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  1. I am aware of that. Eximus' aura also still runs when the enemy emitting the aura got impaled by Garuda's blood altar. I agree that every enemy's special abilites should be disabled when under blood altar's effect. That will give blood altar another good utility besides healing.
  2. Ancient Healer (regular and corrupted), for unknown reasons, now able to dispel Garuda's blood altar whenever it applies its damage reduction effect to enemies affected by blood altar. It also prevent enemies from being targeted by blood altar as long as said enemies are under the effect of its damage reduction. I don't think it is what Ancient Healers supposed to do. Nullifiers are enough for blocking and neutralizing warframes ability. Tested in simulacrum and in mission.
  3. I can already see PlayerA: LF Hydron exp farm. must have booster PlayerB: LF titanium farm. booster required In Warframe where everything is about grind, this "booster sharing" will (highly) cause boosters a mandatory thing for every farming activities considering how easy boosters can be obtained and then limiting players from joining squads from recruit chat because they don't have the boosters required in order to be able to join. I don't think I'll like that.
  4. I am down for the Kuva Lich system overhaul. or rework. or whatever it may be called. I believe DE can change it to a better, good thing to enjoy, SOON™. but i can't guarantee how SOON™ it is.
  5. Lich system needs an overhaul, not a rework. I feel like 90% of what we do in Old blood update is to hunt lich thralls. It's not a kuva lich hunt, but trash mob hunt. It's not challenging, but just a nuisance, boring stuff. good thing DE already updated it so we can ditch the kuva larvlings on missions whenever we meet one.
  6. I'd like Void Key System back. It gives me challenge and reasons to stay longer in mission for rewards and, perhaps, competition and teamwork.
  7. IMO: Shield - Vidar Engines - Vidar Reactor - Vidar Weapons - Vidar (Zetki has high damage per-shot, but it's usage lifespan is too short. just my personal preference.) Avionics - Vidar (actually, there's no best about this one. personal preference matters. I also use Zetki for specific stats such as Zetki Bulkhead, Zetki Hyperstrike, and Zetki Forward Artillery).
  8. I just use vauban with 280% range. cast vortex and when the boarders are all pulled to it you just need to give them chop chop... or kill using your guns.
  9. I am sure there has to be something in this area. I was trying to do solo run at Kasio's Rest - Saturn and got this asteroid base missing its texture. No, this is not the first time I encountered this bug. That was the last objective I had to do to finish the mission. If you notice that there are no UI displayed in that image above, No, I did not turn off the "Show HUD" feature. I was at the forge trying to get craft a dome charge. When I leave the forge UI via Esc button the UI suddenly disappeared. No way to get UI back and lost nearly an hour of gameplay and loot because I was unable to continue the mission due to missing UI, asteroid base texture, and could not find a way to enter that thing. Edit: Second attemp at Kasio's Rest and the asteroid base still missing its texture, but this time the view is from Railjack pilot room and without the disappearing UI bug. Additional UI bug: Mission objective "Disable the Pulse Turbine" missing its directive. This bug occurs in the same mission (Kasio's Rest).
  10. I do have a reason behind my statement. A well-designed co-op multiplayer game always requires human as a player in order for it to be a multiplayer game, not multibot game. This game as a whole is solo-able (including eidolon variant and big spider variant). Yet this game has no game mode that contribute to a real co-op experience when it is meant to be a co-op focused game like I quoted above. People keep complaining about something not solo-able in-game when it's meant to be played as a team. Meanwhile, here I am wondering why everything has to be solo-able in a co-op focused game like this. I don't want to compare this game to other games because this game was not made based on those games you mentioned. Warframe is Warframe. Edit: Wait, I don't remember posting a comment in this thread. (•.•?
  11. I just hope that DE would make railjack un-solo-able. Just like LoR and JV. Both were the only un-solo-able mission in-game. I guess it's just a false hope then.
  12. I thought the Warframes were shy. Now they don't.
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