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  1. What is this?? let this cooldown thingy be unique to Sanctuary Onslaught alone, please. As for the rest, i'd say no. It's fine as it is now. Only arbitration reward table that needs improvement imo.
  2. Something so simple from the outside doesn't always mean it's also simple on the inside. I wouldn't say that it wouldn't require a lot of work. They never tell/show us how they develop their game technically. So please never underestimate their work.
  3. I see Defense mission is the best choice to make use of affinity sharing mechanic since enemies will approach the defense objective that you are trying to protect. Players will stay near the defense objective most of the time. I think forming a squad in purpose for affinity farming is the best way to rank up stuff fast just like @Jiminez_Burial said. If i am too lazy to recruit players for affinity farming I will just jump into a defense missions that i know have a small tileset and try to keep myself in affinity range of others while killing enemies. What i think about your suggestion is that it will lead to exploitation of others effort in order to get affinity by doing little to nothing effort from yourself. Sadly such exploitation already exist which almost kind of a feature itself and people are doing this in the game even without such aura.
  4. The wasted potential that i see is this. I know I only have a small number of shards and cores. I am sure many players in this community have more of those things more than me. but still it is a potential wasted if left to accumulate in inventory. Yeah man. You get what I mean. I just thought and hoped that, perhaps, we will get an Amp that performs better which makes use of shards/cores we already gathered in the future update.
  5. This can be a good option to this idea considering the amount of cores we get after capturing eidolons are higher than the shards. Does it? Could it be that converting eidolon shards to get focus points so that you can spend it on your focus school to make you stronger and able to capture Hydrolyst faster also seems pretty stupid to you?
  6. They have the option to put it in NPC(like Onko/LD)'s offering. Whether it is worth using or not, we don't know. Again, we don't know. The devs might have a different opinion.
  7. Here's what i have in mind: Make an Amp that requires special magazine crafted from eidolon shard variants. The higher the shard tier, the higher the damage that the Amp has. Probably different magazine blueprint for different shard tier is needed to differentiate the crafted magazine tier. The usage of the magazine is by installing it to the Amp just like the way players install Amp arcanes. The reason behind this idea is to make use of the Eidolon Shard variants as the magazine for an Amp. I am sure some players already have eidolon shards piled up in their inventory, especially the regular eidolon shard. heck! I even saw an MR 9 player already has ±200 capture count on hidrolyst recently.
  8. I like the previous melee system better. There will be an option to enable the old one, right? :( I feel the current melee system is uncomfortable to use. Also having to aim in order to launch exodia contagion's projectile is annoying to me.
  9. The coolant canister vanished when i swapped weapon while in archwing mode. I already sealed 3 and i just need 1 last fracture to finish it. this bug wasted 10 minutes of my time just to start over again.
  10. Oof... but this has to be fixed anyway. Thank you.
  11. NICE! I don't want to look funny anymore.
  12. I thought it was actually interesting. Well then, good bye long trail fx.
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