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  1. I'm going to take a long break and hopefully during my break the Devs fix many of these under performing and less played warframes. After seeing the new water frame and looking at Hydroid, I had enough. So many old frames need help, and the lack of attention to them is sad. I play Hydroid, Vauban and Atlas and not happy with any of their fixes. Most of the fixes people wanted went to the new frames leaving the old ones far behind and out dated. Can't really play the game if what I want to play isn't on par to newer frames. I'm sure once you actually fix these older frames or underperformed ones, more players might come back to their once favorite frame.
  2. I would have to agree, Atlas is the least likeable frame to most players due to his dull/weak kit and the statistics showed it. His 1st ability definitely needs a very high status buff or crit/dmg buff. Change the Rubble Heap augment to something similar to Barruk status augment or Wukong. His 2nd ability needs to be an armor buff.. aka Rumbled. Also, allow atlas to use his abilities while in Rumbled. Makes no sense other Frames can use others abilities while under the effect of their defensive ability. His 3rd ability should be a click duration like Nezha's 1st ability with a certain range and aura around his body. So, when a mob is in close range of this aura, they are petrified. His fourth ability should change into Atlas lifting up a very large boulder and throwing it to a mob doing splash "slash" knockdown, not knockback, damage that scales with strength and mobs hp. As for Rubble, it needs a slow decay and efficiency should be the solution. Also, while over 80% decay, the rubble heals him for "x" amount of hp.
  3. You're right. They do need to implement a system that allows you to blacklist map clearing frames or specific frames. Some people may enjoy sitting around letting one person, who think they are "carrying" a group, kill everything, while others who want to enjoy group gameplay can't because they are playing a sit simulator. It may work for YOU, but not others, and players still don't get that. You can argue about playing solo content, or even inviting friends or clan members, but not everyone wants to "solo, or invite friends/clan members". Yes, it's an option, but many want to enjoy "random" gameplay. Plus, not every friend or clan member will be online when you are. Players writing this solo crap are either clueless or being trolls. To be honest, it's annoying. I found Nezha fun way to counter annoying Sayrn players, but it also sucks the fun of the other 2, so I just leave group when I see a map clearing frame there, and que up until one isn't. Best thing to do until they come up with a solution.
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