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  1. It only takes 1.67 seconds to charge it with Natural Talent, that's really not that long. Warframe isn't so fast paced that a second delay or a 1.67 charge time is a serious issue. Those are quirks, not weaknesses. Obviously my five Forma and fully modded weapons deal more damage than my cheap CC ability, but it deals enough damage that you can seriously injure or even outright kill light enemies like Chargers, Butchers, or Crewman without even really trying to even against end game content. That's pretty potent, especially in comparison to a lot of other frames and their utility powers.
  2. This. That said, I think companion damage (and survivability) could be buffed from what it currently is.
  3. Overshields are pretty mediocre. She's ineffective at higher levels without equipping specific weapons. Wanting to use something other than a Lanka doesn't mean I'm playing her wrong.
  4. There are 35 Warframes. 20 of them are objectively more durable than Mag: Atlas, Chroma, Equinox, Frost, Gara, Harrow, Hydroid, Inaros, Khora, Mesa, Nekros, Nezha, Nidus, Oberon, Rhino, Saryn, Trinity, Valkyr, Wukong, and Zephyr. Of those who are not obviously above Mag: Ash, Ivara, Loki, and Octavia have reliable invisibility. Limbo has the Rift. This leaves Banshee, Ember, Excalibur, Mirage, Nova, Nyx, Titania, Vauban, and Volt. Whilst there is some room for debate I would place Mag above only Banshee, Ember, Mirage, Titania, and Vauban. Regardless of her exact position, she is somewhere in
  5. Magnetize is currently an incredibly complicated ability. Because whilst the absorption works, more or less, like I edited into the OP, it also builds adds damage to the explosion based upon how long enemies sit in it and how many enemies do so. This is part of the reason that the high range and high duration build is so popular, and why people are telling me that she scales fine. Yes, she's reaching millions of damage because you either A. Use a meta weapon which charges it to absurd numbers very quickly or B. Gather a dozen enemies and have them sit in the bubble for days which charges it to
  6. Right, so I should probably explain what I mean by 'properly absorbs damage from all weapons'. From what I can tell Magnetize currently only tracks damage instances that actually hit an enemy within it. Shooting the sphere with no enemies inside does not add damage. Shooting at the sphere whilst enemies are inside it, but not in the center, will not add damage unless they collide with a shot left trapped in the field. If a single shot manages to strike enemies multiple times it will add damage to Magnetize multiple times. If an enemy is attacked with a weapon which has multishot and the t
  7. I understand that Mag's in a much better state now than she was before--but just because something is good doesn't mean that it is wrong to want it to be great. She can still be improved quite a bit without being top tier or anywhere near overpowered. 🙂 If not exactly the changes in the OP, I think we can all agree on this much: Pull should allow us greater precision in corralling enemies. Pull's Energy Orb generation mechanic shouldn't require her to kill the target. Magnetize's damage should scale better with the damage dealt by Pull/Polarize/Crush and the damage dealt b
  8. Since that Magnetize issue is an obvious bug or oversight I didn't feel like addressing it, but I did add it to the OP. Adjusting the size of Magnetize is a controversial change, which is why I didn't suggest it. It might not need considerable buffs, but the suggestion does improve projectile weapons being unable to hit things inside of the bubble without altering the physics because of the status chance and damage type changes. The only other way it is really affected is allowing Crush and Pull to increase its damage which should really be the case already since it is a drop in the bucket com
  9. My changes to Pull's cast paradigm are significant, but the basic idea is just to let Mag have actual control over where enemies get sent. You could fix that without changing the cast paradigm, which is what most people want. I thought about that and realized Mag doesn't always want to pull enemies to her since standing inside her own Magnetize bubble is likely to get her killed thanks to the physics changes a few patches ago. As for Magnetize, by giving it a status chance, making its damage over time type match the damage it absorbs, and making it actually behave consistently and absorb
  10. Don't get me wrong, there are a few builds I like on her. But I'd really like to not have to put in so much work and change my loadout or run specific weapons just to keep my damage and CC consistent across the various factions. I really hate losing a mod slot to Magnetized Discharge because its CC is strictly worse than Counter Pulse or Crush, but I'd like to control when Magnetize goes off. I know a lot of Mag players don't like Magnetized Discharge because they don't want to accidentally detonate Magnetize, which is fair and thus why I suggested adding that effect to Crush and making the Ma
  11. The only things suggested here that are anywhere near controversial are changes to Pull's cast paradigm and making Crush detonate Magnetize. The former is almost strictly an improvement. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to actually control where Pull pulls things. The latter, well, Crush sans Fracturing Crush is objectively one of the least effective powers in the game. I made it do potentially massive damage if you take the time to set it up. The rest is just quality of life changes or slight numerical tweaks to offset the significant buffs. No one proposed dramatic and radic
  12. The new kit is infinitely better than the old kit, sure. But Saryn 2.0 was better than Saryn 1.0 and better than Mag currently is and they still went through the effort to release Saryn 3.0. There is almost always going to room for improvement. Why should we settle for Magnetize bubbles we can't control without an Augment? Why should we settle for Fracturing Crush / Polarize being unable to strip armor when Ash, Oberon, Saryn, Banshee, and Hydroid can easily do that and more than the rest of Mag's kit with less effort? Why should we have to use a Lanka or other projectile weapon for Ma
  13. Her survivability is laughable. Her synergy is forced and ineffective. Her energy costs are astronomical. Her damage is irrelevant without abusing specific weapon loadouts or massive investments in Ability Strength. Her crowd control is lackluster without her Augments--Counter Pulse almost strictly outclasses Fracturing Crush and Magnetized Discharge in that regard, but at least one of those still ends up being mandatory depending upon what mission you're in. She requires Ability Duration for Polarize's range and to use two of those Augments but doing so makes Magnetize unwieldy. You're also a
  14. People's complaints haven't changed, really. It isn't too much of an issue, as far as mod space goes, since you can always take off something like Coolant Leak or Animal Instincts. It's a minor complaint. Still a valid one, however. The other complaint people have is that our little kitties and doggies do not get vacuum, and this makes them inferior in many people's eyes.
  15. Whilst the first is probably true, that's not an issue with the decay. The second, however, is a not much of a point. Their duration used to tick down outside of combat before, and you'd end up either having to cast it again after they fell in the middle of the fray, or wait until they expired to recast. That's actually gotten more favorable with the changes, since now you don't have to have downtime in combat where you lose your meat shields / Shield of Shadows. The Shadows getting killed has more to do with their increased aggro draw and the fact that there are less available targets to dist
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