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  1. Hello tenno, hope you are doing fine, here are my thoughts and ideas on what could be done better with the Nidus Prime. 🙂 Nidus prime dissapointed me a bit, I really wanted DE to refresh the look his abilities, but all they did is remake his larva only for some reason and called it a day. Dont even think it looks better really... of course in my opinion... The problem that I always had with Nidus's abilities is that they look outdated when compared to his look and ugly. I really hoped DE would refresh the look of them but they didnt do anything really, you still cant costumize the look of them with the frame's colour, and the models and textures still look bad. When it comes to Nidus's prime itself, he looks not that bad, without the mutation. He has nice colour scheme, and I dont mind the golden bits and his arm. I kinda wish he would be more symetrical, how his normal counterpart is, but whatever I guess, he looks aright. What bothers me a bit is that his mutation is really random. He is all covered up in this infested thick goo, and... his legs for some reason are not, now I think it would be best of course if he wasnt covered up whole in it, cause it really takes away the variety he would have in colour and texture, it covers him up in just one colour and texture and as I said his feet are randomly untouched. I really would love if DE would try again and refresh the look of his abilities, as they still could look better, If you feel the same feel free to like this post or/and post a comment below. Thanks for reading this, it is late and I know I am not all that great at English but I hope you understand, take care, peace. ✌️
  2. K driver modding and synergy in her kit is what she needs.
  3. Hello, so the model issues are that it doesnt change the colour of the blade with the weapon's energy colour and the outside part of the guard is a lot darker due to that when it opens it switches the sides, so that side was suposed to be darker as it is on the inside when fold. Look bad when its unfolded though. Also the sound of the weapon isn't too great, but maybe its just me... While the weapon has very good stats its gimmick is a bit underwelming. In short it is useless, as noone is really blocking with melee and there arent any other uses to that gimmick, its just when you block you have a chance to block potentialy more. My idea would be since its rather short and quick for a "two handed nikana" to make a diffrent one, that would be more suitable, something that would fit it more, like for example... - ( I went to sleep couldnt think of any, it was late, so i encourage you to give an idea for a diffrent, more suitable gimmick for the weapon. Maybe will think tomorrow about it, but for now gn. lol )
  4. I feel like the Black goo is a bit too much, there is too much of it and there isn't much variety to it, and why his feet dont change with mutation at all? Hope they also refresh the look of his abilities when the prime arrives as the abilities rather look a bit outdated and not great. They also cant be really costumized with the frame's colour scheme. Would be great if they did that. If they will change the look of the abilities then I think i have a new main frame. Also will have something to spend my umbra formas on. :P
  5. Hope they also refresh the look of his abilities when the prime arrives as the abilities rather look a bit outdated and not great. They also cant be really costumized with the frame's colour scheme. Would be great if they did that and even GREATER if the abilities also changed with the stacks, similarly to how his look changes, that would be bonkers. Also i would love if he still had some of that opening like he has on the normal version, but ill be okay if he will just be covered up mostly in this black goo thing. :P If they will change the look of the abilities then I think i have a new main frame. Also will have something to spend my umbra formas on. :P Edit: I as well like that they made the helmet and body look somewhat more like the base nidus but just more elegant with some gold. I am not all that much of a fan of changing the frame's look alll the way extremely, like they did with Trinity and Gara prime for example, though i dont mind Gara's apperance, Trinity's on the other hand...
  6. How would it be a perfect ability for trolling though? You would only make the " conduits" damage immune, but... I see it now guys... it was quite late when i posted it, I get it that this would just feel like few frames combined and doesnt really add anything good or new to the game. I will think of something else, better... I still want to remake his 1 since its just bad and only usefull in eidolon hunts, but not cause of the ability itself but its augment which gives radiation damage. His 4 might stay as is but could be nice if it had something more going for it. For now I would like to just close this post... anybody knows how to though? cause I dont. Can only like moderators and such close posts?
  7. I think Despoil augment could be the part of the ability, so more room for something else and synergy with his passive. Also they could make some new visuals to desecrate as his passive, you dont really see if desecrate is active while not looking at the ability bar. Honestly all abilities could get an vfx update. Oh and as an Oberon main, I would like Nekros to take care of his shadows himself. The energy drain I get when Nekros with his shadows is in mission is way too big. Either make it so that they can be healed by Nekros only or mostly, or buff Oberon's energy management on his renewal... Or both! Speaking of buffing Oberon... I made a post about Ideas for Oberon rework, I know he isn't high on the list of reworks but still I am convinced he can be better than he is as well. Anyway, if you guys want to check it out and tell what you think, then do so please, so far it didnt get any attention... :^)
