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  1. Lol, with what is currently going on.
  2. My whole family play WF, well me n three kids, sharing three PC's, two xbox one and a Nintendo Switch. Used to regularily platoon with my lad on pc, both my lads are in my clan. No perks or special treatment, they want plat they do chores and its a direct payment via card on their account, they want frames or weapons they grind. Exact same with Unturned and World of Tanks, play tanks most nights with my lad as most of us got a little bored with WF, though I started playing on xbox for the like new experience and linked my Twitch to that for drops.
  3. Another one of those threads that leaves you wondering
  4. Always someone taking it too far or being mememe police. Dobt like it bolt and play solo, plenty of low rank players get told to eff off by better players speed running and so many other variables. Here is one, FREE ROAM. This is fact, not fiction, but playing a free game and joining an open world that says free roam is self explanatory, yet its the biggest percentage of abuse and reports made by bullys. Oh wait, the l33ts think u want to free roam you should solo, yeah, almost as funny as 4 players struggling with an idy one repeatedly disconnecting then when I gave a little hand they called me a leecher, for giving them a helping hand as I passed. Oh I then left them to it, still got abuse as they failed. No, freeroam and randoms, the only person you should rely on is yourself, any carry given or taken a bonus, anyone doing little one day may be in your shoes. Ever played while eating, or been distracted? Its a game, only a game, and you have platoons and clans if yer too pro for randoms. I played solo once. I even used my scanner during pub games 😮😱🤫
  5. I think you should be reported maybe even given a 7 day ban for playing public games then staring at others performance and in game actions then reporting them for not doing what you want. You dont like randoms or the random players then play in platoons, maybe even employ minions to carry out your mission whims. No right to complain about what you think someone is doing in a public game. Not a Limbo fan, not very capable with Limbo, I remember feeling slightly useless when I was levelling him.
  6. Is it just me? Sorry but it was some time back when I joined, but for some reason I have always thought giving plat to friends or family was against the rules and therefor could lead to a ban? But why would you only now know or be aware of a ban for that trade? I'm suspicious of everything, even my shadow.
  7. Except the OP wasnt scammed, he got plat from a "friend". No details, vague post, no amount mentioned, except it was "some time ago" and here we are with this guy playing the sympathy card and half of you excusing him. Does the ToS not state, as it does elsewhere, no plat purchases outside DE, no sharing plats between accounts? How much and in what manner did the OP receive this dodgy scam plat? Did OP trade this plat with other players for goods? If so, how many fellow tenno who did nothing wrong are in a negative plat balance due to the op getting plat from a "friend". Did he buy from DE? NO! Did he put hours of work into gameplay and sell some awsome Arcane/Riven/Prime ?? NO! He got plat cheap from a "friend". And we aint even seen the link to whatever guff he is spouting about swapping cosmetics for dodgy plat he got from a "friend". All smells like horse manure to me, anyone not spending money on plat via DE but getting it free or cheaper elsewhere is scamming DE and/or the players they trade with. The selling market is already a risk to many due to players trading dodgy plat. I only ever buy plat from DE because I got pretty concerned with how many were complaining about selling some rare item, only to be in negative plat weeks later. Its not like players scammed out of goods ever get the goods back, they simply get told to pay or no play. So do you think the op never "traded" the plat he sourced against ToS? You think after reading his posts he is a good guy or anal cavity? He can go do one as far as I am concerned, no sincerity or honesty is his original post, just some player who chose to take advantage of plat outwith DE "some time ago" therefor for some time may have been putting scammed dodgy filthy plat into the system or trades. He has not been forthright or honest so far, so he can call me a "boomer" all he wants, I paid for every bit of plat I ever have had via DE with money I work damn hard for. Getting called a "boomer" by a filthy plat scammer making up guff as he attempts to milk and take the urine out of DE. Please. Oh and those are not my words, a "friend" spoke them softly into my ear while not reading the OP's posts with a rose tinted glasses cosmetic gained via Twitch Prime that he got from a friend of a friend at a mates house who's dad knew a bloke that said its ok you can swap it for wallpaper if they catch you.
  8. These players who have mommies open accounts, obviously agreeing to the terms of service isnt a requirement these days or am I being sarcy.
  9. If you dont need anything dont spend it. If your looking for something to spend plat on then obviously you dont need that either. My opinion, farm and grind, maybe cosmetics, its not a lot of plat, chump change, so save it or earn more, one day you may be struggling for a part or slot. And if you think you may not play for a while why spend it. Cant remember when I last logged in, probably have around 10k plat? Well did have at one point, might have bought some deluxe skins with some of it.
  10. I played Beta, somehow lost the account or email provider for it, did have issues with the web browser log in back then. I even remember getting the Lato Vandal reward. This acount is just after beta, but I didnt bother with Founders as I was heavily investing in other games and didnt gel with WF during beta. Only came back in 2018 as my son asked me to show him my old account, he used to watch me play beta. I revisited via Steam (never used Steam for WF before) and had a bit of a weird wiped account as two different emails? But we had the introduction quest etc so all good. I had both Bratons which my lad thought weird. Though I never paid attention. Recently started an xbox account. But not really playing much as bored and playing WoT with my son a bit these days. 48yrs old.
  11. No sympathy. You should be punished severely for dealing with fake/dodgy/blackmarket plat. Simply put, its scummy players trying to rip off DE that put dodgy plat into the game that ends up with INNOCENT players getting ripped a new back passage when DE revoke negative plat trades. So some innocent player trades something worthwhile, then gets banned for negative plat, has to pay to get his account back, and loses whatever Riven or Prime item he sold on top of having to pay for the plat he didnt steal. So yeah, anyone buying or trading blackmarket plat should have their IP and account permanently banned. It is not like you didnt agree to TOS or understand that plat can only be purchased from specific sources. IE DE or the Xbox store.
  12. Kohm. Atterax. Lex. Nice starters that respond well with mods you can usually acquire as you progress through the star chart with.
  13. Really. 12h a day Tues to Sat, Sunday n Monday off. Used to be times where that could be 11 days or a regular 9 in a row. 3 kids, partner is part time, problems up to the eyeballs. But I still buy my plat, never sold anything to a player, only bought from. I have a PC account, xbox account, Switch account. Considering how much time I have, grinding for plat would be a less cost effective of grinding what I want versus spare time if it was mixed with time trying to trade with others for plat I can buy. Edit, an hour commute each way, still travelling home now. So with three jobs and kids, why cant u afford plat and where do u find the time?
  14. Just remember and pass your MR 9 mastery test 1st.
  15. Played WF for the 1st time in months after reading this thread last night. Working today, may try and grind the last 1k ducats I would need for this mod when I get home then take another break. Hopefully one day DE will see sense and release Excalibur Prime and founders kit. Most of them have quit, some left, many dont use Excal Prime. Here we are in 2020 and we cant get old irrelevant primes, and still DE lock minor prime cosmetics behind ludicrously priced pixel packaged containing frames and weapons we either farmed the RNG for or bought in a different overpriced bundle in previous years.
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