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  1. Single shoulder armor was introduced with the Provvok shoulder guard, and then was folowed by Protosomid 
    and now the Prisma Latron (maybe, this could change with next baro, but it's not labelled as right or left, which scares me).
    There's absolutely no reason why the armor shouldn't be flipped and allowed to be placed on the right side, it would only take minimal effort to make it happen.
    While there are the three armors I mentioned, I'm only going to look at Provvok's interactions, since it sticks out the most.

    "It might get in the way!"
    The H key exists in case you were unaware, and some people play that way. We're going to be visiting H land a lot, so get comfortable. 

    For all of my examples, I'll be using Atlas Prime. Atlas is (as far as I can see) the all-around largest frame. 
    Grendel is a tad wider, but Atlas has a teeny bit of height, which pulls his shoulders closer to the center of the screen.

    And before anyone says "AKSHULLY THE POSE IS DIFFERENT", check this out:

    To start, I looked at how the shoulder stance is between left and right.

    Then I zoomed in, which drastically changes the pose on each side.

    I do see that the left side has a more compact pose than the right, but it's still not enough of a reason to not have the option to use all armors on the right.
    (especially with chroma dynasty existing for the left)

    And a quick post-edit: there's also no reason why we shouldn't be able to use the left and right variants of the Harkonar and Maggor shoulders on either side too.

    Now I get it, having the armors equipped on the right side would probably block a bit more of the view than on the left, 
    but it's not so much that it shouldn't be left up to the player if they want to take that risk or not. 
    Just give us the option to screw up our view if we want, Nekros Prime and Chroma Dynasty exist anyway.

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  2. Tier.



    Anyway, no. The rewards are garbage, the pricing is horrendous, and springboarding off of Fallout First for a game mechanic is probably one of the dumbest ideas I've seen all year.


    Also, try doing your research, this isn't the first pay-to-skip DE has added. We can already buy base relics from the market, and yknow, literally every frame and weapon. Yeah sure, the frames/weapons aren't maxed, but wow crazy, you can buy an affinity booster to again pay-to-skip all that farming time. Not only that, you're literally paying to skip the initial farming process, so that whole unleveled point is just trying to justify something that clearly wasn't thought out. I see that other guy said sorry for talking down to you, but this idea is so awful that it shouldn't be entertained in the slightest.

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  3. As a lot of people have said, the 5% energy return on kinetic plating is really lackluster. You have to be taking absurd amounts of damage to get any energy return, and by that point Gauss has probably splattered into a fine red mist. Sure, arcane barrier helps mitigate some of that, but battery drain per hit + damage types that go through the shield makes the ability seem like it tries to do too many things at half-tilt. I did a few hours worth of build testing to see if anything made it work better, and the only thing that made the energy return feel even semi-acceptable was max str + highish shield.

    Maybe consider making it moddable?

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  4. 10 hours ago, (PS4)BenHeisennberg said:

    Let me try to understand this:

    I tried to get the shocking step ephemera, took me about 130 runs.  No run got me any closer to my objective, it was just another roll.  All in all, took about 30 hours.  I complained about this and it got steamrolled, since I was a statistical improbability.

    This is a very straightforward grind.  "Do this, for this amount, and you're guaranteed the reward."  Way, way shorter too.  And this is the one that everyone freaks out about.

    Not only do I think the costs are fine, but I think more of the game should be designed like this.

    I had to run a few less exploiters (about 80, also statistically improbable), but I didn't hate it as much (notice "as much", I still hated it after the 30th run) as this for two reasons.
    1) The mission doesn't go away, I can take a break for weeks and then come back and resume trying for the ephemera. 
    2) Variety. I could get tired of a gun or a frame and switch to something else to at least shake up the monotony a little.

    It's a straightforward grind sure, but it's like telling someone if they just manage to stare at a wall for 8 hours, you'll give them some cookie crumbs. Sure, they'll definitely get the crumbs if they're hungry enough, but they'll also probably never want to hang out with you again.

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  5. 19 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Only the most dedicated Soakers get the highest tier (optional and cosmetic) rewards. 10 Days to go! 

    EDIT @ 6:12PM: For those of you wanting to get your hands on all the rewards, we will be re-running this event in the future if you don't manage to pick up everything you want by August 12!

    There's optional and cosmetic, and then there's just not valuing your players' time/sanity. You know full-well that your game is a collectathon, there's no reason to make this grind this awful. I liked the game mode the first 6 rounds until I started doing the math, and now I hate it.

    There needs to be some sort of merit-based reward system for this, not just 'sit in a tree and wait 5 minutes' like everyone is doing. Kills (soaks?) should matter. Either that, or just reduce the total cost. 

    Oh and remember how long it took to re-run plaguestar last time? Or remember when you guys re-ran the special conclave events (snowball fight, cupid arrows)? Or remember when "raids will be back in the near future"? Not to be rude, but I don't have much faith in these kinds of promises now.

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  6. 55 minutes ago, NightmareT12 said:

    Two Warframes I actually use and have correctly set up, where I don't see any color channel reversal. I literally used Limbo an hour ago and set him up with due care, especially for the Cataclysm effects.

