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  1. The only difficulty that exists in this game is "artificial difficulty", where enemies are tanky as hell so you need to shoot them for longer. Doesn't actually make it harder though since you're still going to be invincible. This game is literally easy as hell, and that includes Steel Path (it's not hard, it's literally just a gear check, DE only increased enemy EHP without doing anything else) A way to make this way difficult would be enemies that are smarter, can counter our abilities, and force us to use our brain for once, but I guess that's never going to happen because as soon as we get a challenge that actually requires this magical thing known as "effort", the community is going to cry about it. It sucks.
  2. IMO what DE should do is change rotations in endless missions to the arbitration rotation. Basically, AABBCCCCC... Also, rework rewards in general because they're absolutely terrible. Those 3000 credit caches, crappy mods and 80 endo shouldn't be a thing in higher level missions. Make the missions actually worth the player's time. Also give better rewards for doing endless SP missions so there's an actual point in doing those. Acolytes shouldn't be the only reason to do them.
  3. The problem with "difficult content" in this game, is that it's not really difficult. From what I see, DE's definition of "difficulty" is making enemies bullet spongy as hell without changing anything else. (Steel Path, for example, and also Sisters, in a way.) In order to add real difficulty to the game, we need to either overhaul the game so we can get that difficulty, or add new mechanics of some kind that actually require you to use your brain instead of nuking the whole map or going full shoot shoot mode to kill stuff instantly. Bullet sponges aren't difficulty, stupidly high damage resistances are not difficulty. It just makes missions take longer and forces you to use cheese builds to do them quicker, it doesn't actually make them harder. Content that would be actually difficult would require you to actually think before acting, instead of mindlessly killing everything on the map or shooting at an enemy for 10 minutes while using an immortal tank frame.
  4. I can confirm the damage reduction is BS. I have a forma'd Kuva Tonkor with a really great Riven and it tickles them, literally does no damage. I know rapid fire weapons are better (which, by the way, is just really stupid), but my Spectra Vandal which melts enemies even on SP takes mimnutes to kill a level 5 sister, which, by the way, is really annoying, as they keep teleporting around and going invisible and if I don't damage them in time they instantly restore their shields. I have to keep chasing them around, instead of a fight, it just ends up being a game of hide and seek. It's a really stupid attempt at artificial difficulty.
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