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  1. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/System_Reroute 😉
  2. Eidolon hunting is not difficult if you do 1x3. People make 6x3 using OP equipment and abusing the mechanics, not allowing Eidolon to make a single step. I think if there were no periods of invulnerability, people could safely do 20x3.
  3. Some abilities will now be improved. On the other hand, it will give a clearer understanding for DE which abilities are more of a priority for players. More statistics, more useful reworks, even if there will be fewer of them.
  4. This is not quite true. You do not have infinite slots for abilities until you reach the maximum Helminth rank, so you must act wisely or you will live a long time without this system, because you insert by those abilities that you are not interested in.
  5. Zephyr gets these changes just because this ability is outright trash. They just want the abilities to be able to compete with each other for the player's attention. This does not in any way strengthen what is already strong, like Nova's Molecular prime.
  6. I don't know what you're talking about. The third ability also gives a charge for mesmer skin. Otherwise, it will be easier for you if the Revenant just deals damage instead of vampirism? Even if the bonus is useless all the time, it is still a bonus that can come in handy sometimes. This is the same as saying that saryn is useless because allies kill enemies with spores. Thralls create wells of energy that can create new Thralls. Well, I don't see any problems clicking on 1 more than 1 per mission and crying that Thralls are useless. On steel path, Thralls are very useful.
  7. It has a very large DR simply. I think there is a bug just here.
  8. Given that I had some frames, the entire farm took me 2 weeks. Given that you won't be able to feed all the frames at once anyway, because the number of ability places will be limited until you reach full rank, I think you should just get busy. I mean, why do you even want to get them almost for free when you already got them for free and sold them because you thought they were worthless?
  9. Oh, again discussions about a frame rework that works perfectly, but some people don't like the theme. And this is again 4 pages. Revenant is perfect. And I don't see a single argument in all 4 pages that refutes this.
  10. Maybe buff this thing https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Surplus_Diverters so that when the shields are fully restored using standard regeneration, they restore energy at the rate of 50% of the shield regeneration. And by standard regeneration, I mean standard regeneration, not regeneration with abilities or other method. This would encourage strong shield tankings without shield gate. On the other hand, I think there should be a mod that converts shields to HP. But I wouldn't mind converting 50% HP to shields.
  11. Another topic of problem of the lack of an LFG system.
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