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  1. Well, we do have them with Mutalist variants i guess like Mutalist Quanta and Mutalist Cernos. Event wise, i guess since the infested never use weapons themselfs it would be odd getting them from events or Invasions i guess. Kinda like Prime variants also beeing just upgrades to normal stuff without events also, Prisma we also have and Mara Detron which are also unique and not seem to count towars any faciton.
  2. They stopepd such overall because people complain about lack of content and them not able to release frames as fast then, mini comics we had with ghouls, harrow, octavia etc. but also stopped sadly. This is the way the game goes now, less lore and story for individual frames or expanding on existing ones and instead one update after another with barely new content, except bigger ones like Fortuna or upcoming like Railjack, which i am honest besides the Story Quests like War Within will be lackluster and short lifed. I would like more storys but with Warframes they are all by now just gimmick frames which of course can be fine on there but no story at all to no frame anymore feels sad.
  3. You can remove it also by rolling, aim and roll backwards. But yeah i agree it should have a cooldown or trigger, it is annoying at certain power strengths, even at normal strength its irritating at best, especially in small corridors. I literally get motion sickness at times from it, only using it in certain intervalls myself at best but not all the time.
  4. So basically another useless passive because they couldn't think of anytihng better, how about a passive that fits him but still works on most maps and factions instead of makign it so niche, Ember crys in the corner by now with her passive also. Passive were introduced as nice ideas but then were halfway dropped already on older frames getting mediocor or uselss ones and now even new ones they seem to ran out of ideas or unable to maek good use with them. We need passive rework overall first, why i disliek them droppign new frames so often now, old stuff lacks behind to much by now (not to speak of no lore anymore for those new shiny frames which hurts the most).
  5. It could be like Khora that he has a pet as exhaled weapon basically, Tho i say as much he needs a rework it should still be tech and trap based, if we get a sentinel frame it should be a new one instead.
  6. Forgot if this is already a thing or not but like with Zephyrs Tornados you can shoot the tentacles aswell think and it will put the damage on the connected enemies, someone correct me if i am wrong, if it is not that way yet DE should make it that way.
  7. This. ^ I am happy to see new frames, don't get me wrong, but what happened to the Quests and Lores? I keep getting told that this needs more work and less content, but is this really any content at all? No worldbuilding? No important NPC's? Instead we get new frames which of course are fun to play but connection to the world itself not exists. Same goes for Nightwave, those little side storys basicly are not existent, Nora is a uninteressign character and feels like a dumbed down Lotus replacemant. Those Open world Areas we do meaningless bountys without much story and then those worlds are tossed aside again to make room for the next big thing, why not expand on it and put actual content in it? I know this game grows but this all feels following a dumb trend. Open world as example i never liked as example, there are good games of course with Open world but most end up, big empty maps wtih nothing much to do with it, all peple care about is map size and how big a update is, while the game itself barely changes. I want the old Warframe back, looking forward to new Quests, new frames with actual lore behind them, now i basically just collect action figures that sit in my arsenal/shelf and get dust on, as said new frames are fun still but the speed and the amount they get released hurts the game, no building up, just equipment after equipment that outdates things way to fast.
  8. Flasches Forum, melde deinen eigenen Betrag und frag mal nach den Beitrag ins deutsche Forum zu bewegen.
  9. Just report your own post and ask it to be moved.
  10. Marine027

    A litte hope

    I would like a simple switch that if you maxed all schools the orb not shows anymore, out of habit i still collect it desptie no need for focus anymore, its annoying simply but force of habit and i keep beeign angry afterwards that i wasted my tiem getting to the booster orb. I mean its nice to keep collecting for future eventual focus updates but by now i doubt focus will change much anymore or get added new things that benefits from focus, i never got why they never had a hard cap fro focus schoosl in general anyway after unlocking all, you keep collecting and collecting endlessly. You know what would be optional, a Focus shop, minor things like decorations or maybe old quest items simliar to SImaris offers now, Credits, Endo, maybe rare offers like weapon parts you kept missing, which are rare and bad RNG maybe, normal wearfraem parts and weapon parts like Seer, Miter, etc. Just nothing rare but a alternative if you really had THAT bad luck over time.
  11. I can see good points in this but reason i would be against is simply that you can't make everything effective against every enemy, we already have heavy imbalance already sadly between certain, weapons, frames and status effects as example. For lower and middle level she sitll is ok i say, crush still cleans them out fast and quick, while stronger enemies like elders you use your weapons and bubble still also works, it's like asking making all enemies vulnerable to all elements, Mag is in a good place i say, i mean look at Hyldrin, powerful but her 2nd ability scales horrible with armor as example also. Some tweaks could help everyone tho to make up for lack of inability to use certain powers on certain factions, like increasing her CC instead if it not kills enemies, why i use her Crush augment mostly, we can work around such problems mostly but other frames defintly still have trouble like Vauban, Zephyr, etc, which are to specified simply. Specific frames and weapons can be good for variety but it should not be the meta, or rather there should be no meta at all, every frame and weapon should work to a certain degree the same on all factions and preparing should give a simple bonus you can feel, i mean look at the mess like Eidolons, the Wolf, etc. Radiation pure damage only. THAT is bad design, locking like 90% of your arsenal out the whole game. We need balance changes and how effects work, the recent elemental ice rework was a good start already i say. Hopefully if magnetize gets its rework it would make Mag also more relyable then even against infested that way i say.
  12. Best solution i see for this is let playersbe able to rebuy exclusive weapons aswell at Simaris, same as it goes for Quest items by now, same for maybe Primed mods like Primed Vigor since login only possilbe if you accidently removed it, yet still untradable of course, show a info i guess towards such in the trade menu at Simaris.
  13. Chroma will show his element next to the colour, so easier to identify, Equinox tho you need ot experiment, but i recall there was a list i tihnk on the wiki showign which colours affect how. Edit: For Chroma i found this:
  14. It not helps it directly but Oxylus sentienl can help i guess also to show the hotspots on the minimap that way, easier thne to look for the bubbles or so i guess even with poor sight.
  15. Kuva i am unsure but assassinations no death squad or assasin can spawn themself i think there. Regular missions should do liek survival, capture, etc. It usually takes around 3-5 minutes for them to spawn after the start of a mission, best way is also team up with people that are also marked and or buy beacons from Baro next time he comes back and has those.
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