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  1. Can agree on that, but in this case i can see why it gets ignored, saying its easier is no real reason to keep it, game play wise it makes sense ot change it to actually make use of the combos, i mean we coudl gone the other way and remove stances and combos then the other half of the community would cry aswell. Personal opinion wise i say i like we use the combos for once now, quick melee sure was good but, every weapon felt the same with it honestly. But i can see why people like it also and are angry aswell, i would also simply like a option to keep both but makign it so that both have a use in game and not maek one of the other mandatory and or ignored again.
  2. It needs tweeks sure but its not finsiehd yet, DE does dumb things at times yes, i not defend them fully, but in this seeing all this melee complains it feels like peopel are just salty they not have quick melee anymore, i rather prefer this new change since you actually will use combos now, if you want quick attacks, use speed mods, simple as it is. Community right now:
  3. Small adivce i can give, use the codex and click the relics you have, it tells you tehre if tehy are vaulted, but yeah some QoL would be nice to have like some icon for such.
  4. Can't disagree there sadly, i just say that that was the official reason, they said they bring it back but, i doubt it also, sadly in my eyes Warframe starts to go down a bad path.
  5. I would like a more thematic build but disarm should stay Lokis thing honestly, her old passive was wy to simliar to what Loki does already, especially with augment radiation enemies. New passive maybe, letting enemies get tempered that go near her, simliar to Gara blinding enemies randomly.
  6. That thou is not true, raids were not replaced, they were removed due continous bugs, Eidolons got arcanas as alternative without removing the arcanes from the game completly.
  7. The problem is thou you can be locked out of it by not having the standing yet. Elite is a long drawn term anyway, consider the one two weeks ago like doing extermination over level 30 without getting spotted, Ivara says high, wohoo, that challange. Those "challanges" ara joke and RNG same as Rivens, no effort put into it, i love this gaem but criticsism where it belongs at.
  8. This. I not see why we can't have both, especially for Auras since prices will blow up for Auras since limited to get now. Nightwave is NOT new player friendly and i say that as old player, Auras i gifted as example mostly, now i can't stack them anymore due limited skins or helmets i want. Same for Nitain, sure it was crap sometimes not getting even one in days or weeks, but when you do it, it was quick and you got it right away, now new players have to decide if they choose nitain, auras or cosmetics. And yes you can farm nitain with ghoul bountys and or i think hive caches rarely, but with those you have RNG, alert you seen the reward and got it. Wolf Creds making them limited feels making you force to play and not leave a daily or weekly out, even if they claim you only need 60% of them, yet we not know the next challanges or what happens to players who can't simply play and or have to skip maybe several weeklys. Have BOTH, simple as it is.
  9. Sadly this maekd her alot like Loki which alot people not liked havign two frames beeign that simliar, especially with Lokis Augment making them radiated adn attakcign each other aswell that way. Problem with her old passive which it atleast fitted as you said is, main problem was that it made enemys useless to kill eahc other without weapons, which in my eyes should not be the main problem because CC frame still, but i can see why people felt off with it. New passive is crap thou and feels again like most frames just trown in as temporarly solving till they come up with something better again, i am looking at Oberons and Vaubans first passive here.
  10. The main difference is Twin Grakata are secondarys, Grakata is Primary, its like asking for Serration to work on Pistols aswell.
  11. Noticed that to, it is hard to follow SImaris tracks that way without ignoring enemies and caches. i work around it partly with Hotkeys thou since i have the scanner as second item equiped, still a big problem.
  12. Marine027


    Play normal Excalibur then? The stats are not as much different, Umbra mods are average in my eyes also and the bonus is as it is just a bonus, eather that or they at best make it like with Prime ones that you can use the normal skin.
  13. Main problem is Updates are behind PC normaly, Nightwave was a exception so far that got shared alogn all consoles and PC. So playing with PC and Console won't happen sadly i fear. Also most depends on Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo aswell for such, since tehy not even do account migrations to switch paltforms.
  14. Exactly, and even if so you can make certain grind enjoyable, of coruse opinion of what you enjoy aswell of course, farming relics as exampel or so or mining and fishing, some enjoy that, some do not. Like syndicats you can do the dailys if you prefer certain missions, the things i with those you can take your time and do them whenever you feel like it, with Nightwave you feel forced, its likea second job you have now, things you need ot do which even can make you stop do other things you wanted to do. It burns you out that way faster. That also of course depends on how people play and see things, but lets compare it to like a MMORPG with dailys, you cna do them and catch up, it should be simply like that andn ot a half baked event like this. Personal opinion also, it feels lame and unimaginative so far, Nora feels liek a Lotus repalcement which i was glad we got rid of hoenslty but now we have Nora, the Wolf is another Stalker wannabe which rarely shows up and if he does seems just a big bullet sponge and lore wise so far feels also lame, a prsioner escaped form soem high security prsion which we oddly never heard about? And he seems after us also, shouldn't he be after the Grineer or so who imprisoned him? Nightwave just feels like latched on as a last minute resort to have "content".
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