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  1. Why the hell should DE lift any ban. You the OP decided to be silly and do what a complete stranger told, which in itself is utterly pathetic. Maybe we would have less trolls if we had less idiots taking orders for them. Common sense, a rarity these days.
  2. 48yrs old here, played with a few older players in WoT but never used chat on WF. Would rather play pc games than watch tv soaps.
  3. I will probably be back after I get a bacon roll. After a few games I may switch off and play tanks. Anytime is always a good time to come back to Warframe. Even if its just to stomp through a low level capture and crack a relic. Edit, I once in the middle of a break from WF, popped solo into POE and went fishing, wreckless abandonment there eh!
  4. Lol @ drama queen. Sadly I lack the skill to complete the whole Nightwave season in an afternoon. With 12h shifts 5 days a week and three kids im being lazy. Regardless, two thick planks are what they are. If you need to obtain 300k standing to obtain a reward, you have to grind 300k. Makes it a grind, regardless of easy or hard. Not bothered about that, did a lot of grinding in many games. Was I complaining? Well I said I had quit and took a break, resigned to not finishing Nightwave, but stated I was pleasantly surprised as the last couple of game sessions allowed me to complete rank 30 due to the catch up mechanics. From around 2/3 or 1/5 into Nightwave I felt that was great. But I chose to do Nightwave instead of playing for Gauss blueprints. Might finish grinding for Gauss this weekend.
  5. Slots. Take your time spending, try and grind mods at 1st.
  6. Im happy, thought I was an old fart playing at 48yrs old lol. Glad to hear we have a more mature player base 😀
  7. Embassies? New weapon? I literally only came back a couple of days ago.
  8. I quite enjoyed the last couple of evenings on Warframe. I took a bit of time off WF and had made up my mind that there was no way I would be able to reach the operator suit. Pleasantly surprised with the infested missions and earning previous missions back. Sadly I just cant seem to get my lads back into it.
  9. Well it's rather basic, but if you want something that appears four times a day, and doing a single low level capture mission, or exterminate, or sabotage mission, well you have four chances a day to play a mission of your preference. Now if you want those rewards, you have no choice but to grind mission requirements to level up in Nightwave to get the required credits to purchase said items. Imagine the thickness of two planks. Imagine if a company was a large bottom, how hard would it be to see if your head was up that bottom. Now imagine the emphasis of someone believing the current Nightwave system was as simple for new players or casual players than alerts and does not force players choices in game. Anyone care to remember just how many casual missions awarded Nitian, basic melee weapons or helmets. Because I know for a fact I had and sold all those basic weapons, had more than enough Nitain, and had collected the majority of helmets, simply because every time an alert for something popped up I played a mission and got an instant reward. Oh and I usually chose only to do capture missions once that wow a new helmet factor wore off. So by taking away random rewards for single mission random alerts and replacing those rewards with a fixed rotation store that requires a currency that can only be gained by grinding missions specifically stated, then your sort of forced to do that. Or do without. Was it too difficult to leave the alerts reward table with alerts? I had no option but to grind Nightwave for the operator suit, oh, and i got a few more weapon skins. But would have quite happily bought some of that Nightwave fluff with Platinum, which itself seems a bit useless at certain stages when the only items of interest are locked behind a grind. Edit. I have every WF apart from Gauss, I have his chassis, thats it. Could buy him with plat, as plat and credits are items I am not short of. What I am short of is time, if I am grinding Nightwave for Umbra forma and an operator suit, im not grinding Gauss. Which leads me to dropping WF and playing something else, therefor spending money elsewhere. Fun fact. My eldest got into WF because he watched me play beta, my other son and daughter got into WF because their big brother played it, and dad started playing again. My lads are both in high school, my eldest pretty popular within a good group of friends who also got into WF, so that cascade effect netted quite a number of young players, and income, I know as I paid for a lot of what my lad requested. My three kids dont play anymore, their friends dont play anymore, their friends friends are not playing. They got fed up, disillusioned, unhappy, bored, and simply stopped. They are gone. Possibly they will visit again in years to come, but DE did something to lose their interest. My eldest was the biggest commited WF player I knew. Him and his friends on all the time. Now he laughs when I mention WF, mumbles about DE and the conversation is over. A bit of a shame. But no different from many game communities.
  10. I have been running that booster. So far I cannot say I have noticed any benefit whatsoever with it active. Not one memorable mod this week. Pretty pointless booster if you cant prove it works or see a benefit.
  11. I got to rank 30 last night, surprised as I had quit Nightwave and stopped playing weeks ago. The catch up features and new missions really helped these last few days 😊
  12. I lost a beta account, and had an old account wiped, but we are talking about a basic account from years ago. From before the game was on Steam. Logging into steam seemed to merge? my account if I remember correctly, something about my steam email being different from wf email. Wasnt really an issue for me, didnt lose anything of value really, though my codex showed a few experienced items I didnt have, but I had two sets of starter weapons if I remember. It was mixed up, but so was I, had been away for years lol.
  13. I am half way through Nightwave, my kids have quit WF, their pals have quit, im playing other games myself now. Sure some players like NW, but for many its not well implemented and tedious.
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