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  1. You’re hilarious. I literally run with Baruuk, a proboscis cernos, nukor, and zaw with a full tier 3 ship and specialized crewmates. Nothing you’ve said changes the fact that the VEIL has lower drop rates than it should.
  2. I’ve had Yareli since day 1 and this still won’t be enough, but I have ideas for improvements and criticisms of these changes. First, the speed was literally never an issue, the snares just don’t do enough damage because a flat increase will never be enough (look at Hydroid, the puddle increases by a % of an enemy’s health, meaning it’s guaranteed to chunk their health, if it doesn’t outright kill.) Aquablades’ issue is also not range. Yareli is designed to be extremely mobile, you should be moving around to get everyone anyway. Their damage would be better if it could scale in some way. I would change it so that Yareli could collect sea snares to increase the damage, perhaps similar to how Gara glasses enemies to feed her 4, before shattering it with her 1 to make her 2 hit good levels of damage while still starting low (Notice the trend of synergy in these abilities?) Lastly, riptide falls off at around level 60 because it scales by the amount of enemies inside, not by their HP or EHP. It also flings enemies around (Which was just fixed for Zephyr) Instead of slamming them downward into a pile. I would improve this by having it also collect sea snares, maybe by throwing them into riptide before it detonates? As well as dropping enemies, rather than throwing them everywhere.
  3. Drop rates are still broken so that’s not “4 very fast missions”
  4. Ok now when are holokey drop rates in the veil getting fixed lmao
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