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  1. I am baffled in other threads actually how people defend it as variety, it may be but the game is clearly a free for all still, it has no focus or clear goal where it wants to go, we had a Tony Hawk wannabe vehicle, a Street Fighter mini-game that was a side project but still abandoned and left to rot. Space shooter, Open World attempts, etc. If I want another genre I will play another game, I not play Warframe for this stuff. Imagine playing Assassin's Creed and suddenly you should play a racing section like Need for Speed or playing doom and suddenly you get to solve puzzles in a Point-
  2. Since my comment got removed on this I still voice myself again, It is nice to see where the priorities are now, advertising yourself on other launchers, Epic of all things. How much did they pay? It is even more nice seeing how it not seems to for most people even, they needed years or not even sure if they have a shopping cart yet, since I ignore Epic and still will not use them in any way. But those are priorities for your investors after all and not still fix things or finish all your projects in the game for once like all those false promises so far. Remove this comment as well if yo
  3. I uninstalled on PC on my side before Halloween event hit and Deimos i not even touched when it came out, i am personally sick of this "Open World" attempts, becasue it is no open world, it is just a big map for 4 players max with not much to explore or find execept some collectables, like many more todays Open World games, it is poor and i rather would like some more straight forward games again instead of every game trying to be big or cramp in multiplayer aspects in single pleyer titles or vice versa. Games today sadly try to be everything at once without having a clear focus anymore,
  4. And that is the biggest issue with todays Online games or Games as a Sevice, is it to much to hassle with consoles and PC updates, instead of a straight game that lasts awhile and its time will be over one day or you can simply replay it without having to relay on it having servers or existing, guess why i still prefer simple singleplayer games still with a quick gameplay and story and nothing that tries to bind me forever to it. Games need to stop trying to be forever as sad it sounds and people need to accept that nothing lasts forever and even beloved franchises need to die and go at t
  5. Or boring gameplay, like Octavia as example also can be OP but her gamepaly is not exciting.
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