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  1. I'm not defending the old system; it was terrible. But the new system is grindier and makes you invest more time. DE introduced another currency which is used to buy nitain. Which was boring and tiresome to do.
  2. I think the amp's damage does not increase until you gild it. And there was no gilding or any other amps when the quest came out. As I said, they "fixed" the annoying part.
  3. His entire kit is trash. His 1 is useless. His 2 is useless. His three was very useful but now with raids gone and DE ignoring the bug when reported multiple times made his 3rd useless. His 4th is a good ability but has its range choked. You can never built a vauban for anything with his current stats. Everything vauban does, other frame does it better ex: Volt, gara, garuda, nidus, etc. His entire kit should be reset or he should be put down and straight up removed from the game to make some justice to his name.
  4. I think the annoying part is quite balanced now. When it was released the operators were squshy and kept running out of energy.
  5. I do not know why they are focusing on things no one asked for. The alerts were good for new players. They didn't require the grind that is(was )Nightwave. It's like they do not want players to do anyother thing except playe warframe. There is no respect for peesonal time. OP, soon DE fanboys will blame you for taking a break.
  6. You are relatively new and probably do not know what made this game fun. You're here for all the lights, bangs, and other glory stuff. The main essence in the game is gone because people like you keep defending terrible ideas.
  7. Two people replied same stuff.. like wtf man? What you tryna do?
  8. I feel like it's about time this topic will be locked without any reply(from devs).
  9. Yes, because someone kept comparing two resources that are not balanced and with the game's current state can never be equated to one another.
  10. Jiminez, implying that we get rare part in every drop because warframe. That's enough dumb talk for the day and its just 10 am here.
  11. Guzzmantt, you are making fun of yourself. Why are you comparing two resources which have no comparision or balance between them? Lets apply your logic in the real world shall we? I broke my phone, in my country it costs 100$ to fix it but in china it costs 10$ to fix it. So you are telling me to spend 100s of $ on a flight, go to china, fix my phone for 10$ and take a flight back to my country costing me 100s of $ for the return flight again. Why? If any person would do this even a nutless monkey would call him an idiot.
  12. You are blinding yourself to the truth. Any primed weapon would be around 175 ducats where as this one costs 1000. Talk in ducats not platinum since that really depends on the seller's price. Stop DE fanboying. They too can make mistakes.
  13. Well, the freedom of speech isn't the main agenda of this topic. I was just trying to put it out there and ask why DE is so much against a constitutional right that almost every independent democratic country has. My idea is not acting like an entitled brat it's just that EULA requires us to be 18+ or have the permission of 18+ guardian but people aren't supposed to have opinions. Anyways, lets not concentrate on it. It's owned by DE and their rules so we'll let them have it. "Frames with millions of ehp" so forcing me to use a particular frame? By DE's logic they should be nerfed. Jimienz, let me guess you're one of thise people who think 30k endo requirement is ok for a single rare mod?(not primed). I compared the paraceis price to normal frame and I specifically mentioned NOT VAUBAN PRIME. I'm simply comparing their value to ingame currency, your thinking is flawed. Warhydra take nyx, mag, vauban, etc and play MOT. Get too close to an enemy so he will hit you with his elbow and see if your frame survives. Also if hildryn was a test then why did it took so long? Now they've tested it will other frames have shield gating? I do not think so. Edit: I'm talking about primed ak weapons.
  14. Someone had to do it and sucks that it has to be me. This is going to be a long thread so bear with me. DE fanboys read completely before going all keyboard warrior on my "back". So, I started playing warframe in 2015(since vauban prime access) and played for few months(until a few weeks after release of Plains of eidolon release) as I had to take a break from gaming to complete my engineering. I recently started playing warframe again and was excited as I thought I was gonna have fun. I was MR 17 or 18 when I left and I never felt boring for one second. But recently I was unable to enjoy warframe like I used to before. And the reasons are very plain and simple. It’s not what it used to be. This doesn’t feel like warframe. What are the reasons? Oh boy, they’re too many that I can’t even count them on my fingers. 1. THE GRIND Warframe was always a grindy game no doubt but recently there has been an excessive increase in grind. From warframe parts now droping out of quest to the ridiculous weapon requirements. >Paraceis If you don’t know Vauban prime is the rarest frame as all his part drops are rare. Making his value 400 ducats (highest of any frame), and the pareceis has a build requirement of 1000 ducats. That means you spend more than 5 prime frames(not Vauban prime) worth of farming on a single weapon. I DO NOT understand this logic. If you’re implying the weapon is special the sure I can understand spending some ducats (100 or maybe 150) on it but 1000? That’s not fair. >Prime weapons and prime warframes Back then prime weapons and frames used to cost 1 orokin cell but now the magic number is 15 without any explaination. It’s still a rare resource, I thought you guys wouldn’t do something like this after the HEMA drama but nah, boy was I wrong. >Open world Syndicates Why are there multiple syndicates in a single “place”. In plains of eidolon it’s understandable as Quill and Konzu do not want to appear together because of what happened