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  1. Tbh if this happend then they shouldnt drop Arcanes anymore. Arcanes are a nice to have thing for players who either run them often/put time into them or for those who bought them with plat. If they are there 24/7 they arent something special aynmore.(And you would just kill the whole arcane market)
  2. Hey, I want to join Quasers because Im a competitive player looking for Challenges, Events and raids. IGN: TheAndyGaming MR: 25 Hours Steam: 3250h Hours IGN: 1873h Previous Clan: The Second Awakening Country: Germany Discord: TheAndyGaming#8319 I started playing early 2016. I really enjoed raiding (806 raids total). When they removed raids the removed the game for me. I want to get active again and an active Clan with Challenges and Events will help me stay motivated.
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