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  1. But why do they even spawn in solo? What is the reason?
  2. I can see a reason for them when they are infront of a rescue room. So you have atleast 2 players and there is literally no chance of failing. But I cant see a reason for them somewhere in between or if you are alone in the Mission. So would agree on removing the ones which have no use.
  3. Thanks for hotfixes to Liches. I see you really trying to improve and fix Liches and you really did it. Now looking forward that you can do the same with Railjack. Railjack still is a buggy mess and with your Announcement for a Community event there I dont feel good. Each mission you encounter atleast one bug and this just shows that the whole gamemode isnt optimized. Really missing the fixes to Railjack in the last Updates. Also there is still one question, do we get Leaderboards in the new Operation?
  4. Thanks for Unvault/Hotfix DE Looking forward to the Raid unvault! Also can we get a fix to Weapons having "too much Attack speed" and your meele attacks bugging because of this?
  5. There are players with over 1k login days and they didn't get them yet. Its not a good way too keep it in through that
  6. Thanks for Lich changes. Looking forward to Murmur changes. Also can we revert the Wukong nerf? The nerf was totally unnecessary. And last but not least, did you forget about Machete? It isn't available for 2years now.
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