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  1. The bounty rewards for Tier 4 to Tier 5 sometimes does not make sense. Shouldn't 5 always give more than 4? The Mother tokens in this case today give more in the Tier 4 than the Tier 5. Images
  2. Rocket launchers take "Sniper" Ammo. Rocket launchers are categorized as Assault weapons for Sorties
  3. TYPE: Hemlith DESCRIPTION: If you infuse an ability first, putting an Orokin Reactor removes the infused ability VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: You infuse an ability first, add an Orokin Reactor to a frame EXPECTED RESULT: Shouldn't I keep the infused ability? OBSERVED RESULT: Removes and resets abilities REPRODUCTION RATE: Unsure
  4. TYPE: Mission DESCRIPTION: No XP Gain from Destroying the Machines VISUAL: No Numbers REPRODUCTION: Go to Saturn Sabotage Enceladus EXPECTED RESULT: I remember in the past after you destroy each mining machine you get XP OBSERVED RESULT: No XP at all REPRODUCTION RATE: Go to Saturn Sabotage Enceladus destroy the mining machines
  5. After infusing abilities, I think it would be optimal to be able to reorder abilities. After reaching rank 30 for any warframe you will be able to reorder the ability the slot you want instead of have it locked it 1 2 3 4. This would be especially helpful for console players since their controller habits will cause them to tend to click certain things in certain orders. If you forma the reorder will reset since you have to level up again.
  6. TYPE: Lephantis Boss Fight DESCRIPTION: Kuva Nukor I think causes the boss to be unkillable on the last phase VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Use kuva nukor on last phase of the boss EXPECTED RESULT: Lephantis does not die OBSERVED RESULT: The mission cannot be completed REPRODUCTION RATE: Just this instance in the video, I don't like fighting lephantis
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