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  1. Showerwalker

    Holster rate should be buffed for everyone

    yea man, even most realistic shooters are faster than this.
  2. you can make him Hatsune with white grey and blue for lols but... he is a guy. on a serious note, for me technocyte textures (basically 100% of excalibur) works pretty well with colder colours, avoid pen blue and any pure colours like pure black or pure green, lighter or darker variant almost always work better. Fire, Ice, Storm, and Kiteer colour palettes suitable for pretty much every warframe, or just classic saturated would still be useful for most.
  3. Showerwalker

    Recommended SOLO frames in Orb Vallis

    Mesa has been working great for me. she's tanky and extremely high in dps. if you dont have her yet loki is always not a bad option especially with his 4 augment, but you do need decent guns.
  4. Showerwalker

    Ordis chat tab (inspired by Event[0] )

    thanks man!
  5. Showerwalker

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #119

    Will there be a Devstream this week friday? We just had one and there's no preview post yet, but that's what it says on Warframe's twitch page. @[DE]Rebecca
  6. Showerwalker

    Ordis chat tab (inspired by Event[0] )

    ayyy glad you liked it
  7. Hi guys, I recently finished playing Event[0] and immediately thought of Ordis & [DE]kickbot, and how it could help the game greatly not only as a great QoL change but also its affect on new player experience caused by the game's lack of guidance & infromation. In short: the game revolves around an interactive AI which players can talk to by typing down their own input, similar to how Kickbot functions currently such as "where/when is Baro", "what is eximus" and "Where/how to get/find insert item" or for a more action involved interaction type "nezha is a trap" You can probably already tell where I'm going with this, Ordis will be a tutorial + codex + story guide in disguise with some non-combat companionship on the side to help newer players (or even old players when it comes to new content) progress through the star chart or as a way to pass time in more monotonous missions, the potential is limitless depending on how DE choose implement this. Most important part: for new players it could serve as a story guide when some 'next step' guidance is needed but lacking the resource to be made into cinematic or voice acting, it can be used to fill that gap in between quests, to provide a solid sense of story progression which warframe lacks early on while also make the world more engaging as the player interact with the character (Ordis) via their own words albeit limited by context, the pros of this method is that: an system like this already exist. and for quite a long time. Ordis can now actually be a useful ship AI, instead of a noise machine. (on the side note, we need more characters that are impactful, so the game feel less barren) (very) not resource intensive on DE when compared to other parts of the game. very expandable once implemented. There's already a demand for such a system (since forever), alt-tab wiki and youtube for eg, and is well received (kickbot). people have no problem with text personality, in fact they love it, red text & fortuna ARG. does not interrupt players, but also can be easily hidden by those who dislike it completely. Ordis can provide story and lore for those who're more story driven. remains useful outside of quests, displays only information that players are interested in, and easily accessible. Keep in mind, I don't mean adding a chat tab which ordis can spew random comments non-stop until they repeats, but a more helpful exchange of information, here's some example aside from kickbot's already existing command: Sorry for not writting down much of 'early-game' ordis lines, my writing skill sucks, but it should go something like this: Considering Lotus went *SPOILER* on us, it makes sense to have Ordis have a larger role into the story, even if ignoring reasons listed above. Sorry for the long post. (also sorry if it sounded stupid... I thought it'd be pretty interesting, unique and suiting for warframe currently gameplay and story wise), I mean even if ignoring everything, it's still good as a simple bot-chat similar to those warframe discord bot, without needing to alt-tab.
  8. I think you could explore more of the story and lore of the sentient, such as their hierarchy or how they'd look and act out of combat (they are 'machines' made for terraforming at first after all. Only then they weaponized themselves by synthesizing orokin tech) by understanding their habitat and most specifically what planet/system would the orokin deem uninhabitable and needing them in the first place might help you better visualize the world's appearance and perhaps the size. PS: love your Legion of Tau post, it's really cool
  9. Showerwalker

    Solaris United ARG

    I seeee, here's hoping enoough for 300k in the morning
  10. Showerwalker

    Solaris United ARG

    wow i didn't know that. we hit 2.0something% within the first 10min of discovering it tho, that's about 6000 successes. there were at most 200people participating. if what you're saying is true, there should be more and larger spikes after 7pm EST considering more people would have free time, not even 1 have shown. So I'm still not convinced. then again the codes all look so legit
  11. Showerwalker

    Solaris United ARG

    for those trying to spam their hack to hit 100 or whatnot with incognito browsing, take a rest, the progression appears to be rigged. since it's discovered it's increasing at a y=a*x (99% fit) rate independent of time or popularity within the community or anything. except with occasional spikes which last for a literal second before returning to 'normal' rate again, and the spikes have long stopped since 7pm EST, so now it's just been a straight line for 4+hrs. I mean, I could still be wrong and it's probably a server issue or something, but, come on, 3 hacks is a good amount regardless, take a rest. EDIT: GRAPH - progression updated every 2s. taken from google doc spreadsheet link provided in post
  12. Showerwalker

    Solaris United ARG

    tightbeam live hack completion tracker from ARGrakata y-value = total completion progress % = (newest y-value)/300k (note: some are suspecting the "300k limit" has been changed to a lower value; note2: there are significant spikes happening every so often, not 100% sure the cause, could be DE's side) EDIT: alternative with spreadsheet, also from ARGrakata (update every 2s)
  13. Showerwalker

    "Tightbeam" Fortuna ARG puzzle.

    tightbeam live hack completion tracker from ARGrakata y-value = total completion
  14. Showerwalker

    Solaris United ARG

    for anyone googling the text in 6rhe84.pdf for clues, don't go that way yet