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  1. So i recently got a Corsair M65 Pro RGB mouse,theres a program directly from Corsair called corsair I-Cue,ive been messing around with it changeing DPI and RGB colors i also went into the simulocrum and set a Macro that repeats every 1MS while holding down one of my spare mouse buttons,wich turns guns like the Latron Prime/Wraith or other semi-auto guns pretty much full auto? what is the stance on macros? i have deleated that profile setting because it feels weird although funny to use
  2. Frost mains Q_Q ed that Gara was better then what he could do that's why Gara was nerfed
  3. @deagin i think you messed up your not supposed to post the EE log files as it can show your IP Ok those files have been removed
  4. what i remember the most 1: Music 2: Greneer quotes and corpus robot noises 3: Mixing Fire,Cold,Electric -only toxic at this point was only with Saryn - 4: No void,forma only Excal,Lato,Skana primes 5: Greneer on corpus ships 6: The intercom on said ship 7: Old Lotus voice 8: The UI,old star chart/menu 9: Affinity orb pick up noise 10: Fusion cores 11: THERE HERE! or stay close to the walls 12: Abilityes were mods i wish there was a classic option to bring some of this stuff back to be honest
  5. Remember if multishot goes off you will do more damage in one shot. IE:your gun dose 1k damage/bullet now if you have Split chamber to that every 9/10 times you will fire a extra bullet per time you fire the weapon makeing the total damage 2k also that bullet has a chance to enflict a status proc as well wich is why Status chance goes up with multishot what i would like to see in the in-game stats is weapons with alt fire capabilitys IE:How much damage am i getting out of the Stradavar in semi-auto mode IE: How much damage am i getting out of the Azima's mag turret
  6. See i have a good use of mine just use Vauban + Repelling Bastel the Simulor pretty much replaces the need for a low strength but max range + duration Vauban to hit 4 saveing all his energy for Basteels
  7. Hey this dose not seem bad...but the Heat resistence VS the greneer scorches,cat ladies,or any arson eximus seems a bit extreme but yea we have Mag with magnetic (ice+electric),Oberon with radiation (fire+electric),Saryn with corrosive (toxic + electric)+ viral (toxic+cold) i feel we need a warframe with blast (fire + ice) damage so we have warframes who harnneses the power of the mixed elements
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