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  1. His lasers are Battalyst, not Eidolon (and it's his 4th ability which we've already said isn't one of his thematically problematic abilities). Adaptation is a mod, not part of his kit. Corrupting/controlling others is an Orokin thing, NOT Eidolon or even Sentient. Reave looks and acts nothing like a Vomvalyst dash (he friggin steals health/drinks blood through it). This isn't even touching on the fact that his kit is janky, weak, and way too sluggish. His 1 is bad CC since it affects so few targets and spreads according to the whims of the AI (it's also bad damage since the geysers have an awful radius and no scaling), his 2 gets chewed through way too fast in large hordes, his 3 is only really useful for killing/healing off of Thralls, his 4 costs way too much after it got nerfed, and pretty much all of his have way too long of a cast time.
  2. Because his first 3 abilities were openly admitted to be from a vampire frame concept Rebecca Ford cooked up and his 4 had to be changed at the last minute to be remotely Sentient themed (and not even Eidolon themed, that laser spin is a Battalyst attack). Literally the only thing Eidolon about him is his Passive, his looks, and his lore Yup, pretty much
  3. Revenant is a mess of a frame that was made by 2 different teams locked in 2 different toilet stalls on 2 different planets. I always saw him as more "Orokin" themed but that may be because vampires and Orokin both fill that "decadent, immortal, manipulative prick" archetype I'm seriously worried that Nekros will never be fixed because Despoil makes him such a strong AFK farmer that DE will only see the high play % and think he's fine. He's not. None of his abilities synergize and some outright conflict (Terrify drives enemies away and Shadows lowers enemy spawn rate, both conflicting with Desecrate) plus he's not very tanky without his 4 Augment Years of playing spellcasters in DnD has taught me anything, it's that the only way to make healers appealing is to make them gods. But yeah, I love healers with lots of survivability as well, but I generally prefer Oberon over Trinity because I like pressing more than 2 buttons
  4. What happened to the Zenistar? I remember people used to use it to meme chokepoints pretty well
  5. What frames and weapons do you guys think are just in a horrible place right now and need to be updated? This would obviously exclude things like the MK1 weapons or other low Mastery requirement weapons since they are at least something for new players to use. This would also exclude non-Prime/Umbra/Prisma/etc versions of frames and weapons since changing the base would probably change the variant anyway. No, I'm talking the frames and weapons that are bad even compared to what else you can get at that point in the game, probably by a wide margin. In my opinion, those would be... Frame: Nyx, because she's a "CC with survivability " frame that has either very limited or very unreliable CC and her survival power grossly limits her ability to act even with the augment. Revenant would be my runner up for similar reasons, but he at least has decent (if overpriced and limited in angle of attack) damage from his 4. Primary: Veldt, because it's a semi-auto rifle and those are generally inferior to Snipers, but at least the others are low Mastery, have a decent variant, or are the Kuva Chakkhurr, while the Veldt just has a weak zoom to remind you to drop it and pick up an actual Sniper. Convectrix would be my runner up since it's gimmicky and weak but it's at least a Status Shotgun so it can do stuff like armor stripping Secondary: Stug, because it's the Stug and anyone who has used it or watched TubeGirl's content knows why it sucks. Kulstar would be my runner up since it's pretty much just a creative method of suicide but at least it's not the Stug. Melee: With the current meta, it'd genuinely hard to find a melee that you can't make good so... Kesheg since it's a "bleh" polearm that costs kuva. What do you guys think though? What would you pick for a buff/rework? And why?
  6. For some reason, my Warframe is completely vulnerable while I'm in Operator Mode, but only in Sanctuary Onslaught and only most of the time. There are a few cases where I retain invulnerability but it seems that the more conduits I go through the more likely I am to lose this. I'm not doing anything weird like going through as Operator (only odd thing I was doing was keeping up the Zenurik energy regen, but that doesn't seem to be the cause), but I'm just losing my invulnerability sometimes. At least I can't seem to outright die until I leave Operator mode but I'm not sure if that's a hard rule (I have Arcane Barrier, Arcane Grace, and Adaptation and haven't experimented with them much)
  7. I reported this before, but sweet Lotus does this still baffle me. You have to be pretty much teetering on the edge to count as evacuating at this evac point And to prove my point
  8. Yeah, I've heard some back and forth between Nami Skyla Prime and Dark Split Sword but it's all from before the melee update. Thanks for the info and build TF2 meme
  9. What do you guys think are the best Dual Swords and stance right now (without relying entirely on Rivens at least, for all of those people who are poor and Irish) and why? What kind of builds is it good with? "None" is an acceptable answer if you think that Dual Swords are just in a bad spot right now
  10. Same question for forma and exilus weapon adapters. The BPs show up in my inventory but not completed ones.
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