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  1. Why is this even a question? I have been playing this game since early 2013, I know how burn out feels, yet I'm still here. Just take a break. There is no way around it, anything else you try will make it worse. Do something else, play another game, get a new girlfriend or pick another hobby not related to gaming, but stop playing the game for while, after a while you will feel better and when you come back to the game you will enjoy it much more. I had a break for almost 2 years, when I got back I was amazed how much the game had evolved, I hardly recognized it, played for 2 years straight and then for irl reasons had to take another break, almost over one year later I came back and again there was so much to do that I could barely keep up with the content. Then I took a break for 4 months when I felt some burn out and voila I'm back and I feel refreshed to keep going with the game. My clanmates, took a longer break than me, now they're back and we're doing Eidolons and Orbs and it feels like that content was released just yesterday. Now we are doing all that content we missed and getting ready for Railjack. So, yep, there is no cure for burn out, you either take a break or you will end up hating the game and never coming back!
  2. Well, when the average is 15 plat, you have to remember that it's a free open market, dictated by supply and demand, and that the value of items depend on what people think it's worth it. So if you have someone paying 20/30p for those mods, you have to understand that you're not ripping people off either. So if you go to the market to sell your stuff, you don't need to match or undercut the prices there. Just post it for what you think it's worth selling it for and eventually you will find a buyer. Of course don't post crazy prices, that's why the average is a hint.
  3. Welcome back! I have taken my breaks from the game now and then, it's actually a healthy practice. I recently came from a 4 months break, still have much to do that I don't feel the content droughts. My clan did the same, and it seems we synced perfectly after their long break. Now we are hunting Eidolons and Orbs like it was the first week of their release and we are enjoying it a lot. If you left some weeks previous to fortuna, the only thing that you have missed are the Nightwaves and one or two events. The rest is readily available in game. Enjoy!
  4. If you're low lvl MR one easy quick way to get some silver cash is to do some excavations, get relics and then do fissures to crack those relics. And sell the prime parts in bulk if they are kinda trashy. Or sell better ones for some better profit. Check warframe.market site so you can get an idea. That will give you quick cash for your frame and weapon slots and one other potato.
  5. Well your guess is as good as mine...
  6. Selling and buying directly from trade chat sounds risky and prone for mistakes or confusion. However the passive trade post is an idea that has been suggested several times, even topics of devstreams, but DE hasn't taken it seriously. An auction house like service would be a significant improvement on the QoL for the community. However I think one of the reasons DE does not implement it, is their fear of giving so easy access to platinum, causing plat sales going down.Which I think it wouldn't be the case. They can go ahead do an auction house that allows players to post as many items as half their daily allowed trades for either 24 or 48 hours (even if the item sells or not will take that trade for the day anyway) Even take an additional credit tax for the service. Terminals can be deployed (built or bought with plat) in the dojo, so there are more reasons to hang out in the dojo
  7. My clan needs a remake of our logo and we want to have someone more skilled/professional to help us with it. We can pay real money or plat. Let us know. Regards!
  8. I could not read past the enema part... ROFL!
  9. Shut up and take my money! Oh wait it's free! Didn't you have a pre-order thing for a half cooked game? Oh I see that's anthem... Love the changes, bring them on!
  10. It was an exploit anyway. Recently I went from mr18 to all way up to mr24, and I built so much stuff, specially prime weapons and my Orokin cells is still going 600+ strong, just by playing the game.
  11. When we get enough weapons or frames to make up for the missing mastery points.
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