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  1. hmmm what will happen to temple royal when the melee update comes out also has a anime fan have you watch a great anime called overlord i think you guys would like it if you haven't watch it yet also have a great rest of year and next year
  2. you do know the shield dosent have the insta kill effect right only the claws
  3. im making this post becasue of the fact that garuda dread ward augment is so broken it not usble becasue the mirror dosent do enouge damage to make it worth while and i had a idea make the dread ward into a bubble shield while it may sound stupid it works better then become unkillbie for 5 secs when it rips the life force out of emeny which it really cant at all becasue of the fact that the mirror deal such low amonts of damage them selfs that it makes it moot the bubble shield would make a four shield tringle around garuda and protect her on all side for a set amount of health for each dread mirror that they can be destroyed and that is my idea and i hope de reads this i dont want to be mean but the dread ward is to broken to let it be this way for years to come
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