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  1. Interesting ~ Thanks for sharing.
  2. This is in the Warframe phone app. You know, if this were any other game developer besides DE, i could categorize this Chroma Prime pic as being an intentional joke. But this is Bugframe after all, so i can only imagine that this is a placeholder ("PH" as DE calls it) image that DE forgot to replace.
  3. Raise the riven cap! how dare digital extremes set a max card number in your deck in the online trading card game known as warframe that is unacceptable how can you limit players to 90 cards in an online trading card game
  4. Can we get some skins for Ogris and Hind?
  5. Hind Wraith, Prisma Ogris, just do it
  6. Raise the riven cap!
  7. Raise the riven cap please
  8. Nani


  9. Prisma Ogris or Ogris Wraith or Vaykor Ogris would almost certainly have more CC than the base Ogris' 5%, even though Grineer weapon variants tend to have relatively low CC. So i understand your concern completely. My other Ogris riven is: +DMG +MS +SC +Recoil. That's my personal collection Ogris riven that i use for myself. It actually cost me more than 2k. 😄 Great Ogris rivens are hard to find. I want the roll you're looking for too. But i've seen the incredible number of Ogris kills that you have, and if anyone deserves to find that roll it's you.
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