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  1. Maybe add skip the cut scene when taking Profit Taker bounties as a bonus for log in issues! It'l save a lot of time 🙂
  2. I experienced a lot of crashes on this hotfix as lots of people experiencing the same problem too. One from Simulacrum when trying to enter the arsenal, instant CTD! One from Orb of Vallis trying to launch K-Drive, instant CTD! Also, does someone experienced here when I'm trying to alt tab the game and go back to it, the game just freeze and I need to do a couple of alt tabs just to prevent the game from freezing! Please release some hotfix for crashes especially for the K-Drive before resets, I haven't cap my Ventkids standing for today!! 😭
  3. Lots of gore! Yay, Red Veil would want Garuda to join their ranks. So maybe Fortuna will come tomorrow, please don't release it on weekends as we ended up suffering from bugs without expecting hotfix. More power DE !! 😄
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