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  1. May I ask what Rank your current frames are and how they are modded? Your current frames are pretty good!
  2. I have kept every frame and weapon. Well at the start I didnt, it was a case of farm master free the slot. But it then became unnecessary. Well I build some up, forma them, some have the same, some different loadouts. Some just came to be, others I worked for, some I have memories of long grinds in, some were free. Nothing weird about keeping them, I invest in the game after all. But thats my PC account. I recently started an xbox account too, but wont be investing as heavily into that, player base is just non existent. So I build weapons n fram
  3. With Inaros I used to simply hit 1 to open an enemy up to finishers then simply while facing the affected enemy press the button to mellee that enemy. No spamming or spin to win just tap one sand in their eyes finisher and a bit of health back. Inaros was my most played frame, I actually have two with slightly different forma builds. The mechanic has only changed for me since the last patch. Not been back on pc since I noticed that to be honest, having started a fresh xbox account.
  4. There is now an interact key? Never used to be, hence me wondering what changed. That was on pc. So I now need to know how to interact on pc to get those finishers back, and learn them.on xbox too now.
  5. Not sure, but since the melee rework I haven't noticed being able to spam 1 and use finishers to regain health with Inaros. In fact, i'm sure I died once.
  6. RNG, wasnt that long ago I had around two or three in the same month. Caved in on that third one. Will probably use the next 75% off too.
  7. I prefer using the in game trade chat, but simple fact us its full of players trying to sell overpriced generic prime parts to less players looking for rare or specific parts. Players simply have to realise the majority dont want common prime parts. Learn your market, learn what is rare and worth ducats. I dont bother selling prime parts, i use them however rare for ducats, and use real money to buy plat from DE. But if I was trading I would do my homework and underprice slightly. Only selling sets or single vaulted. Another it
  8. Either spend real money or farm relics. Be aware though, you have no guarantee on keeping your account if you trade for plat, because if the plat is dodgy, they punish you, lock your account, expect you to pay to get it back and you never get the relics back. Its only guaranteed safe if you buy legit plat from DE.
  9. Do 10 games in a row and live broadcast the games showing your nitain rewards. Then ask why its no help.
  10. Hi all, maybe something obvious, I dont know, built a couple of kitguns ages ago and now I cant even remember what parts I chose, one may even be a ready built purchase. As I never took it serious I never paid attention to these builds, I am sure one is a Catchmoon, one a Tomfinger, but the other parts I am at a loss at, should I compare the look of parts or can I view them?
  11. Lotus event thingy? Played this last night, on the second it was a nightmare even with half decent weapons modded for radiation. Im sure a lot of average and new players are still struggling. I waa carried though both. Never thought of repeating the missions for drops. Maybe I should have.
  12. I returned to nothing near the end of 2018, within a few months I had done the star chart, done all the quests, reached Rank 16, built a complete Dojo on my own and completed most of its research. I now have all prime items bar some dual pistol, all frames, and duplucates. All I hunger for is to complete the Nightwave and get the Wolf armour. Still to max all syndicates, and POE and Fortuna. Also want to rank 30 and mod a lot of frames and kit. To be honest, its all a bit stale, but still want to log in when I have nothing to do.
  13. I maxxed out Red Veil and Steel Meridian, only left the captura scenes. Now I have added Suda and Hexis, but still with Meridian 15% sigil until im ready to level up Suda. Hexis detracts from red veil and no point doing that for now.
  14. I7 lol. In a $700 build. To play Warframe. I3 is enough, as are Ryzen lower priced quad cores. 1050ti saves on psu cost as it is availlable as motherboard power only. Two of my lads, one has a G3258, the other a Q9550. HD 7950 and 1050ti, both have 8gb of memory in their systems, running Windows 7 ultimate on 1080p monitors.
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