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  1. Some weapons are not designed for damage, but they provide support. Mutalist Quanta, for example, buffs damage. Ferrox pulls together enemies (and if he had an extra 5 meters, it would compete with Vouban). Proboscis Cernos also pulls and can be used as a statusgun narrimer to slow down demolists using ice. Scourge for easy headshots. At least these are all utility weapons that I use from time to time. I don't require them to kill, they are useful for other purposes.
  2. Everything matters. And numbers are one of the main factors. What does sufficient DPS mean? Everyone talks about it as a quick destruction of a group of enemies just because some abilities do it. At the same time, most of the players claim that if an ability does not have scaling, it is useless, only because some abilities do it. And now think with your head, why do you need levels if you kill an enemy of level 160 as well as an enemy of level 5? Sufficient dps is a competitive dps. And personally, I am against the ability to clear the entire screen of high levels if it does not have a cd in 60 seconds, because when the ability has a large limit, its damage per second will be weak relative to weak spam abilities. And all this is solved only by numbers. On the other hand, the level of the enemies indicates the defense and attacking abilities of the enemies. And this should also be balanced by numbers, because the gaming experience depends on it. Players should know how much ehp they need to withstand one strong blow and survive. At the same time, developers should take into account how much damage players do so that mobs can make this strike. Otherwise, all this is meaningless. The same is true about CC in half the room. If you have this, then you should only control half of the room and get hit in the back, otherwise it turns into beating manikins, which is not a game. Remember the changes to the armor. This is a living example of how numbers affect the game
  3. Good night. Tomorrow you will get up and read that we are not trying to make weapons and abilities equal. The point is that you can not pass the game only with weapons or only with abilities, because you will lose. No, you can do this if you have a high player skill, but this is not about you, and not about me and not about 99% of warframe players. Now some abilities or weapons just play the game for you and you do not need tactics, management, reaction to game events. All that is really important now is the spam of one, maybe 2, things. And you have 4 abilities and 4 weapon slots in one mission ( and this is the minimum), but most of the time you need to mindlessly spam 1 thing. In other words, a fireball can be a great addition to ogris, but you don't need a fireball, because ogris is already perfect. That's what this topic is about,
  4. Hema no longer charge damage? I'm just still confident that it works and you can comfortably charge your secondary or archgun. Or gunblade, who is still available for hunting. But if it doesn't work, then it's sad.
  5. This allows enemies to mindlessly shoot at your copy, distracting attention from the object. It makes you invisible. This allows you to become invulnerable and take a big blow without worrying about anything. This gives you greater vertical mobility. And it allows you to launch a blinding solar rocket while staying in place. Indeed, a rather useless ability. By the way, aggression is the only CC that ignores the resistance to abilities. This means that even arbitration drones are not a problem for this thing.
  6. It depends on what you consider a high level. People have already learned how to blow up 9999 levels. And this is the maximum level in the game. On the other hand, frames and weapons are not equal. For example, if you don't give bonus damage or suck up half of the map, then your CC potential is weak. CC is still used in this game, but if it's just CC, then it's bad and will only be used as nyx on the intercept.
  7. It seems that it is easier to create a warframe than what they called transport. I'm waiting to see what exalted necromech will be like.
  8. It will always be here. There is a chat and voice chat in the game, but people don't use it or will ignore things. A random Nidus is more likely to ignore your request to give a damage buff. Wisp already has a feature that allows you not to put some buffs. How many electric buffs do you see at low defense levels? And I think the problem is that you have absolutely no reason to play as a team, other than to have a good time, which seems not to be the goal of most players. And this is the reason why people will play the support frame only for themselves without asking themselves what the team needs. But the team doesn't need anything)
  9. You are trying to separately implement what should be in the core of the default abilities system. We already have the energy that should perform the task of a force limiter. At the same time, the system has degraded so much that I can say, make the peacekeepers absorb pistol ammo and this will be a big limitation, because you will need to worry a lot about the mutator. Of course, you will not bring a dispenser to the plas. Try to implement your plan with Ember, only use energy and do not use an additional resource scale. I am more than sure that you will be able to do it better. I'll even give you a hint. Let some abilities generate energy, while others consume it. Here you will get that weak abilities are used to charge a strong blow.
  10. We are not talking about the problem of spamming high-damage abilities. This is the reason why abilities compete with aoe weapons. We are just saying that the current state of the game has been reduced to a spam of heavy damage and the rest simply does not make sense. The developers are trying to solve this by introducing strong mobs, but this only exacerbates the problem. I think that the only good way out is to hire a game designer who knows how to work with mathematical models. You can say that this is stupid, but I think that 8kk of damage in a game where you have 900 hp is what's stupid. For example, radiation would not be such a problem if we had adequate figures. (of course, if you don't play glass canon, because in this case all the damage is a problem for you xD) It actually makes a lot of sense. Punching walls should only work for radar-like things or things that can bend around walls, like the ivara aviator. On the other hand, when I say walls, I mean walls. I believe that killing enemies that you can't see is a bad design. If the enemies are in line of sight, small shelters should not block this. Of course, if this is not intended by the developers, forcing players to knock mobs out of hiding, which also makes some sense. Let's put it this way. This is one of the many reasons why a warframe can't have content other than farming, even if you introduce a cool AI. Mobs just don't have a chance because these things. Another point is that weak abilities still exist and we need weak abilities for game variety. But how will you achieve this if you can kill everything without abilities (well, okay, some use damage boost, which is also strong) or you can destroy everything around just by spamming with one button. And again, the developers are trying to solve this problem by changing the mobs, but guess who suffers in the end?
  11. Its always be problem. Simple most people dont care until range weapons get buffed. Viral also boost weapon damage) Titania lost her inertia becouse most people dont handle this. And as soon as this happened, its flight became easier, but at the same time we lost the ability to make maneuvers and control our speed. I mean, be careful to simplify movement, because you can lose some things and even kill the concept. By the way, I never liked k-drive, so I looked at her other abilities. And yareli has 3 CC abilities, which are really bad. Blades are her best ability, but it's not worth spending time on it, because you can shoot. Banal, yareli's passive ability is literally her best ability. And k-drive can be, but as I said, I don't like k-drive and can't appreciate it.
  12. I think he say about easy kill. If you deal 1kk damage by weapon you dont expect 500 damage by water blades. I mean, why i touch this ability if i can just shoot and it more effective?
  13. But on the other hand, if we do not have a developed build of weapons, complex statuses will really need to be built directly on the enemy, using different weapons, and I do not know how good this is.
  14. Maybe you're right about that. But in destiny, the numbers are also quite fixed and there are not so many ways to increase weapon damage. Well, another reason is that weapons compete with abilities. Maybe that's the problem. There are not so many frames that really synergize with weapons, like mag for example.
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