between Quill and konzu’s wife. But when Fortuna was released I was shocked to see not 1 not 2 but 3 SYNDICATES. I do not understand this logic. And each syndicates rank up differently. Why are there no sigils for open world syndicates? The bounties get boring and makes a person lose interest in the game. They’re same repetitive and for the lack of better word “unfun” or not fun to play. >Warframes You guys always talk about how people ruin the fun by going to hydron/berehyneia and not actually rank it up like how it’s supposed to. Do you know how much pain in the butt it is to rank up a frame even with boosters? The XP required on the frames should be greatly reduced. If you think it’s an overestimation maybe you guys should try ranking up a frame from rank 0 to 30 without booster in your next stream and we’ll see. You’re free to use any node just don’t do it with equinox. Rank it up solo and you’ll finally realize what I’m talking about. >Events Thermia fractures and ghoul purge. As soon as I see a message for ghoul purge I just ALT+F4. That’s a very very very bad event. It’s ok to have less quality and fun events than throw these events on the face of community. AS I SAID I KNOW WARFRAME IS A GRINDY GAME AND NEEDS AS MUCH PLAYERS IN GAME AS THEY CAN BUT DEVS NEED TO REALIZE THAT WE HAVE PERSONAL LIFE TOO AND THE DAILY LIMIT CAP IS NOT FOR THE BENEFIT OF PLAYERS. IF ANYTHING IT’S A BURDEN. 2. THE EVENT BOSS (WOLF) I’m paraphrasing here as I don’t remember the exact words “Itzal will be nerfed as it’s too fast(her 1) and this means we are forcing players to choose a certain archwing over the others” Make an event boss which require certain weapons and certain frame to kill him. I get it you wanted to give something to the vets who were asking for difficult enemies(end game) but your vision of difficult is wrong. The entire game is based on warframes and their abilities but this boss chose to give zero crap about them. Like why? THIS IS NOT WARFRAME. Making him immune to status effect so his armor can only be removed by pet or a certain mod(shattering impact) and even after the armor is removed his flesh is armoed flesh, because logic. The idea of a difficult boss in warframe or any game should make players fear for their (in-game)lives. Wolf simply stands in a place and swings his hammer for a couple of seconds and then with the speed of light move towards a target. What he should be able to do was be able to inflict high damage(ranged; not melee), not stand in one place and swing his hammer, walk normally and be susceptible to damage from players. That’s a better boss than most of the warframe bosses second only to HAMMER “TYL REGOR” TIME. 3. FALSE HOPE & FALSE PROMISES I’d simply suggest you to stop making false promises like “we talked and we’ll make sure no prime ak weapon will require two prime weapons” Hey guys check out AKLex prime it requires 2 lex primes and a link. “We want to reduce grind” Continues to increase grind Now to a more critical subject, FALSE HOPE. STOP IT! Whenever rebbeca ask steve something the community has been asking for years, steve will just shake his head and say “we’ll see” making people believe that they’re gonna do something great, but nahhhh it always like that. Always a FALSE HOPE. If you do not want to do something just say it outright we won’t ask you again. 4. RESOURCES “Casual players are ruining the game” continues to spend resources on something that people never asked for and won’t bother about it instead of fixing bugs people have been reporting for years. Cough..cough.. Nyx, Vauban, mag, etc. If you think about it the open world shouldn’t really be the next big thing, It’s a different environment and same enemies with name tag changed and new resources to make people grind for hours. The resources can be spent on a much better thing like quest, bug fixes, etc. It’s easier to blame someone else but it’s equally difficult to find your flaws and correct them; casuals have no control over the game. The control in its entirety belongs to YOU. 5. FEEDBACK / THE WE LISTEN TO YOU BOLD FACED LIE People have reported some issues from years now and yet in devstreams you guys never talk about it. And you guys keep asking “What should we do”. We reply DO X and in the next stream there is not a single mention of said X but then the same damn “what should we do”. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX WUKONG, NYX, VAUBAN,ETC. 6. SCALING There’s no denying the fact that the enemy scaling in the warframe is messed up to a point that it will require atleast a year to fix it if that’s possible. So “what should we do?”. We do not want to see a warframe die by a single elbow whip so please add shield gates that will fix the scaling problem to an extent. What we got was hildryn. And that too it’s not shield gate. Please implement shield gates like nullifier bubbles on all frames. 7. Freedom It may not be an appropriate thing to say but warframe is not kindergarten, and you should not interfere with freedom of speech. Many times In warframe chat or on forums, I feel my freedom of speech has been violated. I just don’t understand why can’t people act like adults in a 18+ game as it says in EULA. CONCLUSIONI tried to play warframe but it’s too much of a fun killer these days and I’m really not happy with the direction warframe is drifting towards. My intention was not to hurt you or call you out, I’m simply venting out the reality that’s been going on. Instead of acting out when confronted about it(bully-tweeting about a youtuber; not cool) you guys should think and reflect back on how we can improve. I know It's not constructive criticism just criticism as I think you guys wont even read it anyway and everything I've wrote would probably go straight to the bin. It's just my honest opinion. If the new updates bring even more useless grind then I’ll probably not play warframe as much and would most like never invest in warframe again. Thank you for reading this. Have a good day
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