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  1. TYPE: In game
    DESCRIPTION: when in an elevator sister of parvos and hound spawns outside the map or glitched inside a wall.
    REPRODUCTION:  being in an elevator when the sister appears in your mission
    EXPECTED RESULT: ability to fight them
    OBSERVED RESULT: glitched inside wall or outside the map, unable to fight them.
    REPRODUCTION RATE: 2 times it has happened, both i was in elevator. in corpus ship spy tileset, elevator vault. they appeared in the wall unreachable.

  2. First of all, the effects are a bit out of control, void storms are generating so many damaging fissures it's hard to stay alive, not to mention the particle explosions. then we have the void storm effect from outside, the RJ portion glitching inside the ships and causing massive energy tails that follow players everywhere. combined with (seems that it's the only one) pre-objective in RJ about hacking and dealign with drones, where you're constantly assailed by electric arcs...you have a cluster#*!% of effects and it's very disorienting.

    Also after 4 hours of farming supposedly 10% drop chance for sevagoth parts and getting nothing i'm a quite disappointed and rather "annoyed". it takes long to do one of the RJ missions and even with 3 rewards the parts never show up...


    EDIT (out of context for this update but general complaint): why is this a Rated18 videogame with age verification required on the youtube channel but we can't write simple curse words in the forums. Why make it +18 then?

  3. the mission is extremely good, one of the best

    BUT 15 minutes to complete one void storm run and have a low chance at a sevagoth part is not ok... Please those void storm missions are already hard and one-shot me constantly, why do I have to do a full lenght RJ mission on top of it....it takes so long to get nothing out of them.

    • TYPE: In-Game
    • DESCRIPTION: Gunnery intrinsics rank 10 makes it impossible to aim at turrets or anything other than enemy ships. it locks you constantly when aiming. Once unlocked this Intrinsics perk can't even be disabled for preference.
    • VISUAL:
    • REPRODUCTION: aim at anything while there's a ship nearby, turret snaps to it and doesn't let you aim at turret or anything else. specially bad when multiple enemies around.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: ability to cancel lock and aim at ship turrets or asteroids/envioronment, battery guns and similar.
    • OBSERVED RESULT: crosshair while aiming is perma-locked on enemies and won't let me aim anywhere else
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: all the time in RJ when there are enemies present
  4. This is probably not all the problems i've encountered but some of the most annoying ones.


    -Combat and mission flow GREATLY stopped by forcing all players to board ship for the last part of missions. (I thought RJ point was to have one person aboard and one on "outside" duty). This is an awkward decision considering it wasn't a requirement for sentient assault missions or any grineer missions back then. why is it mandatory now?

    -Veil proxima mission length is too much. 2 pre-mission objectives while your ship is being shot to death? a bit too much.

    -Difficulty scaling, specially in Veil proxima is also a bit too much. Have to resort to melee to deal with super tanky enemies and build  warframe specifically for survival. When melee is nerfed what will we do?

    -RJ related enemies are also rather difficult and don't show well how to deal with their shields and what they do. Specially true for the corpus crew ships. Ignoring them all together is the best solution right now.

    -orphyx venom difficulty scale is also a concern, very easy to fail mission because of sentient control levels.

    -energy economy in RJ needs to be addressed and improved. using non-energy warframes in RJ is nearly impossible right now and energy warframe rely incredibly in energy builds + restores spamming or protea.  This update forced me for the first time in 8 years of warframe to bind energy pizzas to a button so i can use them quickly then get back into pilot seat. I've always been against the idea of spamming restores to be able to perform well in missions.

    Overall, the update is actually very fun, the concepts implemented are the right ones in my opinion but scaling, difficulty and length feel too much even with "meta" equipment.  considering that nerfs are incoming in the future, this might be a problem and could deter players from engaging.

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    • TYPE: In-Game
    • DESCRIPTION: If you start a new mission after another in RJ and you're in the pilot seat, the end-of screen mission locks the game and you can't do anything at all except force quit the game.
    • VISUAL:  end-of mission screen on top of everything, can't interact
    • REPRODUCTION: When starting a new mission from another finished node then getting on pilot seat during loading (before end of mission screen appears)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: ability to play
    • OBSERVED RESULT: stuck in end of mission results UI screen, unable to do anything. buttons not working.
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: reproduced 2 times. tiresome having to force quit the game all the time so haven't tried more.
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