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  1. Concept art of Obelisk (the corpus ship featured in the teaser). Found them while messing around, pretty cool. Apparently it existed wayyy back in 2012, damn. You can find more of it on his page: https://www.artstation.com/jeffross Some of it were also done by Sean Bigham, so you can find them there as well: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OL5ee Bonus: apparently some of the original Orbiter design got repurposed into part of the Relays, so I guess you can try to look for them in game. Also, "tenno alchemy table" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. They say there are more expansion planned for the cyst room, but on the other hand, I honestly don't know why they left it in such a state, especially if it takes 2.5 years and more to do anything about it. yeah, nidus was released back in dec/2016, wtf. It's not even about the cyst, it's the fact that you can't touch it for an entire week, that part is never explained in the lore or anywhere, and it adds absolutely nothing to the game. Maybe it'll be addressed/changed in the upcoming infested NW. Still, hopefully something like this won't happen again.
  3. I don't like how Defy locks you in an animation, it sounds like nyx's absorb and it's boring and awkward as hell. By how it's worded it sounds like the damage is effected by melee mods, regardless, can you have add a small pull mechanic similar to Khora's 2 or Mag's 2 to it, so basically he soaks in the damage as well as pulling the enemies closer to him so it's more satisfying to use?
  4. I'm not sure for how long the sniper's been in warframe but a scope rework should be in consideration (maybe next year's UI rework?). Two major problems: 1. The decors are visually distracting and often confusing. 2. The actual 'crosshair' is a white dot and a few pixels in size. The worst is when these two problems sometimes coexist on the same sniper, the latest sentient sniper 'Komorex' for example: The white colour makes it impossible to see where you're aiming as it blends in with the brightly lit map. And not only does the decor distract you (while being useless) the damage numbers are making it worse by covering up the already small-and-hard-to-keep-track-of dot, which almost guarantees to happen every time you land a hit... Actually gonna keep it short, since it's a pretty straightforward issue, so here's what I hope to see changed: 1. Colour issue - allow customization, or (preferably) use multiple colours, for example black and yellow stripes for corpus rifle, black grey blue for tenno rifle etc. I'm sure you guys are more creative so anything to make them stand out. 2. Decor - Either removed or reworked (such as materializing them, being able to see the actual inside of a sentient sniper scope would be cool, or a corpus one.). In the end, doesn't concern me as much, they're only eye candies. 3. Make the crosshair itself larger/standout. This is the most important one. Lanka is kind of a good example, the dot stays that size for long range accuracy, but the crosshair as a whole is larger, which makes it relatively easier to follow.
  5. Anyone curious of the Gamma Colour Picker, it's here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Color_Picker_Extension#Gamma first released 2014, a less saturated version of the classic palette. Read more about it here in steve's thread Edit: here's the image, save ya the click
  6. I rather it be a openworld-ish faction, with new story, progression, activities, but without the openworld part, these maps take too much effort to make and is the least interesting part of both openworld expansions, tbh aside from how non-interactive the maps are, the traversal is already dragging the gameplay down. The visuals are great (if u're not on a potato like me), but they only work the first time, unless DE want to dedicate even more time into openworlds, it's simply lacking too many openworld elements that makes openworld what they are.
  7. Don't have a recording software, but can be easily tested in the arsenal by rotating any warframe with the syandana on. It feels like a collision issue, and respond to movement in a very shaky/jiggly way. EDIT: someone posted the same issue here with a video proof :
  8. I like how I'm 2600hrs in and this is still what's in my mind every time. And by now I usually just ignore it. TBH the whole stat UI is stupid, if only they improved on the readability instead of the visuals. Here's an idea, colour code the stats, MOBAs like LOL does it, because they know stats are important. While they're at it, divide them with lines, so crit stats is in 1 section, status in another, basic by itself.
  9. Not really on the topic but... I wonder why not have just the stories be seasonal instead, make the alert-shop perma but with only the essentials (nitian etc) during down time and keep the challenges going. Also It seems much more logical to reset creds at the START of a new season than the end of one... especially if your purpose for resetting is simply to give players a reason to come back and keep playing. last week's devstream was the last one until tennocon, even if they have it as twitch drop that's absurd, people shouldn't have to go on twitch to progress in-game.
  10. Kind of why I wanted to remove it, it's there just as a way to introduce the regen mechanic, but not leave it in the game to avoid clutter, and become something to keep in mind when coding anything else in the future. But I'm dont know sht about programing so I might be wrong. On the other hand, if it's introduced as a passive it would be interesting to see it scales with Vazarin focus progression. still tho, Magnus Elevate exist. And the game seem to lean towards burst healing over the slow and constant ones.
  11. Considering you're always bombarded with swarms of enemies that are usually hitscan, kind of make sense to have some form of recover mechanic. The thing is, we have that, but just none of them are innate. Maybe if when armour (or just eHP in general) actually got looked at, it might be worth considering.
  12. inb4 it's just Jordas Golem but with eidolon rave.
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