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  1. I went in to the Similacrum to compare hieghts, and MOAs seem to be about as tall as warframes, at least when in a neutral stance. I think bursas are much taller at full hieght as well, but spend most of their time "sitting". I'll have to test that more though. Poor guy lost his helmet, his supra (or exergis), his prova, and even the blue on his jumpsuit. And the worst part is? He's not even supposed to BE here today!
  2. He's a Tech after all, so he should be. But it probably took me longer than it should have to realize that Veko is an absolute giant. We don't really get to see him side by side with much beyond MOAs, and the Companion versions are pretty short so I'm probably used to friendly MOAs being tiny, but regular ones are as big as a warframe and Teko still dwarfs them. Just a fun detail I noticed.
  3. Nevermind, this seems to be a deliberate design choice. Please delete this post
  4. The screen is pitch black except for myself, the UI, and whatever enemy I've set on fire with the Cedo. I'd give a screenshot but steam seems to be borked right now (probably doesn't matter because, again, pitch black)
  5. I mean, Multiplayer quests are already effectively invite only since I think only Vor's Prize has matchmaking. And issues of other players making content go by too fast, or content being too easy is just as much of a thing in all of the multiplayer content so I don't see why quests should be singled out. I just want to spare my clanmates the suffering of Rising Tide's tedious not-Defense like I did for Limbo Theorum's Archwing. Again, I get where you're coming from, but I still don't think they're reasons to scrap Multiplayer quests.
  6. Warframe is a multiplayer game, and yet we haven't had a multiplayer quest since Glast Gambit (not exactly a high note for multiplayer content). The majority of these quests are nowhere near War Within or Sacrifice, but they keep getting restricted like they were cinematic quests.
  7. I just want to know why it's a Solo quest. I think the last Multiplayer quest to be released was Glast Gambit, which was back in December 2016. That's over 4 years ago. And if this quest is short and uncomplicated... what's preventing this from being Multiplayer?
  8. In the words of the late, great George Carlin, "WHY?!? WHAT KIND OF SOCIAL LIVES DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE?!?" There was nothing in quests like Rising Tide or Deadlock Protocol that demanded they be solo like War Within, so why is EVERY new quest Solo? I don't think that we've had a new Multiplayer quest in this Multiplayer game in over 4 years.
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