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  1. There is a genius in the fan concept section. I really like his Chroma and Ember rework ideas. His name Endrian. I suggest anyone reading this check it out
  2. @Almighty_Jado Cant wait wait to see it. Also I used the Mythic Weapons idea I posted in this thread in a different post. Dont worry I modified it so that people didnt mistake it as your Legion of Tau. Just wanted to let you know just in case you came across it.
  3. Yeah the lackluster Enemy AI hasnt killed the imersion of many long time players. After yrs of a one sided slaughter players actually want a challege
  4. I think he is saying due to autism he misunderstood something something Jado wrote in the thread. Which is cool hes not flauting it around like you wrote
  5. I like the idea of new enemy types, but also the addition of how depending on which House these units are apart of, influences the Enemy tactics. Been asking for AI improvement for years. This would be a cool way to implement it.
  6. No prob. I have been researching different games for inspiration to possibly add to this idea. I hope DE pays attention to this idea its really well throught out.
  7. Some possible additions to smooth things out. The cores you get to upgrade Mythic Weapons can be brought/traded from other players
  8. Good Afternoon everyone i hope everyone is having a great day. I have ben lurking on the forums and saw some ideas that when combined could make a nice addition to Tau. So I was thinking of new weapons called Mythic Weapons could work. Not only are they powerful but they also evolve(Evolvable Weapons was created by someone else.) 1.) What are Mythic Weapons? Mythic Weapons are lost weapons that were made to finally wipeout the sentients using sentient parts. However the Orokin Empire fell before they could be put to use. Over the centuries their power have dwindled and must be restored 2.) How to acquire? Well I was thinking the actually base blueprint should be obtained from a special vendor, a descendent of the orokin scientist who played a part in the weapons creation who wants the to aid the tenno. You acquire standing with this Vendor by killing sentients in Tau. You then buy the Unrestored weapon. (I was thinking the starting stats of the weapon shouldnt be anything special). I know DE has to make money so the base weapon is purchasble with plat. But you cant buy higher tiered versions of it. 3.) How to evolve? So this Restoration system is a combination of the Kingbin System, Artifact Restoration system from Neverwinter. By killing high ranking Sentients you acquire a variant core. Each time you kill a the target sentient it becomes more powerful(Health, AI intelligence, Attack Variation, Immunity, Ability Suppression, etc). This is to prevent a vet from cheesing this system by killing the Sentient at the same diffuculty. To give a clear representation, I shall now write a scenario. I farmed enough standing to buy the Foxfire Pistol. I then use the Kingpin system to track and kill Rathius, the Fox King(Alpha Lupulyst Variant). Each kill drops a Rathius Core. You then proceed to use the cores to restore/upgrade the Foxfire Pistol. 4.) Tiers So their are 5 tiers(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 stars/ or I could make up names for the tier.) Universally each Weapon require the same number cores to upgrade. Subject to Change 0 to 1 = 3 cores 1 to 2 = 5 cores 3 to 4 = 8 cores 4 to 5 = 11 cores Tiers 1 - 3 only does stat increase Tiers 4 - 5 increases stats and and gains a ability the target sentient has. Also from tier 4 - 5 the strength of the ability increases. Tier 5 gains a specific visual aura surrounding it. 5.) Aesthetic/ Appearence Each physical weapon has features similiar to the the Target Sentient. I love the weapon designs of Warframe but i imagined these weapons looking similiar to something like The Whisper of the Worm sniper from Destiny 2. Also for each upgrade, improves the Appearence of the weapon like the Evolvable Skins from Fortnite. @Almighty_Jado I dont know if this idea could work in this concept but i hope it could add a cool task for Veterans to perform. Higher Tier players could finally have something show off. Note: I am open to constructive criticism, i consider myself a very open minded person.
  9. Good Morning everyone hope everybody is having a great day. @Almighty_JadoJust to let you know im glad The Legion of Tau can still be built upon, since from what i got from the NEW WAR trailer is that it wont occur in Tau but possible a middle ground between Sol and Tau systems. Which is why if im correct Steve said he wanted us to use railjack explore the unexplored zones outside the solar system Im not sure if he did say those word. im pretty sure like everyone else i was crying from the emotional overload
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