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  1. If I can turn large portions of the forum into Hawkwood the Deserter, I'll consider that a success in and of itself.
  2. Well, they do use syndicate packs, but they don't use them for all of their relics. If you want to factor in syndicate packs, you need to realize that unless you're a fairly long-played player, you aren't going to be able to afford even one pack per day, because your daily standing cap won't allow it. Even if your standing cap is maxed out that's not quite two packs a day? 6 relics is almost a quarter of the ducats you'd need, maybe. So then we have something like five to twenty days of standing in order to shorten a likely more than 4 hour grind down to being more like two hours? This is still hours and days we're talking about here, so yes, hours on average, even with a focused farm and a fairly high MR to begin with. Edit: Maxed MR would allow just over two packs a day. Still time you need to factor in, as otherwise you're assuming that the player already has syndicate standing to use to purchase relics, which is pretty much saying you did some of the farm ahead of time, rather than that it isn't long.
  3. Buh-but muh League! ...That I haven't played for years. I mean, D&D used to do that too. Not sure if they still do. Key word, used. As for Wolf, I think my ideal boss would bring something to the table to kill everyone, but be interactive about it. We already have ability cancelling on two bosses, so how about means of working around it? Say for instance, for invisible frames the Wolf deploys a drone over 2 seconds, and once it's up it gives him vision on invis frames unless they shoot it down, in which case Wolf does a quick attack at their last location, then a bit of evasion tactics to reposition himself away, and then tries again with the drone. Damage tank frames? Pup napalm attacks apply stacks of flat damage vulnerability (say 10% per stack for a quick guess) that allows that percentage of incoming damage to ignore abilities and armor of the frame in question. So yes, Rhino, Nezha, Trinity, and company need to be wary of those flaming doom-bombs too, though maybe not as paranoid as, say, Banshee. CC? How about a progressive buffer that fills up and gives, say, ten second of CC immunity after every 5 seconds or so of being hard CC'd? And when the Wolf gets the immunity, it shares to the pups who wouldn't have it otherwise.
  4. Akboltos Prime could be pretty gud too! Really, let's just chill. There's only one troll in this thread and it ain't one of you guys.
  5. Tyl Regor for Bossident. I'd deal with him any day of the week. Whoever designed him and his character and his fight, you guys are bosses too.
  6. This topic is about not nerfing future things like Wolf. You're arguing that he shouldn't have been nerfed. He got nerfed. Deal with it. To be fair, Titania could be quite effective against him I would think. As for the Wolf. Yeah we could carry weapons and use frames that we don't like and aren't nearly as effective versus other content in order to be prepared for him at all times. However, he's a 2-6% spawn chance. Most people aren't going to change a quarter of their build for something that might happen one in twenty games that they can just ignore and finish the mission. New players? They legit aren't going to have anything that can touch this guy the way he was/is. Even the level 30 version is going to be an absolute nightmare for them with their latos and parises. He started out way overtuned. I understand DE probably did it to give players a real challenge. I also understand that he was intended from the beginning to be an assassin encounter. The nerfs down to size were baked into the cookie from day one. Granted, he doesn't have ability cancelling or fast moves like the Stalker, or janky moves and cancelling like the Harvester, Flanking and multiple weapons and CCs like the G3, or enemy resurrection and AoE deathstorms like the Juggernaut, so he has pups of flaming doom and might be a bit tankier than those (maybe similar to Jugg) when all is said and done. A bit tankier. Not hundreds of times.
  7. I have to agree with this. I read the notes on day one, then tallied the available points per week and realized I'd only need to do about half of the available points per week plus some pup captures. People who panicked didn't even wait to check, they just presumed the worst and ran with it.
  8. First off, that was farming his example Loki Prime Chassis. This is taking the time it takes to get a specific relic, on average, into account. That particular relic is fastest to get by running certain void captures, at 5% chance per run. Second, even if we're going for whatever relics we can, you have to account for the time to farm it in addition to the time to crack it. Most sources of relics don't guarantee relics, so you're probably closer to 10 minutes to both get a relic and crack it. Some activities it may be as much as 15 minutes. 1000 ducats in 50 minutes from survival? Your math is way off. That's 10 relic cracks. You're assuming 100 ducat value for every single crack. That's very unrealistic. More likely an average of forty ducats per relic, perhaps. If we assume a fairly fast five minutes per relic farmed and five per cracked, that's just north of four hours.
