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  1. Maybe not ban, but at least like a week suspension or something.
  2. This. I've personally contributed something like 19k mutagen samples to my clan's farm for Hema research. Others have done 14k. Of those, I had 15k before the Hema existed, because duo Banshee/x to wave 100 on ODD used to be one of my favorite things to do, long long ago. 17k to go? It's never going to happen. My clan is never, ever going to have Hema, and this lie (yes, it's an obvious lie) about certain frame complementarity being removed ("fixed") over the entire game due to nothing important is the clincher. At least give the real reason for this massive nerf. We know it's not because the friendly neighborhood farming crew got a couple more mods from an esoteric location which doesn't even have super valuable mods. It might conceivably be related to that, but everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows it's not that.
  3. I've had them spawn in above me while I'm not making any noise and still know right where I am while stealthed. Sometimes, once in a blue moon, they overlook me, so I too am unsure what exactly the problem is. They definitely don't lose me while prowled if I use a weapon that makes noise but doesn't uncloak her. Edit: That can be from either firing noisy primary/secondary while in a cloak arrow radius, or using a gunblade while in prowl.
  4. Basically there are a few weapons and frames that can get absolutely ridiculous with the right setup, and if you're not using one of those, or are using a mechanic that something (wolf here) is immune to, you're shafted. I personally have use either a zaw hammer with 240 base damage, or a crit redeemer prime on Ivara. Even when I'm redcritting and each individual pellet does 5k-20k, it takes a minute to take him down. If you're not prepared specifically for him, and a level 75 wolf spawns? You're gonna be there for 30+ minutes. I've personally put something like 300m worth of damage into the wolf before this last de-tankenining in order to kill him at level 70+. That's just absurd. And he has other problems as well. Play Ash? Fatal Teleport him with a hammer with radiation damage, he dies and it only shows maybe 60,000-150,000 damage done to kill him. What? I know perfectly well that if I'm shooting him with Artemis Bow that that same wolf will take something over a hundred million damage to die. Reminds me of chromas oneshotting eidolons with sloppy anything back when his damage multiplier was obviously bugged and applying squared or cubed or more with certain weapons and/or damage types. Something obviously isn't right here. Anyway, he's being scaled into an assassin. Obviously no one either should or would want to be fighting an assassin for 15+ minutes, so yeah he's obviously going to be de-tanked, and probably eventually fixed against ash and such.
  5. Notice this person doesn't mention frame, since we all know it's Chroma.
  6. Maybe stop playing chroma/rubico/gram on absolutely everything.
  7. Okay, so after testing I can say a few things. #1: The sleep arrows do display a reduced duration on cc-resistant enemies like the corpus lab directors. #2: The reduced duration isn't correct for them either, until you've stacked them to maximum CC resistance. It may display ten seconds instead of twenty, but they wake up at five, and then at one point five. #3: Yes, the sleep arrow timer is bugged on kubrodons. You are correct.
  8. You seem to be under the illusion that I did not understand you the first time. You are incorrect. I understood you. I also immediately parsed for multiple possible use scenarios and figured out why I think it works the way it does, and why I think that it is not bugged. The sleep duration is for the magnitude of the arrow effect itself. Think about it for a second. What if you hit a kubrodon and something else with the same sleep arrow? It can't show the correct duration for both, so it only shows the duration for the applied effect before entity-specific modifiers, like the kubrodon sleep resistance. This might appear like your situation #2, but your explanation is not actually how I would expect it works. Equinox's is initially single target. That's why it shows the effect on the single target after the modifiers for that type of target. It won't necessarily have an accurate display for other things within radius of the target. Now you could test as per your situation #3. If the sleep arrow does show the reduced duration that some other sleep resistant enemy actually stays asleep, then indeed it is bugged and not working correctly on the kubrodon. However, I strongly suspect that it will work the same way on any sleep resistant enemy as on the kubrodon. Tell you what. I'll go test it on a vivisect director ASAP and report back.
  9. How about dargyns on the PoE? They also seem to know right where you are while invis. I'll say also that Lephantis isn't just targeting companions. I can have a dog on the ground while sitting up on a dashwire, and he'll shoot right into my frame.
  10. That is the worst possible idea. Then you'd both have people who wanted the wolf STILL not getting him, and people who are sick of him getting him all the time. What we now have is far better than that sort of thoughtlessness. Some people don't play much. Some people play for tens of hours a week. Some people have nearly unbelievable rng outcomes. IF your complaint is about not being able to get the sledge, you have no legit reason to complain about this.
  11. What part of being able to force spawn the Wolf makes you think the plat sales aren't already like a tenth of what they would be otherwise?
  12. It's not a bug. The timer, since it can apply to multiple targets, is not a timer for sleep on the target, it's a timer for the sleep effect on the arrow itself. The Biz says right out that Kubrodons are resistant to sleep effects. That's why it takes more than one dart to sleep them, and why they only stay asleep for a fraction of the duration of the arrow.
  13. The entire overtly stated purpose of the riven system from day one has been to nerf the rivens of things that are overused and buff the rivens of things underused. If you still haven't figured this out, you have a lot of tears ahead. If you want "stronger overkill weapon builds" you need to pick weapons that most people dislike for their quality of life rather than their lack of power, and get set up around those, because your powerful popular weapons are never going to avoid riven nerfs, because that is the whole idea.
  14. Yep, people have now popped up complaining about both Ash, and Octavia's metronome stealth failing. Octavia's is just as bad as for Loki or Ash because the duration is similar. Either way, makes it pretty much impossible to play all of these frames (except maybe Octavia....) that are largely or totally dependent on stealth to stay alive.
  15. If both Loki and Ivara are broken this way, then Ash and Octavia almost certainly are too.
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