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  1. The only composition here is that when you use a percentage, you get a flat value. As I said, % is not bad. I've seen where healing depends on your HP and it works well. From your hp. This means you still get a flat value no matter who the target is. And it's a Warframe specific ability, which means you can nerf and buff it however you want. You clearly understand what kind of healing will be in the end. As I said before,% can be modifiers that increase or decrease the incoming and outgoing healing. But I've never seen this work exactly the full percentage. To be honest, it doesn't
  2. This is my thought. If everything in this game has only flat numbers, then it will be easier to balance. If now you just roll a% heal, it will either be weak% or strong. This will only be normal in some aspects that will not be common in the game. I know perfectly well how it works now. All I say is that they buff it, but it still remains useless because it means little to the combat system. Why would I want to block damage if the mobs won't kill me anyway? Healing and high resistance make immortal builds possible. Because of this, the developers are trying to give high damage to mobs,
  3. It all depends on how it will be configured. Flat values are easy to set up. In addition to the percentage, there are also other modifiers that can affect flat healing, which will be more convenient to configure. On the other hand, % is inconvenient. An excavator doesn't have as much hp as a cryocapsule. No. As I explained earlier, % works the same for level 5 and level 100, because the object's health is scaled from the mission level. This is why there is no difference between level 5 and level 100. And this prevents the progression from working. No one forces you to play hea
  4. I'm talking about how 100% Trinity healing would be balanced. I don't care if it's a bug. I just don't like this crutch they made. Let me explain why you are wrong and % will not change anything. This is standard math. When you have %, you have a difficult balance of things. The first reason is the gameplay. When a mob deals 5 damage to a target of 100 hp, if you heal the target with a flat value of 2 hp, the mob has a chance to kill the object. The gameplay happens here, healing doesn't turn off the gameplay. Now we will take 2% of the healing. 100 hp is 2hps. 300hp is 6hp
  5. And? Nezha reduces the resistance of enemies. Negative resistance is a bonus to damage. What's wrong here?
  6. 9999 levels are also not challenging content. I really don't understand this "wow, revenant can survive 24 hours" video. This does not require any reaction, any shooter player will tell you about it. There are no complicated calculations here, any RPG player will tell you about it. You are simply wasting your time to prove that everyone already understands. I don't know if it's worth holding on to this thing. On the other hand, the challenge will come when it will be impossible to reach the 9999 level in principle. On the other hand, I laughed yesterday about why transport escorting
  7. You're wrong. This exactly affects the defense of enemies. This works in the same way as the strengths and weaknesses of enemies. For example, radiation deals 75% more damage to armor, which means that you will receive 275% after using the ability. On the other hand, gas damage does -50% damage against this type of armor, which means you only get 150% bonus damage.
  8. It is passive because it works with any finisher. For example, expdia hunt
  9. Augment slots are bad right now because nobody understands what augments are. If it's about increasing strength, then it shouldn't have an extra slot. But if it's about ability tuning (for example, Ash will choose between shuriken settings like armorstrip or a blade storm mark), then it's already about ability trees.
  10. In fact, spellbind's status immunity works only for Titania, because the ally manages to escape before the end of the casting of this thing. Yes, you can make a large radius, but why? I would really like this to work as a field firewalker because it looks more beautiful and convenient than just throwing dust. By the way, firewalker also protects against statuses. By the way, I strongly advise you to try firewalker razorwing Titania + corrosive-fire high status Dex pixia. This is not something for steel path, but it works well for normal missions.
  11. This is not my idea. This is the result of discussing one topic. I also don't mind spamming abilities. But spamming abilities are not good for CD unless you do the number of charges or something like that (tracer blink from overwath). But this is why I would like the stamina to exist. A large pool and fast regeneration can be stable for movement, but if we add abilities here, we get a problem of choice, where you can do a lot of spam, but limit your mobility for a while. Well, as I said above, the weapon system can also affect this. Mass effect the weight of the weapon affects the cd of t
  12. We can do more radically and simply remove enemies above level 500. That's it, now no one has problems with damage and defense. Damage and defense scaling should disappear from the game forever, because it interferes with how the progression works.
  13. This is what I am trying to say. But, unfortunately, it's easier to make warframe 2 than to fix everything. But if they really want to fix it, I would advise them to quit healing as it is and go into ability and energy. First of all, nerf all energy things into the ground, such as arcane energyze, but make sure that only 1 ability is dependent on energy. The rest are either cd, or some other resource or condition (ammo will work too). The energy is too broken. This is the core of the player's gameplay. And the strength of the abilities will need depend on this. Yes, Trinity can use the blessin
  14. Let's call Trinity a junk energy generator and cite Wisp or Harrow as an example of good support frames.
  15. I don't think this augment should be a standard function. Halo is a tank ability and is good in itself. Augment adds support potential and changes the way you play. This is what augment is supposed to do.
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