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  1. His augment for barrage needs a buff. Armor stripping is way faster then what his augment gives.
  2. LOL why did it auto correct to that! For the slash, I thought it would be good considering the "tentacles" LOL are slamming the mobs onto the ground.
  3. It be nice if his 4th damage scaled from how long enemies are attached his tentacles and when the tents slam to the ground it should do splash slash damage. When I use his 1st (With augment) and 4th while in undertow the damage continues to increase as long as I'm in undertow. That's way to much energy, time, and prep for Hydriod compared to other Warframes who do it quickly, less cost, and efficiently. His hold 1st and 4th for more damage need to go as well. They're not even as strong as they should be.
  4. Not sure if this is me, but Xaku 1 isn't as effective as you think even with 300% strength. His 2 is REALLY weak with 300% strength. I thought this ability scales, but its weaker than Vaubans 1 ability. Is there something missing that I'm doing wrong? Does Xaku 2 scale of weapon mods?
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