  8. Hello! While I know Oberon isnt the first on the rework list, there are frames which need them more despertly, here are some ideas on how to make Oberon more engaging and fun, while also bringing him up a bit with his power. Reasoning: While Oberon isnt useless, of course he is not, he has crowd control, healing and armor strip, his kit isnt all that great, his 1 is completly useless and its mostly just replaced with helminth( which shouldnt be an excuse), 4 is used only from time to time strictly for armor strip, the side effects of the ability dont matter much. His 3 has really bad energy menagement, and now specially when Wisp is a thing it feels way worse, specially cause wisp doesnt have drain/s and the reservoirs stay forever, all you need to do is just walk into it to get your buff and healing, even Trinity is better or Garuda with their healing. Speaking of buff Wisp's health bonus is waaaaaay better than Oberon's armor bonus simply cause of how EHP scales and it wont do much for squishy frames anyway. I played a lot with Oberon and I am sure he could be better than he is. :^) Rework Idea: 1 Smite (changed) "Hallowed roots"? : Oberon summons a wave of hallowed roots that as the name suggests root up to 5? enemies (not affected by mods) in their way. Rooted targets affected by 4 will make them immune to any damage and will increase/refresh the timer for x seconds. Each enemy gives Oberon x amount of "stacks" up to x amount. 2 Hallowed ground (slightly changed): Holding the ability will perform an hallowed eruption dealing damage on the ground while also staggering enemies for x amount of damage that is multiplied by the amount of stacks collected. Maybe also makes so that you are limited to only one hallowed ground, but the area of it is way bigger? 3 Renewal (slightly changed): Energy drain/s decreased, armor bonus removed. Healing is increased on hallowed ground? 4 Reckoning (changed) "Thorny conduits"? : Oberon can switch between 3? amount of buffs: damage/health/armor bonus ? Oberon shoots a projectile that marks up target and grows a thorny bush on the target which sucks the life out of the enemy making them a conduit that grants oberon and his allies in a radius selected buff. Can mark up to 3 targets. The targets send out orbs every 5? seconds which lock onto the near enemies that reduce armor/second / by a certain amount for the duration of the ability. ? Passive: passive stays the same / passive now also affects mechanical pets such as sentinels, hounds and moas. This will not change Oberon's indentity but will just make his kit more cohesive, better overall and more engaging. Those abilities are of course just the general ideas, I imagine it might be a bit too much maybe... it can surely be balanced out. Dont have any ideas for the augments yet, but they surely would need to be changed, as his augment for 4 ability works similar to the idea I presented, mine is just better, and there is the augment for his 2, "Hallowed eruption" which acts similarly. Adds duration to the ability and lets you deal all of its remaining damage by deactivating it. Feel free to comment on how you feel about the ideas. ^^ Also for those who think this would make Oberon's kit way too complicated, take to account that Oberon's components now drop from railjack, so he isnt now avaible for new players. Therefore... his kit can be a little bit more complicated in my opinion. Not like my ideas make him wat too much complicated or something, no, but just wanted to add it here. :)
  9. Feels and looks nice, though the gimmick of it doesnt really suit it imo. It would suit a hammer more than a sword. I had and idea to make it do a energy wave attack on the slide attack instead or on slams that would do decent damage. Speaking of damage, the existing waves dont do much damage. The only thing they give you is annoying cc, by throwing enemies into the air. I think it should do respectful amount of damage, cause if not this will be just another weapon with gimmicky attack everyone will forget about despite the weapons power. Caustacyst is an example of such thing, though its barely used cause its a dojo weapon, that isn't hybrid, but that doesnt mean its bad of course. The gimmick on heavy attack is though. It might provide you some cc (maybe), though small and not really reliable one. Anyway, in short, I like how it looks and sounds ( though the slam shockwaves kind of sound more like some chains than energy shockwaves...), I am okay with the weapons special slam attacks, I really doubt the Devs will ever change it and make a new attack for it from scratch, but at least would be good if they buffed it/its scaling, as it is a weapon, and its suposed to deal damage. 👍 That is of course my opinion, feel free to leave yours below.
  10. Tenet Agendus energy shield doesnt change with energy colour. Thats pretty much it I guess about the vfx, though the heavy attack seems to kind of send out the shield itself as well as the arca plasmor like projecectile, dunno if thats intented, kind of looks silly not going to lie, since you still have the shield in your hand, and it kind of evaporates on impact. So, basicly its heavy doenst give much, its just a stropha like / arca plasmor projectile as heavy attack. It could get a gimmick instead so that you use the shield more as it was suposed to be used. So... my idea is to make it so that damage captured while blocking with the shield will be added or multplied to the charge and then fired up with heavy attack's projectlie. Of course this can be balanced out, maybe there could be just a max of damage you can build up. This will not only make the heavy better without directly building for it, but also make you use the shield for what it was intended to be, blocking. I think something similar to this would be more fun. Not sure I am right though, this is just my idea. :) Also speaking of gimicks and such, please DE make Tenet Livia's gimick better, it has such a useless and out of place gimick... "blocking attacks has a chance to increase blocking angle" who would use that and what for on that heavy nikana? :/ I am sure there could be something better for it, anyway might as well just make a diffrent post about that one, but feel free to also comment your ideas on what it could have instead of that bad gimmick. Dont forget that the gimick doesnt need to just straight up make the weapon deal more dps, sometimes overall fun and feel is better than crazy numbers on screen. ; )
  11. Also would be good if the scope was diffrent than what other corpus weapons with scope have. Arca scisco, Lanka, snipetron/snipetron vandal, all have the same scope. Maybe a more circual one would fit?
  12. Nukor is still great despite the nerfs, sure it cannot chain, but you can as well just switch targets and get similar effect, it power is the same, no stats were changed.
  13. What else can i say, mediocore stats and a gimick that doesnt grant any benefits but annoys you and prevents you from shooting while aimimg. ( Also chews through ammo like crazy with it...) I think it could just be similar to how cyanex works, just with headshots instead od body shots. It doesnt need to be the best thing ever, it can be balanced around, but it needs to feel right, and at the moment though it looks and sounds cool I wont use it cause it is underwelming in aspect of how it acts and shoots. And it cant have the aimimg homing mode as an alternative firemode cause then it will be just a discount sepulcrum's alternative firemode... Please make them better DE, please. :)
  14. Ambassador has an "alternative charged sniper firemode" yet it has no scope. A scope with some on hit bonuses to using it like additive crit chance or damage/critical damage would be really great! It would make the weapon even more diffrent and stand out more, plus make it more thematicly correct ( or describtion wise). :) Would be great, at least in my opinion...
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