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  1. My kids occasionally play. No potatoes, and basically not enough endo capacity or mods to fill up their weapons anyway. I simply tell them to use what they have, and any endo put on the damage 1st, then elements. No point maxing as it limits them using mods in new weapons due to a lack of capacity. That comes with rank, then potatoes from events or Nightwave if they get back into the game.
  2. Maybe take a break from building and trading and let your credits build up.
  3. Been a while since I did it but I would continue killing the required target, take screenshots and then report it. If it isnt something obvious.
  4. So.... You gain mastery points every time you guild the same old crap your not interested in using? Or am I missing your point? Most likely as I was up to 3am drinking and now running late...
  5. What a load of rubbish. Micro transactions and content available via real money over the grind, as well as more elusive items as a perk of spending real money only strengthen the game. Has done for many an online game for years. And I actually meant the DE in game market, developed by DE. I would rather use plat to buy forma, umbra forma, aura forms, thsn grind Nightwave. I actually deferred from spending £92 on Wukong because of the game direction, my three kids stopped playing, and Nightwave was a part of that. What kills a game is grind walls and looking after free players more than paying customers. It actually kills real world retail too. Basic stuff really. Having a seperate currency for the trade chat like Ducats would remove the abuse of victims of fraud, as well as protect DE plat interests.
  6. It should be available for plat. And plat should only be buyable with real money. Warframe market should have a secondary currency and the store could have older and basic purchases available with that new currency. That way those who happily drop £90 or so every second month can have some feeling of it being worthwile investing in the game.
  7. Personally. No point in a three forma reward that requires three forma to reach, its just taken a reward out the table that requires effort for no reward yet needs done to progress. Its like someone with the tv remote asking you give them three apples, so they will let you get a bus, travel an hour to a supermarket at the other side of the city, in the rain, to buy three apples to return and be allowed to use the remote to turn the TV over. Common sense in grind pap like Nightwave shows you why the game has not really moved on in gameplay since 1904.
  8. Pretty peeved at this, I put myself out to watch the Stream begining to end, from one end of my city to the other and eventually home. The codes came up when I was at home watching via my PC, but I could not access the website, via game, Chrome, Firefox, getting the same message regarding some innactivity pap. So completely failed to get access to enter codes. Here I am now, with access, but codes have expired. Poor show.
  9. I prefered my Ignis Wraith over Fulmin, found Fulmin's range irritating, didnt jump out at me. Levelled straight after Arca Plasmor which I did enjoy. That said I did not invest heavily into Fulmin, so may well revisit. For general mob and farming containers, running through clearing levels etc Ignis is great. Fulmin felt a little meh, but to be honest, there is also a bucket load of weapons that do a similar job.
  10. I would rather buy maxxed prime mods with plat than farm the endo, took me months to get enough plat to max two mods recently. But the truth is, for a while most of it was way overpriced.
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