downright bad design. A Raid boss should be a bit simple and not overly complex (I played many mmos).

    Quick examples for better raid bosses:

    o> Bullet sponge and high defense.

    o> He is divided in 2 different phases, first you need to take down some pillars destroying the boss invulnerability, the second is to kill small horde of enemies and avoid attacks from boss. Kind of like good old VayHek Raid.

    o> Boss has weak spots that need to be destroyed before dealing damage to his main body. Like the Jackal for example.

    o> Boss that is big, but you need to hunt down a very agile / small enemy that is keeping him invulnerable just to take out his shields for a brief moment.  This will make one team to focus on disturbing the shield carrier, while the other team focus on the boss.

    o> Boss like Sargas Ruk that opens weak spots that can damage him, only on a larger scale.

    +Good rewards, just like the good old Arcanes, sadly most players didn't even bother to get them from how annoying was the old raids.


    I would like to say more of this but I am tired (Good night). z z z

  14. 1 hour ago, --Q--Stryker said:

    There..... Are...... Other...... Games.....

    This... Is... As... Dumb... As... Player... Choice... Or... Sense... Of... Pride... &... Accomplishment...

    DE... Needs... To... Stop... And... Focus... On... What... Is... Right...

    [ Also why are we talking like this? xD ]

  15. I also say to let it burn.

    Warning spoilers ahead for why it should burn. This is my own opinion.


    Some one not long ago said something, something:

    " No better way to start then. If we are in a content drought, then maybe the community can help us from time to time.

    So TennoGen our next round is.... "


    Priorities am I right?


    Not to mention... NO Halloween content for Warframe this year.

    I love Halloween and I heavily dislike people ignoring this most sacred / special season.

    Even Killing Floor 2 just drop today it's Halloween special event, for shame DE.


    I am seriously disappointed with DE.

  16. 1) Never buy things on Tenogen when you are bored, you will most likely buy on impulse.

    Right now I have the Chroma Vojnik Skin, this skin is no longer useful, specially with Chroma Deluxe & now the resent Prime looking way much better and finally Excalibro Vespula skin this is the worst, cause I NEVER PLAY EXCALIBRO. Still don't know how did I even bother to buy it (I guess I was really bored that day).

    I almost forgot that I also got Limbo Vistyxio Skin, sure I love Limbo but the colors on this skin and the oversized face (not the hat, the hat is fine) kill it for me. Sure I am using it just to say to my self I didn't wasted money on this...

    Seriously this is my regret & learned it the hard way.


    2) Thinking ONCE that Riven mods are a fine addition to the game.

    Never again, screw the Riven RNG Bs.


    3) Rushing a warframe build in the foundry with plat ONCE.


    4) Telling people to G37 G00D & Nezha it's a Trap on the Foru..


  17. 1 hour ago, Zanchak said:

    Not really understanding arch-guns for the ground... seems really unnecessary tbh, we have plenty of decent weapons to use.

    I feel the same and this comes from a person that loves archwing.

    Instead of DE having their own original idea for a warframe Gatling gun they just go the cheapest route and use archwing weapons on the ground. Now even more people will not even care about archwing anymore (The regular gameplay, not talking about Railjack that's another content), the weapons was what make archwing unique.

    Why can't we have something like this and leave Archwing weapons alone.


    I am also disappointed that DE are not planning on working on huge melee weapons, come on!

    I need this in my life! Warframe was made for this kind of crazy weapons.



    BTW Bard / Song weapons when? We have Octavia, we can also have weapons made out of music DE...

  18. I also miss the good old Void Towers. Simple and clean, you could also last as long as possible getting multiple prime parts without the need to pop a relic every wave and without the need to collect the fissures to open the said relic (Worse if you are on a quick interception mission that can end the game quicker than the dumb mobs to drop a single fissure, this is why I always use Nekros on ducat farm, because of these problems, not to mention the people rushing exterminate missions, etc).


    The old days was much simple and prime parts DID had value on the market (now everything is cheap under 300 plat, back then you could sell a full set for 2500 or a single part for 1500). Not to mention the void key was valid for the next shinny new warframe, if you had the key already you didn't have to farm it again. In the end I stop giving a damn for relic farm and only use it for ducat farming. Not worth the trouble, not even for the plat. I get more plat on the market out of Arcanes, Rare Mods and Rivens.


    RIP Void Keys


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