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  1. I'd like a mute button for Nora, and that's saying something because I haven't reached the point of muting Ordis yet. "I DON'T F$#*ING CARE ABOUT THESE GL@*$HOLES ANY MORE NORA!!" Sorry. Needed to get that off my chest
  2. I used Baruuk for mine. Can't say I had energy issues though. Energy is fairly common to come by (and energy pads are a thing anyway) and in sp the mob spawn rate means his desolate hands gets used up so fast I can keep his 4 up permanently. I have since put Pillage on his 1 for the times where some armour stripping is needed, but I mod for corrosive for Deimos anyway
  3. A 5 minute run through Gian Point works, if you have a decent railjack. Also has he bonus of passively levelling all gear that isn't max rank. Handy if you want to go through mr fodder and not deal with Onslaught
  4. I usually spam the t4 bounties solo with Revenant. Can usually clear them in 10 minutes and come away with 100 tokens Something I tend to do is once I've finished a bounty I'll see Mother out in the drift. Whatever tier bounty you've completed shall offer 3 others at the same level. Just means if the bounty offered I the hub sucked you can spam a better one without waiting for the day cycle to reset
  5. Nah, if theres an issue in game that's causing a lot of us having to physically look away due to it causing sensory overload then it's an issue which needs fixing, especially when it's something that wasnt there before an update.
  6. I can keep the drone alive with vazarin dash but the point of the thread stands; namely a fairly miserable experience has been made more so with this change.
  7. Yeah, that made the suckiest bounty objective worse. Vazarin Protective Dash gets used a lot for this part.
  8. I played endless with Baruuk anyway. Now he's unstoppable 😈
  9. Ehh, get a few mods and then spam Gian Point in Veil. I play solo and clear that in 5 minutes. Like most things in game it becomes a doddle once you've farmed the mods, unlocked skills and got some parts together.
  10. I dunno, use the relay as a map, stick it in conclave as a pvp alternative. It might work, for a laugh 😂
  11. Just having actual consequences would be nice. Even if it's a boost or a drop in standing gained with syndicates depending on syndicate alignment would be something
  12. Revenant's enthrall, make the thralls actually useful or at least immune to ally damage so you actually get a chance to use synergies with them. His other skills are fine. Inaros sandstorm. Love the visual effect, reminds me of The Mummy, but christ its weak. Needs a damage and mobility boost.
  13. Oh that's just a nully that's spawned as an arctic eximus. Ah well, my Limbo with 40% range and 300%duration doesn't usually have an issue with nullies anymore, unless they drop from above somewhere. If they're that close to me they're d.o.a anyway 🤷‍♀️
  14. Make it a week. No harm in having it up as it's a one off for something that's actually rare
  15. Pennant has a secondary effect that grant's a speed buff after hitting a heavy attack. It's my goto for the Demos heavies as it shreds them
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