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  1. In one of the cinematic he got revived by his Janus key when they found the Excalibur. The boss fight on Mercury is just an introduction I guess, badly told, and/or should be represented the Cinematic death probably timeline wise, while his first resurrection made him ally with Lech Kril, then he probably died for good and became one with the Void somehow. At least how I see it, but then we have a lot of issues story wise how things proceed and or how they are supposed to follow up. Biggest issue are the "open world" wannabe maps in my eyes, those should be at the end of star chart and content
  2. And an on top outdated info, they wanted to make more Umbras but scratched that idea really quick, like many things DE plans sadly. A lot not makes the cut or gets forgotten and buried and never touched again. I would today not rely on anything people see, hear or get told by them now, I used to love this game, but my love tuned down after several updates and questionable choices about things like gameplay and story.
  3. How I feel with most Online games now, tired of battle passes and limited events that never return or only when you not prepare for it. I hate this in general also story and design wise honestly, when a MMO as example WoW again, with Cataclysm, suddenly the old world was gone, and you never could experience the old world anymore. I mean sure things need to evolve of course, but there should be an option also in such cases, I mean, we literally have in WoW's case the Caves of Time for such. And yes, server capacity and game size of course play into it as well, but it should not be the norm
  4. Main issue of most Online games tho, they keep adding more and more, i just in this case feel bad for new players because they never can catch up then, most MMO's make it that old stuff gets easier access after its outdated, here it is not possible really since no real gear or gear score to get better. Those kinds of games just stack up too much and people burn out from it with older players, while newer ones can turn away with seeing what is all to do before them to get anywhere. Taking a break and coming back is nice I say, but not so nice if a game has limited events or shops when you
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