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  1. Gameplay vs Lore, same way you not die forever and can continune in other games, problematic it is only when peopel like DE foolishly tries to explain a game mechanic as lore. Then the confusion starts.
  2. It could be basically a spinning wheel and press ok for what you get or repeat till you get what you want. And this si the main problem in the system, it has no gamepla,y same for Kuva Missions the Siphon can be ignored on Nightwaver or doing Lich like this and the main objective has no connection whatsoever aswell. This is the main problem the game has overall, new "content" that not connects to any or feel to isolated.
  3. Well, that or you have generous friends or guild mates trading one for a common mod.
  4. While we at it, mabye more then one scan spot at once in those "open worlds"? Whoever thought it was a good idea to copy past the spawn system for those on maps of those size belongs fired.
  5. Can agree on this. But i say this, the thing is, it is an "event" so at least one mission you could expect, a fun one, you not have to grind, something quick you can be done with and repaly if you want more like let's jsut say simple firework items as rewards, not much but something fun for an "EVENT" after all. This is kidna one of the biggest problem again in most games, such events, anniversaries, etc. not celebrate anything anymore, it just turns into work or here handed out like it not exists. A event should be something quick and fun, not feel forced adn should not be mandatory
  6. Inb4 people blame it once again on Corvid for DE making a Halloween event like this. DE's working shedulde, make sometihng, serve it halfbaked, see how people react and then forget about it till it is to late and or mix and move things so much they not maek sense anymore. On top, i said it in another thread already, timegated events with lore are a bad idea already. Instead of once again exploring and evolving around what DE has already, stuff gets shoved in to be "content" without evolving it or vanishing after some time due limited events, see also Nightwave for such, no impact on
  7. Timegated one that will vanish when this is over and only MIGHT come back just like plague star itself, i still can't believe DE is doing this, events with lore in it is a bad idea as it is, see past events especially around Alad V and such screwing the timelines it goes, like healing him yet still meet him infected afterwards.
  8. Yet they never focus long on thins as soon a new project comes up, solution, use the goddamn money you make and make the team bigger, get a team that reworks old stuff, with input of the old of course still but gives them more time to breath. I love DE but they act like EA and other companies by now like they not have enough money from all those sales or so. Because if income is lower then the year before it not counts as profit for some goddamn reason, i expereinced this first hadn in a fodd store of all places even. I blame the investors and chinese overlords for this mostly tho. I jsut wish
  9. Good thing i uninstalled today, i still will follow for info but good to see DE still has odd priorities, this Helmith System was so worth it to see waht needs fixing only to fix minor things instead of reworks, Eclipse needed a full change, not this. I still not understand people that praise you for every little thing that should be normally given as normal by testing the game only once. I used to praise too, but after such a long time seeing how things go like this, this game will burn down, it started out in glory but will be forgotten soon as another mediocore AAA attempt wanting to m
  10. Teaser is one thing, a full releaase another, i believe it when i see it and in a not halfbaked state only to drop it after when it not fully works out. Right? Railjack Part 3 anyone?
  11. Sadly i fear exactly how it will be, like with Railjack, Scarlet Spear, Lichs and others released and them going on holidays right away. Sure we get hotfixes but once again released unpolished as always. Also Corpus Liches are planed yes, but if we get them is questionable, i remind you on the third Orb, or hell Duvari Paradox we never heard anything anymore about, or things just left in the air like Focus, Allignement itself forgotten even literally and admitted adn dropped after.
  12. PvP is dead already and never bothered by DE to do any, on top of forgotten like so many, Frame Fighter was another "fun sideproject" only to be dropepd right away already, now new fighters to unlock anymore and all.
  13. And this is yet the same mistake people make about this, those are two groups wanting this, one wants content, the other wants polished updates, the community is not one sentient being, we are countless people with opinions and own views, who whould had thought. Could people stop pretending it is the exact same people that ask this, sure some can existthat do but they not speak for all of us, so please, i am tire of seeing this kind of comments, use your brain and think about it, those are different peopel with different opinions that get mixed into this mess, DE has to choose a side, and they
  14. I do agree on this a lot, tho on Railjacak and Lichs it is partly DE's fault still, hyping it themself, comparing to Shadow of Mordor with Lichs and "it is the Battle Of Endor" with Railjack. There fancy trailers not help, i remember when the Trailers like Alad V reflected the actual gameplay still showing the Warfraem abilities, now it is every generic AAA company. A lot not wanna hear this but DE themself evolved in a bad direction, but also communities fault of course, while DE simply seems to listen to the wrong people or not reacting to feedback, needing things like the Helmith
  15. Basically this, yet Equinox still does it also like this with her bleeding, yet no issue? Ember was quick for low extermination, that's it sadly, and WoF Augment made her somewhat more survival able due the CC, now it is micromanagment costing way to much energy go what it does, while Mesa and alike have still 90% damage reduciton skills for far less and not affecting there damage. You get used to new Ember but i personally hate this rework since it not helped much at all.
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