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  1. Clearly I'm not talking about public matchmaking. If it is clear what the goal is and someone is still leaving too soon. Then how am I supposed to talk to them? If someone is doing it without saying something and you have time and time again someone in your squad who's also 'left behind' then you can clearly state it's an issue and that it happens more than once. So it might be some of the same people doing it over and over again, hence the title... Also, did I state somewhere that I enter a mission with the same person??? Your comments have nothing to do with the issue here. You're only criticizing instead of contributing.
  2. Lately I've experienced a lot of people leaving missions way too soon. If you're building a squad fit to the mission and one person leaves the rest is just f*****.... + there is a hostmigration sometimes. One of those recent examples is ESO. If you build a squad with trin, buff and 2 DPS and 1 of them just leaves all of sudden you're obliged to restart and find new ppl. Others are eidolons, boss fights, .... To counter this is suggest something like the following: Check if a squad is made before starting a mission Check if the mission is completed OR if everyone else is still in the mission while you clicked abort or leave squad Check if you experienced bugs (using unstuck command, stuck doors, ....) cause sometimes the bugs keep you hostage This would make entering a mission a lot more trustworthy. Starting a mission 4 times in a row and someone always leaves cause they feel like it just isn't funny anymore.
  3. Fine too... But at least it's clear then.... Now I calculated the spending of my creds based on being able to receive 15 more creds 😛
  4. Hi So I'm rank 30 prestige in nightwave and apparently it doesn't go beyond that. Fine BUT... When I do reach the end of rank 30, why don't I get the 15 credits for it??????? I mean if you have 10k standing in rank 30 the credits should be rewarded and then you should get a message or it should at least be visible that you can't rank up anymore.... https://imgur.com/a/Z080xVc
  5. Please make the loading screens more informative.... Planet, missiontype, mission, squad (equipment), ....
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