    If you actually read my first post, I talk about how cataclysm is able to be set up as it used to be able to on the first dual color update. It's the entire package, especially the rift portal, that falls apart on the current build. 
    If there's no problem, then how do you explain Loki and Ivara using energy color 2 for their invis slot, while ash uses energy color 1?

    1 hour ago, NightmareT12 said:

    Which will work better or worse depending on the frame, but works.

    In my book, that's not working then if it doesn't work for everything, which is yet again my point, and why I made things like Inaros and Hildryn scored perfect or nearly perfectly. I don't just want a few Inaros/Hildryns, I want the whole roster to be that good.


    59 minutes ago, NightmareT12 said:

    We're on Forums, and that means this is a place of inherent discussion. You cannot just expect to drop everything here and everyone jumping on the bandwagon.

    It's not that I need a bandwagon, it's that I need a solid discussion with someone who actually takes the time to comprehend my post before responding, which is clearly not something you have any intention of doing.

  7. 1 minute ago, NightmareT12 said:

    And you're completely suggesting DE to literally unfix what has taken them 2 months and a half to fix, and even then, there are still open issues of which I keep an eye on.


    No, I'm telling them that the fix was insufficient. 

    What you're apparently too dense to understand is that I'm pointing out frames like Gara, Hydroid, and Mag are entirely missing some dual colors, and others, like Limbo and Ash, have some straight reversed.

    To restate yet again, and make sure you read this real nice and slowly:

    The current color 2, previously color 1, was the main color of our frames, and was that way all the way up until the 4 channel energy set, the third update. In the first dual color update that introduced two channels, the previous color 1 still colored everything that it used to, but it was now blended with a second channel in places where it was able to. In the second update, the one that was reverted until the third update, everything broke, because what used to be the secondary channel now colored things the first channel did in the first update. When we got the third update, most of the second update's problems were re-introduced. The fourth update, the current one, the one after you "reported and got things changed" did fix some of the problems both introduced in the second update, and reintroduced in the third update. 

    BUT those fixes only left things broken, just in a different way, which I am now trying to get changed, all by using a very thorough list of what colors need to be swapped into which slots, and unless you have a problem with trying to fix the things that you also apparently want, you should probably stop trying to stop me. 

  8. I'm trying to figure out if you're denying that there are still problems in relation to how dual colors are handled now versus how they used to be before, and if you are, why?

    In the revision of dual energy, the one that added 4 channels (2 emissive, 2 energy), that was where some channels flip flopped (esp. nidus and nekros). DE semi-fixed some of those, like how they reversed which channel Nekros Irkalla pulls its flame colors. Funny enough, the flame wasn't split in the first version, it only pulled from slot 1, the primary, which is now slot 2. But for frames that weren't mentioned, most things are still broken, which I wrote over 4000 words explaining how that was the case for 20 of them. 

  9. 32 minutes ago, NightmareT12 said:

    It'¡s not: The primary is for the core and the secondary is for the aura, and it's working exactly like that.

    That people somehow think one is dominant or not is the issue, even though it was clearly stated in the patchnotes and fixed already.

    The problem is that the dominant channel flip flopped between the original iteration of dual-colors and the second, which I was pretty clear about.

    Right here:

    4 hours ago, Fluffysbeans said:

    Since the fix, what used to be my first slot primary energy (purple), is now sequestered to my second slot, or I get that orange mess. 
    My secondary (yellow) is now in the first slot, which the game now thinks of as the primary slot, even though it's layered underneath the second slot.

    The color channels reversed what they used to do, where the first slot used to be the 'aura' section and the main body of things like meters and other single color effects, it's now the second slot, which still applies to the aura, but not the main body of effects. 

    On top of that, one color is, according to even DE, a secondary color, which in most interpretations is the color after the primary, or dominant color. The colors also blend differently depending on which one is first, with the dominant primary overlaying the less prominent secondary. That's why purple in the second slot (primary) is overlayed above the yellow in the first slot (secondary), and purple has a darker value, meaning none of the yellow shows through. If you switch them, yellow, a lighter value color, is overlayed, letting some purple through, which makes a muddy orange color.

    And it might be stated that it was fixed, but uhm, this isn't the first time DE said something was fixed when it very much wasn't.


     If OP uses purple and yellow, then the texture will do its best to showcase but it isn't satisfactory.

    oh and to add another point, I'm not concerned as much with the order of the colors (which work perfectly fine when they're placed in the proper slots might I add), I'm concerned with which channels are being used in conjunction with others. This was all working properly on the first iteration of two-tone colors, it was in the 1.5 and 2.0 revisions that things really broke. There's no reason for the swap on the original primary color simply not working for single color effect, but apparently if I just used more alike colors that wouldn't be a proble-

    oh wait, it would be, the main color still wouldn't apply to effects like Ember's charging ring on her 1, it would only be the lighter blue in the center of the energy effect, or slot 1 in our current setup, which isn't the way it used to be.

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