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  1. Gara already? *crys in Zephyr*
  2. In before people claim to solo it still and they need the "challange".
  3. Kuva Survival refers to Kuva Fortress Survival. Not the Kuva Siphons specific wise. It is not complicated, just not described well.
  4. I agree here, it isn't at least like most ads or so forcing you to watch it for 30 seconds or more, it only is on your mail here when he is there, not on other games *coughs* EA Battlefront or other EA games *coughs* which keeps slapping the season pass or what not in your face everytime you start the game or launcher, here it is market and all, optional only when you use the market, and even then it is not in your face as much.
  5. I doubt it slowly, seing how some got a few reworks but some still are bad, look at Zephyr, she not even gets her Deluxe skin, Inaros i fear will be in the same boat due how unpopular he is, only niche for nightmare without shields which also got replaced by Nidus aswell. DE pumped to many frames out in to less time, giving less time to rework properly, on top of rework they have ot think of Leviran lore and Nighwave lore and challanges, instead of making it quests or syndicats with some twitsts to maek them stand out. We got to much of a mess, code wise, lore wise and gameplay wise and it stacks up givign less and aess time for older things, look at Cetus and Fortuna, some tweaks and graphcial updates at best but Cetus as example not got the Forutan treathment for like standing with Ticker on Fortuna, updating old thing to things that work as example simply, now already abandoned and forgottne, on to the next big project to only leave that again aswell probably. Inaros was great with his quest but DE acts liek some frame not seem to exist at all anymore.
  6. Only once, but you need to manually rank up sitll, only without a sacrifice.
  7. This here. Sadly a theme in most games, especially in MMO's, it's marketing, even the Warframes are like this, poster childs are often female on Covers by now. I prefer playing females myself but it does feel unfair how underwhelming armor fro males or male Warframes can be.
  8. Because fashion and kinda standards, easiest solution, both designs for both genders, so options are open. I personally get tired fo this male/female difference in games overall. I prefer games when armor is the same for both genders and onyl differ on specific ones but not all, we seen this sadly already with Emissary Nightwave Operator armor already. For the sake of fashion a game should keep it open and optional and stop enforcing genderstereotypes simply.
  9. Could people stop this, please. You compare TWO sides of the community, it is NOT the same people complaining, it is TWO sides. Guess what, people are individuals with different views on things. Could people stop posting those almost by now meme answers towards such?
  10. High range and duration Nyx CC build helped me at any interception so far, while also deploying some specters maybe at each point. Clem, Syndicat and Warframe Specter all at once are possible.
  11. It is the visuals simply, people see things different, the "scan wave" we keep emitting it is irritating honestly, why does it exist as fancy effect at all. Why does it not highlight if not very close simply. The bad design in this is simply how it goes away from all we had in this game so far, imagine i play a racing game and suddenly it wants you to play on foot and climb up walls to find some collectable. It isn't hard, it simply can be frustrating, some people are simply having a hard time with certain effects, like motion sickness or weak to bright lights, i as example get literal headache of the Eidolon fights, it is way to much even on low settings. The visuals are just a mess, pretty or not.
  12. Normally yes, it not affects his normal schedule.
  13. Extra loot and free stuff not means necessary good, as extreme example, if i crap in your garden it is also free but do you want it and is it good? Probably no. This idea simply benefits no one at all and only piles up the code on top if you want to go deep, adding more coding and stuff that no one needs still takes space, work and time. DE not benefits from it and most players not need it also, sure new players at the start will be happy probably but only then to realize it piles up later trough progression. It not is good in anyway as much you look at it.
  14. Marine027


    Wolf is in Nightwave.
  15. This here. Besides we have so many slash weapons, including already enough heavy blades.
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