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  1. This is a really cool gimmick, really hope to see it again in the future.
  2. Excal, Volt Frost, Mag Zephyr any straight forward frames that are simple to mod or require only few basic mods to function well, considering the state of the modding system. Additionally, Excal for obvious reasons, Frost for good balance of defense + cc(sadly only useful to new players) + dmg, Zephyr for a niche/special starter, with also good defense and cc, plus new players naturally drawn to POE anyway, but replace her with any non-mod reliant frame is fine.
  3. Funnily enough, it's what drives me away from giving a crap about dailies in the first place. I did my daily grind during the rank up period (about 2 years ago) then that's it, it's like those stupid beep test they make you do, sure the system works by keeping you on the clock, but you just end up hating the system, and it doesn't end, so eventually u'd say "whatever, I'm done". Changing it to weeklies might just be more meaningful for those still ranking up by loosening the grip, but is dailies really what's keeping the players coming back? nope, but it is what preventing end game players (those usually don't play day to day) from accumulating points too quickly, without even trying. But if ranking-up experience is the problem, perhaps they should implement something that solely focus on improving that, maybe rank up assignment/missions with huge pool of points that spans over a week? idk. Edit: iirc syndicates except Cetus and Fortuna give missions that grant reps which surpass daily limits, so u can get extra after u reached the limit with sigils, hope it helps for any one reading.
  4. I don't like how Defy locks you in an animation, it sounds like nyx's absorb and it's boring and awkward as hell. By how it's worded it sounds like the damage is effected by melee mods, regardless, can you have add a small pull mechanic similar to Khora's 2 or Mag's 2 to it, so basically he soaks in the damage as well as pulling the enemies closer to him so it's more satisfying to use?
  5. Anyone curious of the Gamma Colour Picker, it's here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Color_Picker_Extension#Gamma first released 2014, a less saturated version of the classic palette. Read more about it here in steve's thread Edit: here's the image, save ya the click
  6. Will he have a reliable way to fight him? or will he remain as a random disruptive encounter.
  7. Not sure if you've seen it, but here's some concept art (He also have some for infestation and grineer.) https://branislav_perkovic.artstation.com/projects/4nx6l hope it helps, keep up the good work! @Almighty_Jado Also, this is just an idea inspired by eidolons and post-sacrifice lotus, considering sentients lost the ability to reproduce but still able to terraform, assimilate and transform, I always thought it'd be cool if they come up with some messed up ways to populate themselves, something like gas city amalgam, but more sentient-ish, violent and uncontrolled but with a purpose unlike the technocyte infestation.
  8. Suspect it will be part of the endorsement program, where you get rewarded for actively helping or having good sportsmanship, might be something like the Honor system in League of Legend, with honor ranks and what not. the rest seems quite promising and really looking forward to it.
  9. Bug, @[DE]Megan enabling Bloom causes white strips to appear at the right and bottom of the screen: https://imgur.com/a/R0M8Zvh Edit: restart does not resolve the problem, also somewhat noticeable filmgrain effect, despite having filmgrain off. (turned it back on, no apparent change, definitely bugged)
  10. What contents to expect for release before tennocon? Will we see a DevWorkshop for Melee3.0 phase 2 soon? Ember Vauban Wukong were said to be reworked, any news on that? Progress on Equinox and Nyx Deluxe? We were promised of arcanes dropping from orb mothers, it's been half a year. Most importantly, people (and Pablo and Steve) have been talking about fundamental issues of the game such as scaling and damage, will that ever be looked at and discussed with the players?
  11. I'm 100% behind this, even if not showcasing new contents, just talking about the game would be very nice.
  12. well I know DE is in ET-time, so they're (still in 1st-april) 4 hrs away from midnight, but if not in 4 hrs then might have to wait till its morning for them.
  13. Is.. is this supposed to be a bad thing? would be totally normal for a singleplayer game, but kind of "counter-productive" for online games if u eventually "beat" the game
  14. a recent post i made, thought i'd share it here: remove the rep system, spend more time in making the challenges (timed and with rotations still), and make them just straight up reward items or w-creds (multi choice). that way you either get the item you want or the creds to buy it. that itself solves the pay-to-sleep of old alerts, but without the stupid rep grind. repetitive purchase (umbra forma, sigil, kuva) can be simply prevented by adding stock count. play as much as you want, get only what you need, no more pay to sleep, best of both world.
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