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  1. About 15 ot so. I'll do some more to improve the weapons I like, just holding off because I'm rather casual with lich hunts and I know damn well the day after I start one something nightwave related will turn up 🤣🤣
  2. Ehh ...RJ is fairly easy now once you get your mods and whatnot. Seldom get breaches these days because of mods (unless the crewships really hang up on me). Even then I could probably still afk long enough to go make a cuppa before I'm in trouble playing solo. If you hate rj that much, just skip it 🤷‍♀️
  3. Sees title. Thinks "yikes, I know my piloting skills are bad but didn't realise they were that bad" Then realises it's a different kind of wasted being discussed here
  4. Solo excavations too, with the energy drops. As often or not I end up waiting minutes for those mobs to spawn. Equally as annoying as solo survival and not getting the drops needed to continue
  5. Nah, but to be fair I mostly play solo, and running around keeping 4 points intact alone isn't much fun
  6. Yeah, he'll be told to p!$* off, frankly. I'd have better chances punching the moon out of orbit than him shutting down Twitter and Facebook.
  7. Same, if I'm rushed for time and cba.shame really because Ordis is funny in that node 🤣 As for the planet in general, the parlour is ok once you're familiar with the mechanics. Or you can cheese with Titania if you want. Different mobs to the usual Corpus as well to keep you on your toes
  8. I don't like Profit Taker or Tridolons, but I don't go round kicking off about them being in nightwave 🤷‍♀️
  9. This kinda reminds me of Pokemon Gen5 and a certain ghost they introduced to that game ... 🤭
  10. Kentucky Fried Condroc anyone? 😰😰😰
  11. Wonder if anyone took up master Teasonai's Kuaka serving suggestions? 🤭🤭
  12. Truth be told, seeing as liches are a thing, I've already experienced hard mode level enemies on most maps. Only maps I haven't is void and Fortress, but screw fortress, it would take something special for me to deal with those maps on a regular basis
  13. Er .... radical though incoming .... just don't try to be an edgelord in chat. The kickbot is probably the way it is because people have tried so many dumb ways of getting around banned words and whatnot. 🤷‍♀️
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