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  1. Yes it is. It's a simple quality of life issue. The point of having mods and slots is so you can have different choices. Basically everyone, except that one cancerous partnered streamer I won't do the honor of naming, uses vacuum mods. It's that huge of a quality of life bump, and for people who legit don't want universal vacuum, heck make a toggle option in settings or something. The point of mod slots is to have choices. Vacuum mods aren't a choice, they're mandatory. Ergo the game should be simplified, and there are two ways to do it. Either you delete a companion mod slot and give them an innate togglable vacuum, OR you make the sane choice and just phase out vacuum mods for universal vacuum with a toggle option somewhere, leaving the mod slots, and therefore choices, the way they are intended to be.
  2. I can run an Ivara and simultaneously Out-DPS and outrun pretty much every other player while in prowl. That doesn't mean 99% of people playing Ivara at any given time can do anything of the sort, and in fact 99% can't do either. Bear with me. The reason people pick something for a meta is because, as has been stated, it's the best of easy/foolproof/low-maintenance/high efficiency. You're going to get dumped on for bringing Wukong. Your damage numbers are entirely to do with your weapons and part of your setup that are entirely unrelated to wukong. For Wukong's kit itself, his split damage is somewhat unreliable, since you can't control the clone with a great deal of precision and sometimes it just runs off after a single enemy or something. Other than that, his kit has basically nothing. He's really only semi-tanky and anyone who is going down more than 1-2 times during a full run anyway is doing something very wrong, no matter the frame. Cloud Walker doesn't matter much for speed either since OPerators exist, you'll be lucky to get to your destination a single full second ahead of everyone else using Ops. As for killing Condrix fast, any scrub can pretty much gib it at any rank with a good redeemer prime build on any frame. Big whoop. People can probably do it with contagion too, but I'm not going to say so because I haven't sat down and tried it myself to make sure. In short the only thing your Wukong is bringing, as a frame, that anyone cares about is the DPS from his clone, and it's an AI, so inherently somewhat unreliable, so your entire frame can be replaced in most peoples' minds with a single ability from a damage buffing frame that increases team damage by even 25%, and they'd be correct. Even worse, pretty much every team damage buff is for a lot more than that. Banshee, Octavia, Wisp, Harrow, Chroma, Rhino, aug'd Mirage, Nova, the list goes on and on and on. Maybe you're the one Wukong player in a hundred or so who can actually keep a handle on enemies and spawns and keep them dead before they can damage the oplinks. The problem is that 9/10 or more of the other people who push to play Wukong (or some other wonky frame) for something like this absolutely stink at it, and might even be intoxicated somehow. That's why this meta exists, the grind is a pain enough without having to deal with a bunch of special snowflakes that are not as good or capable as they like to think. Beyond that, it's just one event. I hang up my Ivara unless I'm soloing it and go with something meta, even if I can pop out 80-90% damage over a four man team reliably as Ivara. If you want to play whatever frame for kicks, there's plenty of other game to do it in where people aren't already fed up with the grind and bugs and just trying to get it over with with minimum hassle. Even if we could do well enough or better with our preferred frames, most people aren't going to expect someone hypercompetent, and the first things that a weird pick like Wukong or Ivara are going to make them think of a random person they don't know, are: 1: This person likely has no idea what they're doing, even enough to pick a team-useful frame for the event. 2: This person doesn't care about anyone but themselves. That being said, there are more than 4 useful frames that anyone can understand the use of and will probably allow with minimal explanation. Instead of Limbo you can go Frost, or Gara, Nova, or even Volt possibly. For killing instead of Mesa, Khora is a great idea, any stealth frame with a paracesis works great for space op, and there are others too. Wisp gets used for the buffs to health for avoiding oneshots, and for the melee boost, but Oberon would probably work quite well for a similar role. The list goes on, but everyone's going to recognize Limbo, followed closely by Nova, then a survivability buffer, then a DPS or team DPS buffer. Easy, efficient, robust, nearly foolproof.
  3. To be plain, anything less than invuln removes the healing already for most intents and purposes. The healing doesn't apply unless the target has taken no damage for several seconds. DE: Why do you think people even use Vazarin dash? It certainly isn't to heal themselves or allies except perhaps when Inaros is involved, there are many faster and better ways to heal frames with only a few hundred health, and that's even if the frame they're playing doesn't have healing abilities. Even if I wanted to use it to heal teammates, as often as not they're moving around so erratically that they're hard to target even if it weren't with a fixed length dash, and that erratic movement goes double for someone who is low on health and concerned about being downed. If you want people to care about that amount of frame or pet healing, you need to nerf pizzas out of existence. Seriously. They need to stop being a thing anyway, they totally screw over resource balance. You also need to get rid of or nerf things like the melee heavy attack healing mod. One slot on a melee weapon that is already ludicrously strong compared to other weapons types, for free, high, instant healing with minimal risk in most situations? Easy choice. Barring that, healing is easy to come by, so prot dash is pointless. Heck, it's right there in the name, Protective dash, and you want to remove invuln, not even give DR, and lower the healing to an amount that doesn't matter past level 1? Deuces on that affinity tree. Vazarin has nothing else of note. The radial shield is cute but buggy and lets things through, and it's a paragon example of passive gameplay considering you're making people literally sit somewhere with one button pressed down and nothing else going on for 30s straight. The wider dash doesn't matter at all when it's useless anyway. The directional charge shield is lol? Any situation I've got my OP out, that shield isn't going to help even a little because damage is coming from all directions. Bye bye Vazarin! Monkey's-pawed to oblivion. That one will. Go back and read it again. Only some of the things don't stack with other effects like themselves, namely anything that does the already pointless 100/s x 5s heal. Only ones that are operatives. It still does that. Shhhhh!
