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  1. Hey! sorry for the VERY late reply! with the holidays I had forgotten I posted the thread! I actually see your point with ability 1 and 2 and would agree they can be combined! I did plan on 4 being a better 1, with higher energy cost but also the added benefit of reducing the range that enemies will target mist. I saw 1 as more of a "on the move small nuke" which would be easily spam-able and allowed mist to keep her ball positioned where she needed it. and her 4 being a "my mini-map is currently red with enemies, my 1 isn't going to clear them before they murder me, and I have energy to blow" it wouldn't be efficient energy wise to spam it where her 1 would be. I appreciate the feedback though! you're right about all of your points! Then again there's not a whole lot of reason to pick out of the current meta frames anyways because they are too good at what they do. I tried to keep the idea for mist balanced but "balanced" doesn't compete with saryn/rhino/nova/mesa/wisp unfortunately
  2. Hey guys, I've been tossing around an idea in my head for a new frame and with the current devstreams teaser on a frame with a ball... I figured I'd repost my idea as the other one was archived! I always liked the way Yondu from Guardian of the Galaxy worked. But I always thought he was too brutish and bulky. I also felt we lacked a real ballerina or Gymnast warframe. So after about 30 days of throwing my ideas at a friend and asking her to critique them, I present to you: Mist. Please critique the idea, let me know what you would change or if you have different ideas for abilities or augments ( I really need an augment idea for the 4 ability.) Mist Mist is a Gymnastics/Ballerina styled frame who uses a combination of her ball and ability to dance through the fog/mist to dispatch enemies and quickly move around. Her inspiration heavily comes from Rhythmic Gymnastics using a ball, as well as Yondu’s Arrow from Guardians of the Galaxy. The thought was “What if these gymnasts ball could be used in the way that Yondu uses his arrow?” Here are two videos showing both inspirations. Rhythmic Gymnastics - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE1wjescoTc Yondu - Mist's ball would likely be slightly bigger than her head. When not being actively used while in Mist's possession the ball will either float idly but randomly around her (to more or less give the ball the illusion of being possibly sentient or AI-driven) or it should float above Mist's outstretched hand, rolling around randomly as if it was looking around. When the ball is deployed it would float and bob around its Y-Axis. With the same "Randomly looking around" idle animation it would have if floating above her hand. Additionally, when the ball is deployed Mist will have a ribbon that she uses for added flair during "ball deployed" animations. It will also be a noticable indicator that Mist's ball is deployed. Abilities 1 – Ball in Possession: Mist throws her ball at the target closest to the center of the screen (crosshair), Bouncing 0/1/2 times. (Impact Damage) Ball Deployed: Mist Directs her ball to fling at its closest enemy. Bouncing between targets 3/5/7 times. The ball stays at the location of the last target. (Impact Damage) Augment: Mists ball bounces 0/0/1 times (1/3/5 if deployed) but now deals its damage in a 1/2/3/4/5 meter area around the target. Notes: This is just her basic “I have a ball and I want to damage the thing” ability. No nifty tricks, there’s a ball, there’s an enemy face, there’s a ball to the enemy face. Whether or not the ball can hit the same enemy more than once per cast is up to balancing. My opinion on the matter is: The ball can hit the same enemy more than once, but not twice in a row. If the balls only option after a bounce is to hit the same target again then it stops. Also up to balancing, is whether or not the ball will target destructible such as caches during its flight. 2 – Ball in Possession: Mist Throws her ball. The ball stops at the first target or object hit, damaging it if it is an enemy. The ball may be picked up by walking over it. Ball Deployed: Mist orders the ball to a new location, after which the ball will fly directly there, passing through, and damaging enemies on its way. If the ball hits a non-destructible object, it stops. Augment: Mists Ball now teleports to the new location (instead of flying), damaging targets in a 2/2/3 meter area around both the old and new locations. Explosions have 100% status proc. Notes: This is Mists ball re-positioning skill. Ball over here and you need it over there? Press 2, it will either fly or teleport to the new location. The ball can be picked up again by walking over it. I thought about maybe needing the action key being a requirement to pick up the ball but it would ruin the speed/flow of the game to have to continuously look down and press X or whatever. When the ball is in Mist's possession it idly floats around her, or more appropriately, above her outstretched hand. 3 – Ball in Possession: Mist spins around with her ribbon floating outward. Dealing damage in a wide area around her (4/8/12 meters) and gaining 2/4/6% Evasion Ball Deployed: Mist disappears from view, reappearing on top of her ball. After which she performs her spin. The ball is picked up. Augment: Mist no longer deals damage with her spin, but instead shrouds herself and her allies in the mist, giving the group 10/12/15% evasion. and 15/20/25% movement speed. Notes: I envisioned this ability to be ‘THE’ gymnast or Ballerina move. Mist does a little spin with the ball in her hand, she lets it go and it travels outward in a circle with her doing an expanding AoE over the course of 2-3 seconds. It's also a great mobility and re-positioning tool for Mist. I’ll admit the Augment on the ability came from Mirage’s Eclipse paired with Agility Drift. 4 – The Fog Closes in: Enemy view/engage range is severely reduced. Mist’s ball then targets and bounces between any enemies caught in the fog and in the balls LoS (and accessible by the ball) Augment: I don’t have any ideas at the moment. Notes: So, this is definitely what gives me the Yondu feel for mist. This link gives the exact scene I saw when I knew what Mists 4 ability had to be. I mean just look at it. I imagine the ball just dashing from enemy to enemy just smacking them in the face and moving on. I also like the effect that it makes the enemy engagement range shorter. I don’t mean the range at which they are alerted, I mean the range at which they will have to be in relation to your location before they will open fire. I feel like that would synergize with many teams and farms that are currently in the game. I had an Argon farm yesterday where someone complained to another player who was standing in the open of our little dead-end hallway. The player was standing in the middle of the room which caused the ranged enemies to aggro on him outside of our Pilfer Hydroids tentacle range. Although at that point people would have to choose between Mist or Speedva 😛 Passive Trait: When Mist is in possession of her ball she recovers from staggers and knockdowns much quicker. When Mist’s ball is deployed she moves quicker. Walking over the ball will pick it up. Alternate Passive Trait Idea When Mist is in possession of her ball she gains 20/35/50% additional shield. When Mist's ball is deployed she moves quicker. Walking over the ball will pick it up. Onto the journey of getting devs to see my lovely idea!
  3. Post match screen stuck with no way to exit. when it happened, Failed a railjack mission 2 players on railjack 1 player on enemy ship Mission fail player joins just as mission fails https://gyazo.com/613f8d4a3fe1181d400e8ce887267afc ([DE]MattD was in the lobby, I think its safe to blame them)
  4. IGN: SilverShy MR : 25 Time Played: 875 hours Country: United States Started: May 2013, Founder Previous Clan: Tenno Against Red Text (clan founder and sole member up until a couple months ago) Discord: Aisling#0001 Fun story, devs used to use red test to communicate with everyone anonymously (meaning, without their name showing up). They would give incredibly snarky responses to things people said in chat so I made the clan I'm in as a tongue in cheek response to it.
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