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  1. Why can't we just automatically receive everything that drops in a mission? Having to run around vacuuming loot distracts from the main gameplay experience.
  2. This is happening to me too. Seems like the game breaks every time a major update is released.
  3. Using the neutral combo (Swift Retribution) on Decisive Judgement and the neutral block combo (Destined Path) on Blind Justice. Which one would deal more damage? I know the mobility with the dash on Blind Justice is really good, but I can't decide between which one I should use. They both have forced slash procs which is good for viral builds.
  4. The set bonus remains at 60% increase in critical chance despite only having the 3 warframe mods equipped, none on the melee weapon and Helios/Deconstructor not being used. The increase is not real during gameplay.
  5. I have discovered that, some of the time, upon killing an index enemy, they will not drop coins or the coins immediately despawn. I run over their bodies and I don't pick anything up, I check the surrounding area, nothing.
  6. Can you remove the 100 Murex cap please? Some people aren't able to achieve 5000 points before all the Murex are gone, which means they need to go to another Flotilla. This could bug your progress on the first Flotilla so you don't get the rewards from it.
  7. Well it's not like we as players can do anything else. Report the bug and wait for DE to fix.
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