  9. Well, that's why you build Flow and Quick Thinking. You have an ability that you can tap once or twice to bring your HP to 2 nigh instantly. She's an energy tank more than a health tank IMO, due to her passive and all of her kit's synergies. Damage going into QT is only taking 1 energy for every 2.4 damage, which is ~58% reduction if you think of it that way. Then you have armor it has to get through to even hit QT. Her energy pool isn't huge, but a Primed Flow, QT, and Steel Fiber will make it go quite a ways. Less than 14% of the damage done will be converted into damage on you energy pool, even after your health is depleted.
  10. You did pick a warframe with damage reduction abilities though. Anyone else is only going to get to max 99%, and that's assuming they have 2x rank 3 Arcane Guardian procced up and Adaptation stacked to max against single-type damage, which is rather unrealistic. More likely they might have one of those things and a Vitality or Umbral Vitality mod, and will be facing mostly mixed damage, so that's going to be closer to 60% reduction and what, maybe 700-1k health? ~2k EHP.
  11. Actually, no. I'm done with you. The Wolf has already been nerfed down repeatedly, to a tiny fraction of his former tankiness. Take you own advice and play the game as intended, instead of arguing that the decisions DE already made shouldn't have been made.
  12. Ehh, you're not wrong. The difference with them is, while corrosive may be giving you ~+50% while they have some armor left, viral will be giving you +75% when they don't anymore.... assuming they're grineer clones. The damage weakness changes for other enemy types. Wolf... still weak to the same damage type, but less weak. After removing his armor.... Wat. Uh. I have to disagree. Ice Chroma can hit up to 99.96% DR last I calculated. A Trinity with Link and Blessing up and Adaptation stacked would only hit up to 99.85% or so if I'm calculating right, and only if the enemies were all dealing pure single types of damage. Any sort of mixed damage would drop that down closer to 97%. Granted, Mirage in the dark and Mesa vs ranged can hit 99.9, against the optimal single-type-damage, but that's still both lower and not against everything. You said millions. Your Trinity example is slightly over a million, in a situation that doesn't match the majority of the game, with two abilities and four mods minimum. Your example can't hit 2 million without outside buffs, certain spectres, or very particular arcanes.
  13. I can and did use ctrl-f. You did not answer my specific questions previously. You answered that you fought it at hydron, but that only tells me the minimum level range. It doesn't tell me at what stage of tankiness nerfing, two nerfs of which happened in the last month. You did not mention what your weapon was. In fact, you called it a primary, and now you say it's a kitgun. You answered very few to none of those questions before. I did read. You apparently can't remember what you've already posted or not. You do not actually find me funny. You are angered that I keep calling you out. Catchmoon, 12k, let's just round to 5x crit 100% chance for ease of mental math, so 60k rad a shot. You know perfectly well that no one in this thread knows what you're referring to as Mr Smee. I can assume a Kavat, considering you mentioned armor strip, and I don't suspect you use a Sarpa, or Shattering Impact on some other melee weapon. So, 60k. Let's assume You Kavat was a Smeeta and you had the orange crit buff at the time. Let's also assume that you had a 10x Chroma and a Harrow with a 200% Crit chance Covenant up the entire fight. So, you automatically get 200% crit chance from the cat, 200% more from Harrow, for 14x damage, 1.75x from Rhino, and 10x from Chroma. Your entirely meta Catchmoon is now doing just shy of three million damage per shot. Now let's be more realistic. You played Rhino and had an Adarza for the more reliable crit buff, and there probably wasn't another damage buff on the team that applied to your Catchmoon. So, more like 155,000 damage per shot. How long did it take the wolf to go down? Let's give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was just before the nerf that came with the tactical alert, since that seems to have nerfed the Wolf down to under a million HP at level 70 as far as I could tell. A liar claims that other people are just like himself. Shocking. An arrogant person assumes that the way he plays the game is the way that everyone who plays it should play. Checks with chart. Now, answer the question.
  14. You know what it's called when you can't see past the end of your nose because you'd rather look at yourself? That's called narcissism, Mr Anecdotal. Sub Optimal for this fight? Anything Other than Radiation Crit weapons on a frame that can boost their damage. The goons "pups" follow you about as fast as the Wolf himself does, unless you have allies to distract or CC them. Wow, you are a piece of work in several ways. Dishonest, condescending, and unable to consider other peoples' situations whatsoever.
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