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  1. Does that mean that Nightwave/Rivens/Norma missions will also track the kills done by spawned allies? That would be great.
  2. Please DE, fix weapons on clones. Like its been there forever. Also kills made by clones (Duality/Celestial Twin/Umbra passive) still doesn't progress your Nightwave and doesn't count as kills. Would really love to see fix to Pox, Ogris and Sarpa/Redeemer at least.
  3. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Pablo Thank you for showing up the abilities of the upcoming rework. I'm very interested in the Celestial Twin since Duality is one of my favorite things in the game, and I already see a lot of improvements with monkey clone. Looks like ability to constantly block instead of attacking was removed. It would be nice if other specters would have that too. I also understand that there a lot of AI limitations in terms of hitting certain enemies so that's something we will have to live with. But I'd be really happy if you looked into this thread of existing specter issues and maybe tweaked a thing or two from the list. For instance double reload on weapons with high fire rates
  4. And then people would teamkill the clone 5000 times to stack up the resource buff and pop that kuva siphon for 1 mill kuva XDDD I like the idea, ples add to the game
  5. Please fix at least some of the existing issues with Specters before you add up another warframe to a missery club of specter summoners.
  6. Could you please, please, pretty please fix Specters interaction with Ogris? They are not firing it unless they are in 10m range. They just aim at enemy and watch as refered in this topic and a topic before. (I just want a party of my own bomards T_T )
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