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  1. Might as well throw in my 2 cents, but I think Revenant needs a serious update. Some people like to dunk on Revenant to the point of hyperbole (kinda like Nyx), but I think that the pushback has gone too far in the opposite direction (kinda like Nyx). His thematics feel like a half baked Orokin/Corrupted frame with a Sentient paint job and a single Sentient ability tacked on. Chroma is honestly a better Sentient frame than him. But bad thematics can be easily forgiven, bad kit design not so much. A lot of his abilities try to synergize with his 1 but both the synergies and his 1 are incre
  2. I do and have switched to a sentinal, but Pets 2.0 means that so long as you have a kubrow or kavat it'll wander around the ship. It's SUPPOSED to wander randomly (which I don't really want either) and petting animation is SUPPOSED to be random but I SWEAR that my kavat follows me and only triggers the "bite the hand" animation.
  3. Not having to stasis pets is nice, but having to dig through the menus to access anything on my ship just because my void dem- er, kavat keeps following me and forcing me in to an unskippable cutscene where he bites my hand is NOT nice.
  4. I'm getting really sick of not being able to open navigation without using the pause menu because my void demon decided to park its butt in the cockpit and bite my hand in an unskippable cutscene the moment I tried to interact with anything up there. I'm glad the NEED for pet stasis was removed, but for Lotus's sake lemme at least have the option to keep it away from anything important. This is an extra atmospheric safehouse, not a zoo.
  5. Whoever was under Mutalist Alad V's control when he dies ends up with a broken exit waypoint that points the wrong way and is stuck at displaying the distance as 0m
  6. Having this issue as well, and it also started for me with the Orphix update
  7. A bit late on this, but in my experience, her 1 simply does not function as intended. I don't know if it's a long standing bug, bad luck, or what, but every time I mind control something it just stops doing anything useful. Techs stop summoning, Shield Ospreys close up and fall to the ground, anything with a gun shoots the floor, anything without a gun just sits there, etc. Giving a minion the ability to deal millions of points of damage doesn't matter if they don't attack. They don't seem to generate much Threat either so they're not a good distraction. As for cameras, that strikes me as a wa
  8. Sorry for ignoring my own thread for so long (been sick) but I think Graavarg summed things up nicely. And upon review of this thread I think I understand why people defend her a bit more, but I'll probably stick to my mainstays of Oberon and Vauban for the same reasons I meantioned at the top. I still feel that her CC isn't hard enough for a CC frame, that her strip is too finicky, and that Assimilate slows me too much, but if those really aren't deal breakers for you then have fun with her. Personally though, I'm still hoping she'll see a rework to make her more in line with modern frames li
  9. Nobody said anything about nuke frames aside from a snide comment about Mesa and Saryn being overused. Nobody said anything about rivens period. Nobody is arguing for what you seem to think this thread is. In fact, most posts seem to be in favor of CC in high level content. My problem isn't she's CC, my problem is I'm getting better CC from Oberon as an afterthought to my support work.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys! I'll try to cover what I can without Quoting the entire thread My biggest problem with "Terminator Nyx" is that at that point you're just an Oldkong with a limp. Not saying that it isn't cool to be immortal, just that it doesn't directly contribute anything. Personally, I'd prefer to play another immortal frame that can still move normally while immortal. I get that the strip is easy to get to 100%, my problem is that it's finicky. It only works against 6 targets that I can't really choose and it's not permanent. If you can make that work for you th
  11. She really doesn't seem to offer anything that other frames can't do better. Her CC feels weak and limited (her 1's AI seeming to focus on floors may be a factor), her armor strip feels too finicky to bother with, and her survivability tools are crippling to use. I've heard that she's good for Steel Path but I've been clearing planets in Steel Path on and off for a while now and I'm still not seeing it. Is there some crucial factor I'm missing here or is Nyx really just the "at least she's not Oldkong" I think she is?
  12. Oh, that one's wild. I still prefer the earlier one since it was before the flipped FOV bug was fixed, but the super saiyan vid is still insane
  13. Kiddo doesn't seem to be willing to go straight up for me (I'm using a gamepad, that might be an issue), and even if he did, Void Dashing is super janky. I can't aim glide or double jump to help control my aerial movement better, and the moment the Void Dash ends I drop like I'm Wile E. Coyote and I just noticed there's no ground beneath me. I can confirm that base jump height for mechs is insufficient, but grinding out a mod for it feels unreasonable since rentals can't do that. Thanks anyway. Sorry for not responding sooner (Christmas).
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