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  1. Eh, unless they drop something useful to a player who has been playing for years and got all the weapon and ephemera stuff, I'm still going to treat them as an irrelevance, hack any lockdown they put in and carry on with my mission. Hell Stalker is so boring now I alt +F4'd out of the game the other day because I really couldn't be bothered with him any more 🤷‍♀️
  2. Go with the basics first. Depending on how long you've been playing you might need to build labs so you can research stuff. My alt account I have dojo where I have a basic hall with trading post and ceremonial thing that gives out endo when you rank up, and a dry dock as I needee to research h a few things for progression and I wanted to build a railjack
  3. I punched everything with Baruuk. He almost unkillable between having his 3 and 4 up and his 4 deletes pretty much everything. I took my Fulmin and Zaw because I know both weapons well and can always rely on them. My build isnt all that newbie friendly though. I use primed and umbral mods and I'm up 13 forma between the frame and exalted weapon, but once I have him up and going the only barrier is how long I can do a mission for. One thing I will advise is try and keep near the central pillar on the map. Everything rushes towards you and you're not chasing crap.
  4. Baruuk smashes this, my only issue is the last round didn't spawn all the bosses so I couldn't compete it. Only other thing to add is stay around the centre platform. Saves chasing after crap and support capsules the drop EDIT: Completed it today. Had trouble finding the last boss, but it was hiding on one of the low platforms. I had 3% left on the timer when I finished too. Also changed weapons back to my trusty Fulmin and Mewan Zaw, aka my two most trusted weapons :)
  5. Not vaulted. Just prime access ended. You can get relics in game and will be able to for a year or so so will probably stay cheap .
  6. Heh, this is nothing. People have been dredging up crap from 2013 on here lately 😵
  7. Selective mute, so voice chat is a waste of time for me. Besides, knowing my luck if I did use it I'd run into some clown who would go off like that guy from the Onyxia Wipe video 🤭
  8. I usually just kite them into mobs and find a comfy spot to watch them get torn apart. Best one was kiting Stalker in an infested survival. A mob of chargers tore him 3 new buttholes in about 10 seconds while I just got on with stuff 🤭
  9. Wisp and melee of choice. Stay airborne until you need to hit something. Win.
  10. You want challenge? Do all spy missions with Rhino and your only weapon is a Bramma. Have fun. Also, anyone thinking Ivara is too slow because of Prowl? Equip all speed mods and just jump and roll through the level. You'll be going as fast as if you bullet jumped your way through the level.
  11. Loki is my go to for stuff like Steel Path hijack. Go invis, use his augment to rad proc everything around you when you disarm and then casually walk away with the core while your enemies are beating each other to death with their melee. That skill is also great for team defense missions. Defense target isnt going to get smashed up if enemies cant use guns and are busy inserting melee sticks into each other while getting nuked by the team Slap on Limbo's Banish and you also have a great frame for rescue missions. Again, run invis, break the idiot out of jail and banish them and run f
  12. Well that's a yikes. The instant the kid mentions they're 10 is the instant I block, not that I ever play pub to start with. The frell are their parents doing anyway?
  13. You dont even need archwing. Just build a tycho mk3 and launch a torpedo or two at the shielded ships to blow out the generators. 😎
  14. Fulmin is pretty strong and available if you are MR8. Still my go to after the best part of 2 years now. You can rain hell from long range alt fire like a classic assault rifle or you can blow things away at mid range with primary fire. It has a recharge mechanic too so no ammo issues and pretty good multipliers.
  15. Practice, probably. I used to be the same. Always piled on health and sheilds and still got my butt kicked. These days I just read the room a bit better than I used to be able to and take out the main threats faster, or use gear and a frame that works for that mission.
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