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  1. They are no decorations, the deco you mean is buyable on Cetus for Cetus standing. Capture is for standing and items you trade things in for.
  2. It should be sometihng to exchange those for Nightwave creds or Credits itself at least, Same issue with Dex Syandana stacking up if you help friends and unable to sellf it, Dex Weapons you at least get a free weapon slot and can sell addiitonal weapons for Credits. Same should go for double Emotes and Armor like the Wolf stuff for people who have them already, something you can at least sell even if it is not much, it is better then sitting on it then like useless rocks.
  3. One thing i wish since day one and trough the updates in game is, Syndicats, reworks of there Death Squads and Syndicates overall to make the game more lifely and them having more impact. Second thing would be Invasions, a ble to happen live and having impact aswell, Corrupted Vor and Corrupted Units invading due a damged portal, Factions invading directly and taking over nods all over the places, able to let mission change always and at any time, let bosses and mini bosses appear more often, Gustrak assisitng agaisnt Alad V and Zanuka, SArgas Ruk fighting corrupted units and infested. Show them more active on the battlefield. I had such to a minor instance on Lua, Corpus vs Grineer Exterminate, Sentients apepared adn Gustrak did aswell, Sentients fought the Gustrak while Corpus fired at both and Grineer asssited aswell against Corpus and Sentients. Gustrak lost and i watched from a far but it was epic in my eyes becasue it was out of the ordinary simply, it was as random as it can gets, one isntance back then was in when we had Void Keys still, Stalker and Corrupted Vor fought each other there aswell. Now you see such never at all again, not even story wise or even in Railjack i would wish for a fleet to warp in and fight the other factions as example.
  4. I not wanted to remove the context and mainly wanted to point out that everythign can be fun with friends simply, forgive me if i made it sound wrong.
  5. On top of solar rails which was scrapped for the juncitons which made the map change once agian the fifth time or so and for railjack as this big epic space adventure. Which so far is onyl different type of exterminations each mission so far, not played far yet so but if the first 6 misisons are the exact same then what should i expect of the rest. solar rails should come back in some way besides as junctions, i mean we still have the research for it after all.
  6. That is sadly the main problem of most games, EVERY game can be fun with friends, why people play even games like Fallout 76 still or simple board games, socializing and having fun is possbile nearby, not meaning the game is good tho, i can still laugh with friends while game is broken beyond playability still as example, i still have fun. Is it the game i have fun with? Probably not. Is it me having fun with friends i know and can interact with? Yes. This statement simply counts on alot of games and people fail to see that a game can be a failure even if you have fun, of course you can love a game but you still allowed to critisize it, yet people are ok as it is due blinded by the "fun" they had with it, not realizing it's there friends they have the fun with, not the game itself.
  7. Good luck with that, DE sadly has a habit of ignoring and forgetting old parts of the game like this, Simaris research, Codex, etc. And i am sure the Leverian will be the exact same. Instead of expanding on existing things like the Codex and SImris we goten something lacking like Nora and Nightwave is story and lore wise. Another gimmick slapped on and soon™ be forgotten again. I wish tho this would be a start to give glory back to the codex, especially leading players activly to it, since the game hasa big problem of never explaining anything to you.
  8. NOW they "fix" this? We asked for better vaccum on Archwing for years. It needed a huge battleship to fix this and it's not even a good fix with this. It is still a looter game mostly, why DE? Why make things hard on purpose? I've lost some friends by now of this game, a lot not like your direction you go and the bugs you cause and lack of focus, Railjack was supposed to be THIS MAIN UPDATE, and so far i seen a lot are unhappy with it, and don't get me started on the Lichs. I not even touched Lichs at all yet and never want to, same for Railjack, i lost my damn interest in it the closer it gotten now thanks to how things turned out. All i do is login for daily login and be done lately, i not even farmed prime frame or weapons lately or other things, maybe i am just burned out also but loosing friends to this is sad.
  9. People will sitll use it for one simple reason, loot, it's 3rd ability to suck all in around due the inbuild vacuum in AW are ****. Especially with AW you might miss a rare mod or so you not own yet since they drop so rare already, or the resourses for Razorback keys, etc. While in open world plains you not really need the other Archwings for battle, movement is all we need, which K-Drive was supposed to be fore and "fun" but failed misserably.
  10. I use her for Interception a lot, one of the still good CC frames, damage is not everything. Before anyone wanst to change her, i rather not have more reworks after Ember now.
  11. The problem with Umbra i see is, first off, scrapped idea of Umbra frames overall, second, More Umbra mods technically means more bonus the more you equip, meaning they eather have to make them into sets like lets say gladiator, forcing you to use certain combinations, and or remove the bonus and increase them indicidualy so you can choose what you want. Also as ES-Flinter said: Power creep is enough by now. Personal opinion, i like the Umbra Story but Umbra itself is a failure, same bandaid as Rivens. Mods not help the whole fiasco they written themself in with those. We need mod rebalancing, making old mods more worthwhile and stop makign new mods that simply outdate old ones way to far, we have that with weapons and frames already which is fine since that is more natural to outdate older tech, mods tho are a gameplay mechanic that needs a deep look into.
  12. The thing i not like about her new kit is the micromanagement, to much work for not as much output, compare her heat armor to like Gara's Shard Shield or Mesa's while the still kill alot without much effort, Ember runs out of energy way to fast even with efficiency builds, powerful yes but odd to handle now simply.
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