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  1. The best way to maybe solve this issue is to be able to queue up multiple items of the same type. The main problem is when you build/claim items in the foundry with a huge amount of blueprints, is it overloads the RAM. I have over 1000+ blueprints and it makes me have to build 6 items then wait for the RAM to go down. Claim the items slowly, or it will crash the game. For example, instead of building one cipher at a time or build the 10x cipher for a minute, make it possible to build the item and ask for an amount of ciphers that are possible to build. Make it possible to queue up item like build all my 56 Forma, but you have to claim it 56 days from now. Build 1000 ciphers but it will take 1000 minutes, which is roughly over a day. This will make it so that claiming items won't overload the RAM usage.
  2. Scanner with controller activates channelling
  3. The latest hotfixes are not displaying in the forums.
  4. K Drive grinding on controller doesn't work
  5. Melee block and aim glide does not work if you only have a melee equipped on controller.
  6. Aborting Plains of Eidolon still counts as Mission Failed/Quit’ to either orbiter or cetus, it's been boosting my mission fail and quit rate cause I know it still saves progress.
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