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  1. Hey! Invites have been sent out - if you haven't received one please make sure you're not already in a clan!
  2. Hi everyone! Invites are being sent out now~
  3. Hey everyone, invites have been sent out! @JudgeZero and @Vakkee, you've both been invited into Solar branch :)
  4. All invites have been sent out! @--Q--Chaos You're currently in a clan, could you please leave it and let us know so we can invite you?
  5. Hiya! Your invite will be waiting for you in your inbox~
  6. Hi! You should have recieved invites to the relevant clans - they'll be in your inbox!
  7. -CG-Squiddy

    ★ Celestial Gladiators - Recruiting Thread Moved!

    Hey! Yes they are, please message Notaveerus, -CG-ImMrBloo or myself ingame and we'll get you sorted! ❤️