  4. By that logic any warframe with abilities based on % of absolute values are illogical. Look at them all. Easier to name the warframe without an absolute %based ability than the ones with one or several. No, that ship has sailed. Besides, enemies will still oneshot your operator or frame with AoE if you're near the defense target trying to heal it eventually. By a third piece, these changes would make most healing abilities perceptibly irrelevant at the mid point of the star chart, let alone endless missions that start at higher levels like Abs or Sorties or events. By a fourth piece, the max health of the defense target doesn't change once the mission has started, so enemies still scale past it even if it's getting %max healed, so you have no logical standing in any regard.
  5. Outhealing enemy damage output at lvl 30-40 would be something like 400-4k HP/second depending on the enemy and how many of them. That's the problem. In addition, Vazarin for one already doesn't heal any def targets unless they've taken no damage for 5-8 seconds.
  6. Minimum required difficulty of a mission is not starcart, although a fair number of frames can't even do that with the proposed changes. Arb? Sortie? GoTL? Those things provide basic gimp-tier testing of viability, and everything should be able to make it to rotation C at least once with a good enough build. As-is a lot of things couldn't make it to A no matter what build if these changes go through.
  7. There's a difference between "usable for a minimal required difficulty run of a mission" and "broken", I know not everyone can understand that such a difference exists, but people who can't have no business discussing balance.
  8. Fair, but no CC works on demolysts other than the handful of things DE either doesn't know about or hasn't been able to find a way to nerf yet without actually deleting them from the game because of their continuously applied natures, so that's hardly a surprise. Realistically nothing works there except for the DPS frames that work on everything else too. Still, that's one type of fairly-reviled and new mode, versus Defense, Mobile Defense, Excavation, Rescue, now Squad link, and probably one or two others I'm missing like salvage or something. Apart from that, Frost strips armor and Limbo can have a multiplier on things in the rift (though I think demos are immune to being rifted), so they CAN do DPS, just maybe not as much as some others. Frames like Trinity on the other hand? CC 2 targets and now will be able to do 50%DR and 100hp/s heal by spamming Blessing. Not viable past joke-level enemies. Garuda? Barely more CC than Trinity, though the DPS is potentially decent. Lots of other frames, really anything without massive long range CC on the cheap or able to set up literal walls around the defense target. Can't do objective defense missions at an even sort-of challenging level. The equivalent of if every single enemy that spawned versus those defense frames was a nullfier, pretty much.
  9. If those main defense frames can do any OTHER mission, why shouldn't any frame be able to do defense missions at at least a somewhat passable level? There's the blindingly obvious answer to your pretend question.
  10. I didn't say that. Dictionary. Don't expect further replies until you do.
  11. On the event sure, on everything else, no. ORLY. Name me a mission type that Frost/Gara/Limbo can't do just fine. Better yet, name me four mission types. When you can do that, then you can propose the above argument.
  12. When "can't cheese a mission out of any and all challenge" means "can't heal a Sedna defense target for 0.4 hp/s", I think you need to crack your dictionary open for a good long time. It's getting lonely.
  13. Are you crazy? All that would do would be to FORCE people to bring Frost/Gara/Limbo to every single one of those missions all the time. Worst idea ever. No Protective Dash is getting removed. It literally won't matter even slightly vs content above level 0 = removed. Not even a bug. More like something that actually did what it was supposed to do against the actually bugged arbitrary unhealability of these things. Arbitrary "lol no that doesn't work now, surprise sucka!" is just bad DE. It's bad with status immune super-tank enemies as ALL of the tougher enemies. It's bad with arbitrary ability immune enemies with no tell. It's bad with "lolnope your powers got stripped globally just because". Just stahp. Either don't let us have things in the first place, or when you "lolnope" them make it for very logical and apparent reasons, and with some tell to give time to prepare alternate tactics. Scrambus = great. Nullie = horribad. Some sort of status-cleansing enemy or enemy ability = good. Random complete status immunity on tanky enemy = bad. This. SoTD is already one of the most troll abilities in the game with certain energy colors. Having it put the mega succ on Oberon's energy pool is just pure torture.
  14. Neither is the same type of enemy with the same uniform and the same weapon doing the same differences in numbers at the same times, but that happens too. Your logic was inapplicable from the start, therefore flawed and its outcome incorrect.
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