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  1. Showerwalker

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    always imagined she'd toss razorsharp spikes around filling the room with blood and gore, the WIP showed is a bit underwelming (e.g. 4), but very like her blood-siphon ability, if her self-harm grants a shield like her 1 does she'd be much better.
  2. Showerwalker

    How much focus!?

    Sike, you thought 1mil was all you need? haHAH, you just got pranked bro.
  3. Showerwalker

    Warframe Prime Time #223: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Inb4 Reb & Megan getting carried by their team.
  4. Showerwalker

    What are your hopes for Focus 3.0?

    Context based progression, i.e. unlock each node with achievements. So no more stupid conversion orbs, and no more dps spamming. or at least as an alternative.
  5. Showerwalker

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    better show something new about Fortuna, the devstreams are slowly becoming Prime-Time2.0
  6. Showerwalker

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    can we make activating Archwing a second time dismount them?
  7. Showerwalker

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    will next update come before devstream?
  8. Showerwalker

    Can we gate public squads in mission?

    I guess if DE want to do it and not be biased is to provide more optional objectives for faster players to kill time? it has to be rewarding tho, people aren't even bothered with caches and time trials, optional capture targets could work, make them drop end game loots like kuva etc. Still, this is probably far from perfect, right now if ur pace is not same as everyone, like you said, just solo I guess. public co-op was never a thing for me anyway.
  9. Showerwalker

    So how long warframe(game itself) will stay alive?

    I know they cancelled The Amazing Eternals, noo way they working on another one.
  10. Showerwalker

    Kuva in Arbitration

    at least add kuva to the vendor, right now it's practically empty. this way won't dilute the reward for those who don't need it anyway.
  11. Showerwalker

    Paracesis evolves? damn!

    I see you have electric mod on, it could be weapon elemental effect. Checked mine, fully modded but no elementals and no effects.
  12. I thought they're only invisible in the shop. man, my bad.
  13. they're invisible for me, can anyone that already purchased them post a screenshot? thanks!!
  14. Showerwalker

    Why are weapon attachments not a thing in Warframe?

    we can have certain mods that affect weapons visually, mods like others have mentioned. It'll be hard to pull off though, and seeing how most weapons are position out of sight or half covered in combat, doubt DE would do it, not to mention all previous models weren't made with that in mind and also considering all the skins they'd have to go through. but i have to say,multi-shot making your weapon double barreled would be cool. Or a ammo-belt for a tiny pistol .. man! Maybe fancy HUD addition for each weapon type??