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  1. Death Squad enemies are still very obvious placeholders and Nightwave S2 have proven that Operative-like enemies work fine, so it's probably time to give the Syndicates Operatives for their Death Squads. The current Death Squads suffer from an issue a lot of high level trash mobs have in that they have lots of EHP and little else going for them, making them boring and unchallenging. New Loka's Ancient Healers are the worst since they seem to be able to refill their health to full whenever they please while having ZERO damaging attacks (just a knockdown harpoon). Seriously, if the Loka Healers can actually do damage I can't tell. While we're on the topic, maybe we could also change how Death Squads spawn. Instead of being a constant and rewardless thorn like the old Wolf, make them work more like Assassins where doing Syndicate Missions for their enemies has them mark you for death like Zanuka or the Stalker, determine how deadly they are by how much a Syndicate hates you, and then (here's the important part) have them drop something better than the credit fodder BPs. This way veteran players have more of a reason to play Syndicate Missions and newbies who accidentally started repping Syndicates way too early without realizing it aren't screwed by the Forma/Orokin Catalyst/Orokin Reactor cost of reversing bad rep.
  2. I tried hunting in the Orb Vallis today and when I went to the trail start at The Pearl, I found this. Yes, that is a pobber trail start up on top of a huge archway with no trail leading from it. I scoured the area below, there were no tracks.
  3. Something that doesn't seem to be coming up much, but it's pretty much impossible to tell the Cold and Heat versions of Thermal Sunder apart. If there was a notable difference in their visuals or if there was a split in Gauss's Energy color to allow different colored AoEs (or if it just went off of Emissive) then that would help a lot more than trying to tell one hazy visual effect apart from a nearly identical hazy visual effect.
  4. I tracked some pobbers, lured them, switched to my gun to turn invisible, switched back to my tranq rifle... and then capped those poor pobbers. I checked, the tranq menu was up and everything, my character just pulled out his Dread while aiming because of reasons.
  5. It's a problem on PC as well if you're like me and want to use a gamepad. Then again, DE seems to think that anyone who uses gamepad should feel like they're riding the tilt-a-whirl so I don't think they're too concerned with PC gamepad users
  6. I quit Warframe on a daily basis because I always go in to a public mission, see the screen flicker, hear the Stalker taunt me, fight him... and then get another Molten Impact. Or worse, the screen flickers for someone else, I get my hopes up for the Stalker... and then get a bunch of Syndicate nobodies instead
  7. Again, not difficult, tedious. I'm asking for more offensive oriented Loka squads, not weaker. And if Death Squads really are supposed to be on more durable than Noxes, then why is this only the case with Loka? And why is every other Death Squad so much more aggressive? I'm fine with some content being out of reach but New Loka can spawn virtually anywhere on starchart so how am I supposed to grind without bumping in to them? And even if I could kill them in a reasonable amount of time, I'd still want them changed because they literally sit there waiting to die.
  8. Nobody seems to have Blood Rush. I have a 2 Forma Rubico, but only basic mods for it (no Nightmare, Corrupted, or otherwise rare mods I can think of). Does Void Dash increase damage vulnerability without Focus Talents (all I have is Energy Pulse and Energizing Dash, and not at max)? Because the issue really just is them eating up damage while waiting to die.
  9. I never said they were "strong". I didn't say bosses should be killed with unmodded starter gear either. I said the Loka Death squads were boring and spongy. Repeatedly. And I only added the caveat of "proper gear" because I know there are people who have their Condition Overload Zaws or whatever it is you use to squash them. I straight up don't have the gear to do that even when I'm using my best stuff if they spawn late in the starchart. And yet, I face them on Hydron all the time and nobody ever has the firepower to bring them down. Whatever power level DE is aiming for with Death Squads, Loka breaks it by being way higher in EHP and way, WAY lower in deadliness than the other squads.
  10. Hydron was just an easy example, there's a million reasons why someone would be ill equipped for dealing with Loka (including "not even having good gear and mods yet because they're climbing the starchart"). Also, it's possible to face Loka squads without being on the outs with them if someone else on your squad is (I'm repping Suda by the way) Yeah, the Wolf was a boring damage sponge who wasn't nearly as threatening as his molotov chucking pals. To me, Loka is the same problem, nonthreatening and spongy (although admittedly less extreme than the Wolf). As for whether or not to buff Death Squads, personally, I wouldn't mind a general buff to them. Maybe mixing in powerful Operatives with the Death Squads in response to doing opposed Syndicate's missions? Imitating players seemed to work for the Shadow Stalker (for a while anyway). I'm just sick of Loka slowing down Defense missions with HP sacks that sit there and wait to die.
  11. Ancient Healers are a terrible choice for a Death Squad because they are both much tankier than the other Syndicate enemies and much more passive. While this works for them when in small numbers and mixed with other Infested units (since they're supposed to support them), this also means that an improperly kitted squad (say, a Hydron grinding squad) is going to be left chipping away at them for several minutes while either getting stunlocked by the knockdown harpoons or just not getting attacked at all. New Loka should either have tweaked versions of the Healer with less EHP and more aggressive AI, or should just have something else as their Death Squad. On a related note, Steel Meridian Death Squads are similarly tedious but that has more to do with Stagger being broken by the lack of "stagger invulnerability" to stop stunlocking and Rollers being inherently nonthreatening.
  12. Thank you, thought I was going crazy for a bit after so many people insisting that these tedious jerks that seem more interested in stunlocking me than actually attacking (do they even have an attack other than the harpoon?) were somehow both super easy and a worthy challenge
  13. Yes. I've used the Opticor Vandal and the Rubico Prime and still had trouble putting them down quickly. And AGAIN. A lot of players don't have that option (not Thermia ready, too low MR, etc) I didn't say they should all die to a Braton, I said they should be more in line with the other Death Squads. And I didn't say I was losing to them like you seem to be implying, I said they were taking too long compared to other Death Squads.
  14. And what do you suggest to players don't have access to all of that? Because that's the crux of it. Not everyone has your power at their disposal and they're still forced to deal with these jerks on missions like Defense. If they're a proper enemy but even Sortie enemies aren't, then they shouldn't be harassing people who aren't even ready for Sorties in huge mobs. Please, I'm BEGGING you here, have sympathy for those less grizzled than you.
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